Saturday, July 27, 2013

Ammunition prices: Dec 2012 and July 2013

I keep catalogs of all sorts.  That enables me to follow trends on specific items I use a lot of,  more out of a sense of curiosity than anything practical.

I got the July Cheaper Than Dirt catalog recently, so I dug out the December 2012 edition and contrasted the prices for the exact same items.  Here are some that I thought were interesting.

Lake City XM855 5.56 ball.  840 rounds in a sealed can.  (Two cans per wooden case).
  • December 2012 price : $419.19  per can
  • July 2013 price           : $999.79  per can
price increase: $580.00

Federal 5.56 mm.  comes in stripper clips, in bandoleers.  840 round can.
  • December 2012 price : $369.10
  • July  2013 price          : $999.79
price increase: $630.69

Bulk packed federal .223:  1000 rounds.
  • December 2012 price:  $399.97
  • July 2013 price          :  $999.97
price change : $600.00

Armscor .45 ACP ball  50 rounds to the box.
  • December 2012 price : $17.59
  • July 2013  price          : $39.58
price change: $21.99

One thing I will say about this.  In times of turmoil, when prices are fluctuating, you can expect  the sellers to put very high prices on their products in the print catalogs, because if the item keeps going up they don't want to have a big seller in their catalog that is under priced.  Frequently, if you look the item up on their web pages, the current price will be more reasonable than the one in the catalog.


  1. Holy Crap. I never looked back like that. I just knew the current prices were so outrageous I wasn't jumping LOL.

    Good info to see though.

  2. .223 is not to be had. Not at decent prices, anyway. Sportsman's Guide, AIM, SOG, SAMCO and CENTURY have all jacked up the prices on what they have, and most of it is out of stock. I saw an article on another blog that said Hornaday is cutting out production of all but 150 of it's bullets and loaded ammo for the rest of 2013. No more 8X56R, or 7.7 Japanese because they were my source for new loaded ammo on those rounds. I have enough brass to keep myself afloat but it still stinks.