Sunday, July 14, 2013

Off Grid Magazine: Vol.1 No.1

The first edition of Off Grid wasn't supposed to be on the racks until 16 July. Someone at a local store put them out early, though, so I got one and have had a chance to look over it.

From the editors of Recoil, it has the same glossy paper and slick styling. It is definitely designed to appeal to the upper income, younger generation of "preppers."  That's not a term I like but it suits here, because the magazine is really more like the flashy fashion and sporting magazines aimed at that demographic than it is the old American Survival Guide (as opposed to the more recent incarnation.)

It isn't a bad magazine. The lead in by the editors declares that it is intended for urban dwellers, and states categorically that this issue deals with basic preparedness. So it does.  Anyone who has been following a self sufficient lifestyle for any period of time already knows just about everything in the magazine from what they've read on blogs, in books, or seen on television.  I'd say that for a beginner, it would be a good investment at $9.00 plus tax.

It isn't a bad read, and I enjoyed going through it.  I liked the flashy layouts of equipment.  Anyone who would buy this gear instead of an equivalent item from a surplus store at a fraction of the price is probably doing it to be "cool" and not for any practical purpose. If you want to look slick though, this is a great shopping guide.

The articles, which did deal with the basics, were not bad.  The editors promised future editions would be more informative at a higher level. They also have an address for submissions if anyone is interested in writing for them. 

I'd rather have it on Kindle, the same way I get Recoil.  Doesn't look like digital copies are in the works though so in mid September I'll start looking to see if the new one is on the shelves early. It's a quarterly magazine and as far as I can tell, you can't subscribe. It appears to be catch as catch can.


  1. Interesting. Prolly not something I am gonna shell out the best part of 10 bucks for though.

  2. Don't blame you. I probably wouldn't either if I didn't have so much time on my hands.

  3. I'll pass too. Not my style, besides I'm one of those old timer survivalist.

    1. From the days of Ragnar Benson and Mel Tappen, I know. A vanishing breed though.

      Today you turn on a show about Self Sufficiency and there's a lady showing how to make quiche out of long term storage materials. Or people sitting in a flower drum circle who say "if bad people come to take our things we will invite them to dinner."

      The times, they are "a changin'.