Sunday, July 21, 2013

An interesting Wall Street Journal Article.

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  1. ugh. i know it is the truth but i hate reading articles like this. the US police forces have gone bat-sh*t crazy. and it's an awful thing to say but these law enforcement officers really want to be soldiers. not sure why so many of them fail to get into the military. could it be psychological failings? it sure seems that way.

    canada seems to be following in the same least in the big cities. it's getting really scary!

    your friend,

  2. My youngest brother was an anti-gang officer in a big city in California, and later became a SWAT officer. He told me how they operated and we had quite a frank and open exchange of views about it. I think after awhile the police get so used to having to deal with trash, that they think everybody is trash and that's how they treat them. My brother said they would crash in a door, rush inside, push everybody on the floor, handcuff them, then tear the place to pieces looking for dope or whatever some anonymous informant had tipped them off to. If they didn't find anything, they just let the people go but their homes and possessions were wrecked. You have to wonder what the effect would be on small kids in the house. I've been stopped at road blocks by state police, and by local sheriff's deputies and they are not really friendly but they don't treat you badly as long as you don't sass them or try to make them mad. But the people with SWAT, FBI, BATF and such on their uniforms, sometimes they do things that are wrong.