Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Backwoods Home Magazine

I've been buying this for years.  It has some good , informative articles from time to time on self sufficient living. The editor is a little eccentric, and goes off on bizarre rants ever so often, but it doesn't detract from the usefulness of the magazine. I get mine on Kindle now, which makes finding articles I want much easier. It also helps me keep the number of magazines I have stored for reference to a manageable level.

Torrential rain this afternoon, with heavy thunder and lightning. At one point, every level spot here that could hold water had at least two inches covering it. I had to go out in the downpour with a yard rake and clean out the cross slope drainage ditches behind the shop. The rain was so heavy that debris washed down from the up slope and plugged them up.  It wasn't pleasant, particularly with the lightning flashing and the thunder booming overhead. There wasn't much choice, though, unless I wanted water in the shop. That's not an acceptable option since I have a lot of equipment and supplies stored in there along with my reloading bench and its' accoutrements.

If the weather hadn't been so bad, I had it in mind to do some shooting this afternoon.  I have my own range out behind the barn, and as I have no neighbors I can shoot when I feel like it.  Actually, I could even if I had neighbors, since the law says you can shoot on your own property whenever you want, except on Sunday mornings during church time. That's probably a law from the 1800's, I would imagine ,but it's still on the books. The Southern states are pretty well cognizant of individual rights and freedoms as a rule.

I belong to a gun club, which has a bigger range with a 300 yard line and a berm, but I don't go there much.  I can't see a regular target at 300 yards well enough to do any good anymore, unless I use a scope. I'm an iron sights shooter for the most part.

So, it was something of a "reacting to events" day due to the weather, and I didn't get a lot done.  But then, I didn't have to.


  1. Harry - thanks so much for stopping in at our blog to let us know that you were back online! i have added you to our blog list and if you ok it, i will put up a post tomorrow to say that you are back. i won't do a post until i hear back from you here or an email.

    thanks so much for contacting and jambaloney have been missing you something fierce! soooo glad to have you back!

    now i have to go and catch up on your previous posts. oh and we love backwoods magazine!

  2. Hey Kymber,
    I missed talking to you folks. I sent you an email.