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"He was a gallant soldier and a Christian gentleman."

U.S. Grant: Remark in 1864, when , during the Wilderness Campaign, he spent the night in the house where Jackson died.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

New Moon


There's a new moon tonight. It will be pitch black outside.  When there's no moon , there's not much light in these woods. You can stand out on the porch, and not be able to see your hand in front of your face.

On nights like this, I use all the outside lights.  They used to be all red, but now I have some blue and green flood lights out there. Blue doesn't work as well with night vision equipment, but the green and red are fine. I can turn on the infrared projector on the night vision device if I need to,  though I prefer the passive mode.

I did absolutely nothing constructive today. It's my habit not to work on projects on Sunday if I can help it. It's an outmoded convention, since now every day is a free day, but when I was working Sunday was my favorite day of the week. At least, until evening when I started dreading the start of a new week at the office.

There have been several helicopters overhead tonight. I'm on a low level navigation  route for the Air Force, and sometimes for the Army. They both have air bases Southwest of me, and I'm directly in line from both bases to an easily defined mountain top. They've been coming over me since I started living here. I often wonder if my colored lights help them.  I know when I was flying, it was dead reckoning. We had the VOR system and sometimes TACAN, but compared to GPS those were stone age. A lot of flying was looking at a map on your knee board and trying to see something on the ground you could use to place yourself. I know I would have been grateful for some lights to fix my position flying over anything dark, be it ocean or mountains. Today they probably don't do dead reckoning anymore.

I have done most of my cooking this week with bulk food items that have been stored here since the summer of 1999.  Everything is still good. Today I made vanilla pudding, and a vegetable soup, all of it using supplies from the food we laid in before the Y2K non-event.  Everything tastes fine, though I have no way of knowing about the nutrient content.  I've eaten canned food I had stored down there for more than ten years, and it was fine too.

I've been trying to find blogs written by people who live in the desert. There are a lot of them, but they all seem to have been terminated and just abandoned. I can't find any that are still being kept up. 


 I've often thought that if you could find a place way out at the end of one of those straight roads you see from the air out there, you'd be set. Somewhere with some water and maybe a butte behind it for a little shade part of the day.

I know of two bloggers who live in the desert. One was that old guy who was in an episode of "Where the Wild Men Live." He has a pretty good set up.

The other is to be found here:  The Ultimate Answer to Kings.   This fellow leads the real solitary life in the desert. I don't think I could handle roughing it like he does at this stage of my life, but I admire the way he does it.

I've also been trying to find blogs written in English by Germans. I would like to learn more about the conditions in Germany. But I haven't been having any luck. All the English language blogs so far have turned out to be advertisements.

When my wife and I lived in Italy, we spent a lot of time up in Germany. I mentioned that in a recent post. The NATO officers school was in Oberammergua , in Bavaria.  There was also a big Army recreational facility in Garmische, not far away. We always enjoyed Germany.  I'm the only Marine in the picture. At the time, there were only about 26 Marine officers stationed in all of Europe, not counting embassy people.

And now I live up here, and I don't go much of anywhere. It suits me now. Everything I need is right here on the mountain.

I've turned our apartment over the shop into a place to just hang out , drink coffee, and listen to the shortwave. Don't go out there much anymore unless the kids are down, then I stay in the apartment at night because I go to bed early and they go to bed very late. I was younger ( a lot) when that picture was taken.

This was me in 1977. That's the first house I ever bought. It was a nice little place, in a quiet  neighborhood in the "ville" just outside Marine Corps Air Station New River.  All my neighbors were Marines.  I could have stayed on base in the Bachelor Officer's Quarters, they were pretty comfortable. But even back then I was always on the look out for a tax deduction.  Never got to spend much time there, because I was always deployed.

This is us about 1987.  My daughter is 31 now.

And this is pretty much how I look today. Oh,well.....

This has been a rambling post, but I'm trying not to think about anything political tonight. Whatever is happening out there in "the world" that would infuriate me, tonight I'm taking a break from it.

Eventually, you have to settle down and be content.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

MSNBC "It's our job to control what people think."

We've got a cold front coming through. Windy and a lot of rain last night. It's getting colder outside and is supposed to be in the low twenties tonight. That's going to be tough on my trees that are already leafing out.

No plans for today. I don't do a whole lot on the weekends. Went to town yesterday, so that's out. It's a good day for reading.

Do you remember the college professor in California who gave her "we are in a civil war" tirade to her class? One of them taped her and put it on the internet. As a result, a lot of people expressed their distaste for the professor, and she fled the state in terror.

The student was suspended.  This morning,  Fox had a segment saying that the college had been forced to let the student return to class by the public outcry, but the professor is coming back and will not be disciplined.  I'm familiar with this kind of thing from the "Vietnam era" when this kind of liberal  campus bias was focused on veterans and active duty military personnel. It's one of the reasons I sent my two kids to technical schools in Vancouver, Canada rather than wasting my money on a "college education" here in the states.

Be sure to keep a garbage can with a liner nearby as you watch this. You might need it.

Amazon Kindle: Just another tool.

  I don't have a smart phone. It wouldn't do me any good, really, since the cell phone signal coming in here is weak and sporadic.

So, a long time ago, I started buying Amazon Kindles. I wish I hadn't.

You get locked into Amazon. Some Android operating system based applications will work on the Kindle, some won't.

You can save your books and magazines on their "cloud." You can download the books onto your computer, but not the magazines.

If you subscribe to a magazine, sometimes  it shows up on your Kindle. A lot of the time, it doesn't. About every third month, I miss an issue of Firearms News. Every time I do, they act like this has never happened before, and I am the only one calling in to address the issue. I find it hard to believe I am  the only one on the planet who subscribes to this magazine and who calls when it doesn't show. I paid for it, I'd like to get the magazine. It takes up to a month to get them to fix it.

The 7" screens on the Fires are just about worthless. They hook you into the system with the lower priced 7" units, then sting you really good in the wallet when you figure out you are going to have to buy the 10" version to get anything out of Amazon you can use.

On the plus side, Kindle's are tied into the Amazon system so if you do a lot of purchasing from Amazon, the "proprietary" aspect of the equipment probably won't bother you.

Here's a link to a good article on how to use the Amazon Kindles, Fires, et al to get survivalist related literature:

How to get Survival Literature on Kindle.

Link above:

During a segment of the MSNBC "news" program, Morning Joe, the co host made an interesting comment about "the job of the media." See what you think.

On the discussion in the last post about "what do you do now?"

 There was a fairly comprehensive discussion on the last post, concerning what you should do if you find yourself in the position of the white guy at the gas station. The video was self explanatory.

It breaks down like this.  Some people said that if threatened as the "truck man" was, they'd have blown the black guy waving the rifle around away.

Some people favored a low profile, walk away approach.

I don't have an answer. Letting them show their asses, and walk right over you, isn't pleasant. Neither is being crucified by liberal city  government officials and the press as a racist who attacked this poor black man as he made his rounds handing out bibles.

My own choice has been a compromise. I won't take my bumper stickers off my vehicle. That's like striking your flag. I realize that might draw the ire of Morlocks, so I'm not going to cities where the Morlocks reign.  I'm carrying a pistol and a rifle in the car, but I'm trying to stay where I won't need them. That's my approach.  I'm trying to avoid trouble.  That means I can't go to the bookstores I enjoy, or the craft shops my wife likes, anymore.  But that's how life is today.

I know some of the people who said they'd blow the bad guy away, well enough to know they mean it. I admire that. It takes courage to defend yourself and your self respect when you know the ramifications are going to be so draconian.  If I was 32 and single, I'd feel exactly that same way. But mid sixties and finally living the good life, I don't want to give it up.  If I get trapped and have to shoot I will. But I'm really trying not to get into that position.

Some Cartoons :

Thought for Today:

I lived on Okinawa for 13 months. You could do worse.

Some Smooth Jazz for a quiet Saturday.  A little Southern Comfort might not come amiss.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Sandy and Bull Dog Man got a new homestead. It looks perfect! Got a Trump sticker on your vehicle?

Link to Sandy and Bulldog Man's blog.

I just wanted to post this link. They are really good people, and have just bought themselves what looks to be a perfect retreat.

On a not so happy note, here's a video a friend sent me.  It shows a "brudda" whipping out his rifle on a "white boy" who had a Trump sticker on his vehicle. Typical Niglish language, but even so it's worth watching. A picture is worth a thousand words, as the saying goes.

Update: Let me reemphasize for the Ladies, this guys language is very foul.

Based on personal experience, these guys don't value the free and open exchange of views.

This video above makes me think about my own procedures. Notice the white guy who's truck was vandalized had already left it and was a good ways from the vehicle. So, in my case, I could not have reached the Heckler und Koch G-3 rifle behind the drivers seat in my Jeep.

If this had happened in Georgia, the driver would have been legally protected if he pulled his hand gun and shot the black guy waving around a rifle and vandalizing his truck, because he was threatened with physical harm and because his property was being damaged.

There are some real life issues to think about though:

 You might not be able to reach under  your vest and get the gun out before Rastus sprayed you with the rifle. And even if you did get it out, you couldn't shoot him in the back. Not that I personally would have any moral compunction about doing so in that situation. It's the safest course of action.  But if he's standing there with his back to you trashing your truck, you are going to have to get him to turn and face you. And he might spray you in doing so.

 However, if you don't do that,  some shyster D.A. might try to knock a hole in the "stand your ground law" by saying  "Oh, yes, Mr. Mapopoo did have a rifle and did threaten you, but it is obvious from the fact that he was not facing you when you fired that he was not a threat at the moment." In a city, you can bet the farm  they'd try to charge you with something, regardless of the circumstances. The "shooter" would be white and the "victim" would be black. That's all she wrote.

 You could probably beat the charges, because our castle and stand your ground laws are very explicit, but you'd be bankrupt and you would have stressed ten years off your life. You'd also have to watch your back every second for the next few years.

Besides that, I don't carry a round chambered unless I am actually in an area where the Goblins and Morlocks are common. I'm beginning to rethink this though. It only takes a second to rack the slide, but that might be enough of a delay in getting the pistol into battery that you might get killed.

In the interim, thank God I can stay out of areas where this sort of thing is becoming more and more common.

Thought for the day.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Listening to Rush. Gardening. "Mad Maxine" calls us all $*&^'s, Candles. Somali's make Minnesota interesting.

  Rush Limbaugh is the man the Libtards hate the most, next to President Trump.

He has some personality quirks ( who doesn't?), but he's a good speaker and more important, his news is accurate. His commentary is right to the point.  I learn a lot about what's going on from listening to him.

He's on the air three hours a day here in North Georgia.  We have a local radio station that carries his program. I try to catch at least the first hour of his show, and then on the weekends when the station repeats the highlights of the weeks programming, I listen to some of that.  Don't much care for the call in parts, so I skip those.

All kinds of Snow Flake professors have written books attacking him, and here's the supreme irony, Al Franken wrote a book entitled :

 You can judge a man by his enemies, and I think this is a great example of that.

Spent part of the morning making some candles.  I have not perfected the art.  The mold I bought works fine. The candles come out of it without sticking, and they are just the right size I wanted to make. I have a generator, a big diesel, that will run the lights here as long as I have fuel. All of my buildings are tied in to the generator. So, as long as I have fuel in my two 500 gallon above ground tanks, I'm ok for light. As long as I dare run the generator, which makes more noise than a Sherman tank idling.  After that, I have kerosene lanterns.  I should have 50 gallons of kerosene, but right now I only have 10. Need to fill those last kerosene jugs.  When that' s gone, I have candles. I buy a lot of candles after holidays, when they get put on sale. I  save the wax from them when they are burned, and cast my own candles with that.

I found a good source of wicks, so at the moment my only problem is the "candle well."  When you fill the mold, for reasons unknown to me, the middle of the candle develops a cavity.  Then, about 45 minutes after you pour the candle, you have to poke three holes in it with a long, thin screwdriver, and fill that cavity with hot wax. Slows down the process.

My candles  are not white. I just melt enough wax to pour as many as I plan to, throwing in hunks of wax from a big pail.  It doesn't matter to me what color they are.

I use a heavy wick, because that makes a longer, wider flame and throws out a lot more light than a smaller wick does.

If anybody has any suggestions on how to do this better, I'd welcome them. Most of what I know about it is just what I've learned by trial and error.

I don't worry about adding scents or any of that. I'm just trying augment my light sources at low cost.

Here are some new cartoons :

Mad Maxine Speaks.

By the way, Maxine Waters, the infamous  Representative from The People's Democratic Republic of California, gave a very impressive interview this week. No one, I believe, has ever accused her of being a lady. I'd have to agree she isn't. But I have never believed  the stories that she is actually a transvestite. She has some interesting, if bizarre ideas. But she's well known for that.

I should also mention that though she has had indictments filed against her that probably make Corrine Brown blanch with envy, I'm not aware that she has ever been convicted of corruption, nepotism, etc.  Not yet, anyway.

Take a look at the MSNBC "host" on the left. Need I say more?

Nice Weather. The Ferrets are joyful.

Photo taken two years ago, today.

On a lighter note, we have 70 degree weather up here right now.  Reading other people's blogs, I see that lots of folks are already planting their gardens. I'm a bit concerned winter may come  roaring back. We have snow here in the first two weeks of March every year. On the other hand, this has certainly not been a typical winter.

The ferrets like this warm weather. I can take them outside and let them run around in the meadow when it's this warm.

They need to get their exercise, but ferrets can't handle cold or heat. Nor can they do well with low humidity.

So, they have to spend most of their time in the house. Going outside is a real treat.

The ferrets don't want to move to Minnesota. They don't think they would like the Somali's who have now taken over large parts of some cities there.

Don't think I would like them either.

Feed your Enfields!

The only good thing I know of ever to come out of Pakistan.  .303 British in the 800 round case. You can't get it by the case anymore, but Midway is selling it by the can. They put it on sale about once a month.

British .303 surplus ammo at Midway

link above

Catch it on sale, and it's marked down from $140.00 a can to $90.00 a can.  I'll buy some if it is ever on free shipping, but if you pay for shipping it adds $20.00 to the price.  250 rounds. Berdan (non-reloadable), corrosive.  * I know you can reload berdan if you have the tools. I tried it. Good luck. I stick to boxer primed brass for reloading.

Thought for the Day.  Allahuh Akbar!

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

They can't stamp us out. The Flying Squirrel. Louis Wain cat art.

Yale University is removing John C. Calhoun from it's list of distinguished associates.  In Virginia, they are pulling down statues of Robert E. Lee.  Out in Texas, some of the big cities are changing the names of streets named after Confederate soldiers, and schools named after Confederate officers are being renamed to be more "ethnically appropriate."

These things are infuriating, but they won't effect the rural South.  Family heritage is still passed down from generation to generation. As much as the left may want to rewrite history, they won't succeed.  National Geographic just put out a special edition on Nat Turner.  There's a movie about Nat Turner on pay per view, and he has his own special niche in the new Washington black history museum or whatever they are calling it.

Nat Turner is cast as a "freedom fighter", in the mold of Che Guerverra.  In reality he was a psychopathic murderer. His victims were primarily women, children and elderly people. He wasn't much on fighting his war of liberation against men and when he  finally had to, it was over. But that's not what is being pimped as "history."

Turner and his group killed about sixty people. They killed every man, woman and child they came across. They used hatchets, axes and butcher knives to do it. When the rebellion collapsed, Turner ran off and hid, was finally captured hiding in a hole in the ground on a farm. If people want to make a hero out of him, it says a lot about their mentality.

I suppose I should be used to it by now.  But the more of this that happens, the madder I get about it.

Rather than just do a post about something  that irks me no end, how about some light humor.

You've heard of flying squirrels.  Bet you haven't seen one like this before.

These two Louis Wain drawings are a pretty good representation of what my house looks like sometimes. My wife likes cats. I do too, especially outdoor cats.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Sweden. They asked for, and they got it. Suppose they gave a pro -trump rally and nobody came because they didn't know about it. You can't march to John Philip Sousa. Deutschland Erwache.

She's paying cash to get them to leave now.....

I remember when the tidal wave of refugees from the middle east began flooding into Europe. The female Prime Minister of Sweden gave an interview in which she lauded Sweden's generosity in taking in "refugees" and criticized the United States for not taking in "it's fair share."

Sweden has been undergoing serious rioting for the last three days, and it's spreading fast. The Swedish government denies that there is a problem with refugees, but acknowledges that their socialist system of medicine, housing, dental health, etc is overwhelmed by the huge numbers they've allowed into their country. Crime is off the charts. Moreover, rape, previously a rarity in Sweden, is now at monstrous levels. Women are being warned not to go to public saunas or baths, not to go out on the streets alone.  One video I watched highlighted a problem with Moslem men in their 20's being put in public schools to learn Swedish, with 12 and 13 year old Swedish  girls in the same classroom. Not working out too well. Maybe they will have to put out those posters showing a man's hand grabbing a woman's behind , with a line through it, like they are doing in Germany now.

None of this is getting coverage on our news. You have to use the internet to find out what's going on in Europe. Here's a clip from Pravda.

Fox News does look at Europe, usually on the tail end of a story about something else.

"There's always the ten percent who don't get the word." 
USMC saying.

Meanwhile, in Atlanta this past weekend there was a pro- Trump march.  They didn't get the word out very well, I didn't hear about it until I saw it on the local affiliate news Monday.  First, the pro-Trump people were well aware that they were apt to be attacked, because the left was bringing in large numbers of agitators for an "Impeach Trump" protest the next day.  Knowing the reputation of the Atlanta police for antipathy towards rural Georgians, the Pro-Trump people brought their own armed security. Strangely, I have seen no reports of attacks against them during the event, as opposed to what happens almost everywhere else when people try to show support for the new Administration.

Atlanta, Ga 18 Feb 2017

There wasn't any national coverage of the march I can find. Even in the local papers, the only thing that was mentioned was the fact that some of the people who attended were armed. Given the behavior of the left, maybe that's the wave of the future. I think the organizers of such events are going to have to do a lot better about getting out the word. We don't have the Democratic National Committee or George Soros paying for conservative functions, so the people themselves will have to do the organizing.

Here are some cartoons to lighten the mood.

Meanwhile, out in the boonies:

Where's the Beef?

For the last several months, we've had a progressively worsening problem with not being able to find everything you want on the grocery store shelves. I've mentioned this before.  Yesterday I took the truck in to replenish some of the pet supplies.  I usually buy 25 lb bags of cat litter for $3.75.  None to be had, so I picked up a few bags of the next cheapest stuff, at $6.98 for a 25 pound bag. I got cracked corn , 40 lbs for $7.98. No problem this time, but last week I couldn't get it for love or money. I needed 16 lb sacks of Kitn'Kaboodle dried cat food, usually cost $10.00 a bag. But there was none, so I had to buy a 16 lb sack of Meow Mix instead, which cost me $16.00.

It's my fault,  to some extent, because I used up supplies without replacing them, but I just haven't been going into town. I asked the manager at the store what was going on, and he said the warehouse in North Carolina hasn't been able to get the products in from the manufacturer. I can't think of a single reason that should be so.

Gasoline is still good, at $2.04 for regular.  Propane is still good, at $1.65 per gallon today.
I have no water bill.  Electricity is high, but I am not using nearly so much of it now that the nights are staying in the 50's. I'll be running air conditioning and dehumidifiers before long. Then the electric bill will go back up to around $200.00 a month.

Deutschland Erwache!

I got this interesting video of a German Army ceremony back in 2015 from a friend over there. She says things are continuing to deteriorate, but that more Germans are getting involved in trying to resist Merkle and her insane plans to make Germany a Moslem stronghold.

I like German military music.  American martial music like John Phillips Sousa sounds alright, but it's murder to march to. There's no strong pulse each time your right boot hits the ground, so it's harder to stay in step. German marching music is excellent for parades, retirement ceremonies, etc. I almost keeled over when I saw  those parade weapons. Mauser K98's.  Lord, throw me in that brier patch!

When I was a young officer in the early 70's and 80's, there was a common saying. It went "the best troops on either side of the Iron Curtain are German."  Of course, we disputed that, but no one denied the Germans were good.  In Afghanistan, although they were buried under a blizzard of constraints by their civilian government, and had both hands tied behind their backs, they did extremely well. Considering who they were fighting, who can blame them for a little head hunting? Not me.

Here's a Chilean parade, and you can see what I mean about the music matching the step. The uniforms, music, some of the parade arms, are all German. Chili had German advisers until the end of World War II, and many German military men and their families made Chili their home after the war ended. Maybe it's not a coincidence that Chile is known as "the Prussia of Latin America." Their army kicks ass and takes names when it works with the UN, one of the few national contingents that the local terrorists, thugs, dope dealers or whatever don't mess with.

Thought for the day.