Sunday, July 21, 2013


I watched some of the Sunday news shows this morning. I usually do.  This time around, I wish I hadn't. There's no sense in getting all riled up about something when you can't do anything about it.  I'm sure tired of listening to the Tale of Saint Trayvon, though. Remember when Obama ran the first time, how all those paintings came out on the internet depicting him as Jesus?  Well, I figure soon we'll have velvet paintings of Trayvon on the cross at every street corner.   I'm tired of being insulted by talking heads who feel like they have to denigrate the South and everyone in it.  I'm really weary of Obama and his thralls. The U.S. is balkanized, and that's all there is to it. Might as well just accept it for what it is. 

Today has been a take care of the animals day.  First, the rat escaped from her cage, and it took me 45 minutes to catch her and get her back in it. I finally had to send in one of my ferrets to run her out from under the bureau.  I used that as a last resort for fear the ferret would kill her, but as he went in under there she came flying out and I caught her. I left her cage door unlatched when I fed her last night, so in this case she was smarter than I was.

Then I got to spend a pleasant hour hunting through the hay for brand new kittens, abandoned as soon as they were born by the mom.  Put them in a box with another mom and her two young kittens, and we'll see if she will take care of them. If not, it's more bottle feeding for me and that's already taking up a lot of time. No help for it, though, if it comes to that.

Didn't leave the place today, because there was too much to do and I didn't have any overriding reason to drive to town. I have to go in tomorrow to the post office and that will be soon enough.  Sunday is supposed to be a day to rest, but I sure missed the boat today.


  1. Take a break, Bubba. I too spent my one day of rest doing a few chores. Changed the hoses on our washing machine. Fiddled with this and that. Read an hour or two then the wife arrived for the night so made dinner for her...she leaves again tomorrow. All in all not a bad day but it sure would be nice to just sit back and take a real rest.

    1. I thought I would take a little break. Then we had a torrential rainstorm and I saw a small leak in the ceiling in the study. That means I lost a shake up there, so as soon as it stays clear for a day (if that ever happens again) and the roof dries out I'll be up there replacing it. It's only forty feet down to a cement slab if I fall, so I guess I'll have to rig a safety harness. If something happened to me up here while the wife is gone, the chickens would eat me right down to a skeleton before anyone found me.

  2. Awww you ave as many kittens to take care of we do here. It never ends. No rats or ferrets for me though :)

  3. Yeah. I don't know why every dumped off animal in the county makes it's way to my place. It's like this is the land of OZ for unwanted animals and I'm the Wizard. I don't like the rat much, it was rescued by my daughter from some guy up in the city where she lives who was going to feed it to a snake. Still, we all have to have a place to live I guess, rats included.