"Terrorism has once again shown it is prepared deliberately to stop at nothing in creating human victims. An end must be put to this."

Vladimir Putin

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Manchester Bombing

Because I'm not watching the news much anymore, I didn't know this had happened until I read a comment on the last post CC had written.

Went upstairs and turned on the TV.   Pretty much Deja Vu in how the news covered it. I first turned  to Fox, but as soon as I saw Shepard Smith was the talking head of the moment, I changed channels. I'm not listening to that whining champion of Islam, period.  Switched over to the major networks, but couldn't find anything other than their normal asinine programming.  Tried CNN, if only for some access to European news personnel, but Anderson Cooper was Contrived News Networks talking head, and I won't listen to him either.

Eventually I did find some coverage. Seems like the particular singer putting on this concert, of whom I have never heard, attracts the younger crowd. The audience was primarily made up of girls and young women, aged 6 -26, according to Sky News. So this terrorist was out to kill females and children.  He used a suicide vest filled with nails and pieces of metal like small nuts and bolts. Looks like he left out the marbles on this one.

Until the various governments in the Western world start preemptive actions against Islamic terrorists, this kind of thing will just go on and on.  I saw one commentator on an American news network piously explaining that in the West, we treat these events as "criminal", so we really can't do anything until after a crime has been committed. He sniffed and made a snide comment about "places like Russia' where the security forces act preemptively .

Personally, I think the Russian model is the only way this kind of thing will ever be stopped.

 But it's easy for people like this creep on television to take the high road, since he didn't have any family at the arena. I always think of the attitude adjustment Geraldo Rivera got during the Paris attacks, when his daughter was missing there for several hours.  He went from being a preachy, pro-Islamic fool to being a realist. " Trump is right, we've got to bomb these animals....." in one easy lesson.

The clip below is from the night of the terrorist attack on the concert in Paris. Geraldo wigged out and was all for bombing Islamic Terrorists. Shepard Smith just about wet his pants "oh, Geraldo, you can't say that! You are just upset".  The best part of Geraldo's comments have been edited out of this clip, but it's all I can find on the web from that incident.

When the Europeans let the Islamists come flooding into their countries, they set themselves up for this. It started a long time ago, when England was withdrawing from her colonies after WW2, and France pulled out of North Africa in the 1950's.  When the European Union decided to start letting in hordes of unvetted Moslems, it was the final nail in the coffin. Thanks, idiotic Socialist leaders and the people who voted for them.

 I'm not overlooking the fact that our country elected Barrack Hussein for 8 years of rule, and he did the same thing just as fast and as hard as he could.

The people who bear the responsibility for what happened last night, and for all these attacks, are the political leaders who let it happen.  The same is true here in America. The individuals who let this disease into western countries bear the total responsibility for the consequences.

I noticed  this morning, on the little ticker going across the bottom of One America News, that Sweden has admitted 96% of murders committed in Sweden are committed by "foreigners." I wonder who they could mean?

So now, we'll go through the same routine. Then in a week or so, Manchester will disappear from the public consciousness, and the only people who will remember it will be those who lost loved ones, or those who were maimed, and their friends and family. It'll be business as usual for everybody else.

Thought for the Day:

Monday, May 22, 2017

The Mysterious Death of Seth Rich.

Seth Rich is the Democratic staffer who gave Wikileaks thousands of DNC emails before the election. By coincidence, he was killed outside his Washington D.C. townhouse in a robbery. He was shot twice in the back, at close range. The perpetrator left his wallet, his expensive watch, his cash and credit cards, and an expensive ring on him.  The Washington D.C. police still confirmed it was a robbery.

People who cross Hillary and Bill have a long, long history of killing themselves mysteriously when they become inconvenient.  Some of  them are left handed, but shoot themselves with their right hand. Some of them manage to shoot themselves in the back of the head, twice, before they died. Most people know how Vince Foster "killed himself" when the White Water scandal broke, but there are a host of other hard to explain deaths linked to the Clintons. Hard to explain if you are looking for a cause not linked to Billery.

One America News did a really good segment on some of these. John Ashe, for instance, was originally said to have died of natural causes, but it appears that if this is true, he tried to strangle himself. I can't find the One America News segment on Youtube, but I'm still looking for it.

Only One America News and Fox News have touched on the Seth Rich killing, the rest of them are covering it up. I wonder why?

I've never been a big conspiracy theory fan, but there sure have been a lot of people who died at just the right time to benefit the Clinton's. After awhile, the long stream o  "mysterious deaths" begin to lend credence to the theory that Hillary and Bill have associates who handle "clean up" for them.

Looking back over the past thirty years,  every investigation into those deaths has been squelched , usually by pronouncing the deceased a victim of "suicide." Even in the face of strong evidence that the deaths were not suicides, the cases are closed.  Seth Rich's case has been official closed by the Washington D.C. police. The segment on One America News specifically stated that one of those unnamed sources the media likes to use these days, this one in the D.C. police dept, said they were told to close it and forget it.

Maybe Hillary and Bill are interested in classical history.  During the Roman Empire, people like Caligula and Nero arranged "mysterious deaths" to do away with inconvenient people, quietly and without fuss. The Clinton's seem to have brought the practice back into vogue.

After all, if Seth Rich was the source of the Democratic National Committee email leaks, that would blow up the fantasy about the Russians interfering in the election by releasing the emails to Wikileaks. And we can't have that, now can we. The media and the Democrats have worked to hard to keep that myth alive, and it's worked well for them. So Seth Rich had to go.....

Still doing the test:

Even though our month long supply usage test has gotten all messed up by the two days in Chattanooga and M going to my daughter's,  I'm going ahead with it.  With just me here, there's really no point, but I'm a creature of habit and don't like to stop something half way when I start it.

So far, I haven't run out of anything important. The only thing that aggravates me is running out of red wine. I drink that in the evenings, usually one glass before I go to bed. I thought I had six bottles out in the barn, but if I do I can't find them. I do have some white wine the kids brought me on their last visit, but I like sweet wines like Sangria, and I'm not a connoisseur . I suppose I'll live another nine days without wine though. None of the other things are even noticeable, especially with the wife gone. She's the one who makes all the fresh food dishes.  I can make do just fine with canned or frozen food, or even the food in the long term food storage pails if I feel like going to the trouble.

I've broken into the stash of Yoder's bacon. That stuff is so good. It makes the best cracker sandwiches.  Of course, it's absolutely full of nitrates and I'm sure I'm  taking years off my life by stuffing on it, but I might as well enjoy life. Nobody gets out alive anyway.

With my wife away, I can stuff on bacon as much as I want.  And this bacon needed to be used up, it sure did, so all I am really doing, is rotating my supply of bacon. That's right, it has nothing to do with my insatiable desire to eat the bacon, which is better than fresh bacon .....

Going on the roof in a few minutes:

I wonder if I am doing this post just to gaff off a chore I have to do this morning before it gets too hot. This last storm did a lot of damage in the county, not so much to me up here, but all over the place. My problem is that I lost a shake just under one of the big sky light windows. This is the worst place on the whole roof to have to work. You can't get a good level base for the extension ladder, and have to prop it up on wood, if it falls to the right, you don't just go down on to the ground. The house is built into the mountain side there, so you fall down past ground level another 15 feet onto a cement slab.

Building a three story house set back into the mountain side seemed like such a good idea thirty plus years ago. 

Well.  I might as well go get it done so I can get over being irritated at having to do the job.

Thought for the Day:

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Hot, Humid, and Dry. .22 LR showing up in small quantities. Entering the Twilight Zone.

It's getting hot here. Just a little after ten a.m. right now, and the humidity outside is 89%.  It will be low nineties in terms of temperature by late afternoon.  I am running four big dehumidifiers in my buildings, and three air conditioning units. The power bill will be stiff throughout the summer. But on the other hand, the propane bill will be low. It all evens out.

This time of year, you do your outside work in the early morning and the evening time. Otherwise, you just try to keep out of the rain forest climate out there.

Going out in the forest in the summer is a bad idea. The tree canopy is so thick, that the heat and humidity get trapped under it. Not so bad in a glade like the one above, but they are few and far between. This particular spot is on an old forest service fire break behind my land. They put berms across it decades ago, but you can still follow it like a trail. It goes back into the national forest, to an abandoned camp ground that was closed off in the sixties.  I don't go up there anymore, as it runs along the spine of two mountains and is a long way out.

No fires burning up here, just down on the Florida/Georgia border and in Southern Florida. But we are very dry.  There's a ban on outdoor burning here now that will probably run through the whole summer.

No rain until tomorrow. There's a storm system to the west of us, but by the time it reaches here (Sunday afternoon), it's expected to be thunderstorms only. That means some parts of the county will get up to 3 inches, and some will get virtually no rain at all.

This is the May 16th 2017 drought map for Georgia. We just can't seem to shake it.  My little artesian spring is still dry.  When the dogs and I get to the foot of the mountain, where they are accustomed to go lay down in the creek the spring feeds, there's just a dry creek bed.  I've started walking past the mailbox to a place on the big creek where there's still enough water for the dogs to swim.

I've been washing the dishes in a dish tub , in the sink. Then I pour the water from the dish tub into a bucket when I'm finished, and take it out to pour on the shrubs and plants that have survived the chickens, goats, and bugs. I used to just fire up the hose to water those, but now I'm trying not to use any more water than I have to. With a well, you just never know when you'll hit that magic moment when the pump sucks air.   My well was drilled back during a record breaking drought more than thirty years ago, so I should be safe. This drought is not as bad as that one.  But this one is lasting longer, so who knows?

On the ammunition front, I haven't been buying a lot. We've had other things that have had to be addressed the last month or so.  But I did find two 100 round boxes of Winchester copper jacketed, high velocity 22LR. for $9.87 plus 7% tax each.  

Also got three boxes of cheap Federal American Eagle  .22LR for $2.79 a box, plus tax.

Small little consignments of .22LR are starting to show up here now.  Walmart is the best place to buy it. You just have to hold your nose and accept that if you want the stuff at a decent price, they're it.
They are still limiting customers to 3 boxes per day, when they have it.

  I've never seen more than six boxes on the shelf at a time since the great .22LR crunch began several years ago. I've been watching A.I.M. Surplus and Sportsmans Guide so I can make a purchase of several hundred rounds in an ammo can, but I want the goods and free shipping, and so far that combination hasn't popped up. But it will.

Entering the Twilight Zone:

I read a lot of blogs. Probably too many, but I enjoy doing so.  I don't agree with everything everyone else says all the time, of course. And I know some of my oldest blog friends don't agree with me all the time. I have lost a few friends over it but not many.   Lately, some blogs I read make it evident that  a number of people are starting to get frustrated with President Trump.  Despite all he's done, and in the face of horrific opposition from the Dems, minorities, snowflakes, moonbats,  the Deep State, main stream media, and his own party, it's not enough.  I think the constant barrage of fake news and absolute lies is having an effect.  

He's put a huge dint in illegal immigration. I saw a segment on One America News this morning that said in San Francisco, probably the premier "Sanctuary City" in America, food stamp applications have dropped by a fifth. The illegals are afraid if they apply for food stamps, they'll get caught and deported.  But wait, you might say, illegals can't get food stamps. Not so. They just use the id of their "anchor baby" kids who are now adults to register. The State of California aids and abets this practice, turning a blind eye and refusing federal authorities access to their welfare records.

He fired that mealy mouthed Clinton puppet at the FBI, James Comey.  Up until that second, the Dems had been reviling Comey and calling for his resignation. Now, he's a hero of the people. Even for Democrats, and even for revolting politicians like "Little Chucky" that's a new low. 

After a year of investigations from all sorts of Democratic Party lackeys in D.C. and the Federal Government, there's not one single, solitary piece of evidence that anyone in the Trump camp "colluded" with the Russians on anything illegal or treasonous. But some of the blogs I read are starting to give credence to that libel. I can only assume it's Goebbel's theorem on "truth." He said if you tell a big enough lie, often enough, that people will start to believe it.

President Trump has done all he could to limit immigration into this country from Islamic countries which have strong associations with terrorism.  The courts, larded with Obama appointees, have stymied his efforts, but is that his fault?

The Republican party has failed to come up with a decent health care plan, largely because the Senators and Representatives are more concerned with posturing on television and getting face time on the talk shows than they are with health care. And why not? They voted themselves a Gold Plated health care program a long time ago, so they don't have  the worries normal mortals do in that regard.

But that's not President Trump's doing. That's the Republican "machine politicians."  The Republican Establishment hates Trump as much as the Democrats do. They want to see him fail, and they figure if he doesn't run in the next election, then even if a Democrat wins, they win, because it will be back to "business as usual." Bad for the country, but great for the elites in D.C., New York, L.A.

How about the Middle East?

President Trump has undone a lot of the damage the Barrack Hussein administration did while Obama and Kerry were trying to cause as much harm to Israel as they could.  Israel is THE key American ally in the Middle East.  Not the Saudis. Not the Egyptians.  But Barrack wanted to cozy up to the Arabs, and to do that, he had to throw the Israelis under the bus, which he was happy  to do.

People forget that in critical areas of the world, you need allies who won't turn craven when the fewmits hit the windmill.  Remember when we bombed Qaddafi's Libya when he was sponsoring terrorist attacks in Europe? Remember that our good allies the Europeans, with the exception of the English, refused to let our F111's fly over their airspace, so our bombers had to make a long detour that used up fuel and wore out the aircrews both going to the target and coming back?  You can't count on moral cowards that want to suck up  to the oil rich Arabs, and are afraid of terrorists. And after all, the Europeans don't like Israelis much as a rule. (Nor in this country, it seems.)

I remember during the fighting in Lebanon in 2006, long after we'd been blown out of there by Hezbollah at the behest of Iran. The Israelis had to go back in to clean up the terrorists again.  There was a big full page add in the Washington Post. It had the flags of the countries which condemned Israel at the UN on one page, and the flag (singular) of the one  county that supported Israel on the opposite. Just the U.S. flag on one page, and all the other flags on the other page. 

I've had people say to me that we don't need Israel. With apologies for my lack of tact, that's an unwise attitude. Think unsinkable aircraft carrier. Think staging areas, logistical support, a hundred and one things Israel can do for us if we get into a really sticky situation there. Israel already provides us with critical intelligence support on terrorism.  They have human intel assets, something our Congress got rid of years ago in a flight of pompous, idealistic stupidity.  

 I wouldn't count on our dear friends the Iraqis letting us use their bases. Their government has already said once we've whacked ISIS, they want us out of the country, period. How about the slimy, slick Saudis? They've got a great record of letting us use their facilities when it suits their purposes, otherwise we can "piss off."

And then there's this. Israel is a Democracy.  We've tried to force our system down the throats of the Arabs and they've rejected it. Israel developed it's own Democracy.  They share many of our ideals and beliefs.

So begrudging the pittance we give them in foreign aid, most of it in military credits to buy our own weapons at a profit to us, doesn't make sense.  We aren't "carrying water" for Israel, as one person once told me. We are maintaining good relations with a reliable ally who is worth a damn. I , for one, am sick of us always getting the "limp member" allies like the South Vietnamese, the Afghanistan regimes "federal forces", the Iraqis. Nice to have at least one ally who isn't a burden and drain, rather than a help.

 The gest of all this is , I have decided to stop leaving comments on other people's blog about these issues when I disagree with them. The last one of those I am going to make, I did yesterday.  I like the blogger, respect him, I just don't agree with him. And if I keep disagreeing with the people I like on their blogs, I'm going to wind up alienating some of  them. Since I can't change their minds, that's counterproductive. Everybody is going to make their own decisions based on their own nature. 

But I wanted to say what I  thought about these things, rather than just be silent. If anybody made it this far down the post, I appreciate your time and the effort it took to wade through my "blog tome"

Thought for the Day:

"But some  there were, who dared to resist."