Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Commander Zero hits the big time!

Commander Zero has a good blog at Notes from the Bunker.  He's been writing it for years.

Notes from the Bunker

Today he is quoted on John Wesley Rawles' blog:

Survival Blog

For people old enough to remember, this is the equivalent of being a guest on the Ed Sullivan show.

Rawles' is the guru of many survivalists and preppers. His blog reaches thousands all around the world. He's been on a vast number of television shows and radio programs. Perhaps even more indicative of his worth is the fact that he is roundly hated by Morris Dee of the self styled Southern Poverty Law Center. If you know anything about that crew, you can understand that being attacked by them means you are doing something right.

Congratulations, Commander Zero.  That's impressive.


  1. Replies
    1. Indeed. His dignitas is greatly enhanced, and it was significant even before.

  2. This month has been good for referrals. Sadly, it doesn't really increase the repeat traffic score by very much but it's nice to achieve a little notoriety.

    1. It's quite an achievement. Rawles doesn't quote people like that unless he respects them. Moreover, that blog is read daily by thousands all over the world.

      Of course, even as I write this, Darth Holder is having his lackeys shift through your back posts, looking for something they can cast you into the federal dungeon for. You are dancing on the sky line. ;-)