Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Between Pakistan, Iran, and North Korea it might be nice to check your fallout patterns.

click on link above



  1. Don't forget to calculate in the fall out from all the nuke plants that will be without power.

    We are prolly gonna get some fall out from KC at the Small-Hold :(

  2. I was in a pretty good spot when I first moved here. But since then, they built two nuclear plants about a hundred miles to the west of me. Since the wind blows from the NE most of the time, I hope they keep the plants in good shape come what may.

    This is an interesting program the fellow set up. You can plug in your location, the location of a nuclear event, the size of the event, and it shows you what to expect.

  3. I worry about a WMD of some sort being brought across the southern border. If anything, security is worse now than compared to the previous regime in charge. They've documented Islamic propaganda pamphlets found on the pathways these people use.

    1. It wouldn't surprise me. I get a kick out of listening to the newscasters telling everyone not to worry, that none of these countries ruled by theocrats or insane tyrants have missiles that can reach the U.S. But any of them could smuggle something across the border, put in a crappy old van, and drive to the target. They could also load up a rusty old tramp freighter, pull into harbor, and set it off. I'm glad I don't live near a city.