Saturday, August 24, 2013

Al Jazeera and conversations with the FEMA man.

Al Jazeera news has suddenly appeared on my Direct TV menu.  I certainly didn't subscribe to it.  Direct TV does that ever so often.  Channels you are accustomed to watch like FX suddenly disappear, and in their place you get The Underwater Filipino Basket Weaving Channel. Then a few weeks later FX comes back and the UFBWC disappears. I hope it's that way with Al Jazeera.

It's a very popular channel with the burgeoning "persons of color" population in America. I can see why. One of the "news" segments I watched was a white feminist ranting about the suppression of black feminists in this totalitarian society.  Another was how the U.S. is responsible for the killing of civilians in Syria because we aren't "doing anything."  The 1982 intervention in Lebanon is a prime example of how "doing something" in these Arab states ends up. You go in with some people throwing flowers and others throwing grenades. Before long, the flowers are gone and everybody hates you. I was not impressed with their sad tale on the news segment, even though it was replete with lots of little kids bodies, scenes being milked for every drop of pathos. Evil Americans, how could you let this happen?  As far as I am concerned, the Arabs can slaughter each other wholesale and bad cess to them all.

 Then they moved on to a segment on Hispanics telling how they feel discriminated against all the time here. One of the prim young ladies, dressed to the nines in expensive clothing, told how she had gone to "The South" and someone had actually asked her why there were so many "Mexicans" there! Shocking! Despicable!  Appropriate sighs and nodding of the heads from her companions, all of whom seem to have stepped out of the Belks catalog. If that's discrimination then I'll have a slice, please.

Turned if off after awhile. The novelty paled on me and I hope it joins the Underwater Filipino Basket Weaving Channel in the dust bin of history.  Probably won't, though , since it gives an ever wider segment of our population validation.

Not long ago I took a tour of a medical facility.  One of those where they drag around a captive audience to explain why their facility is definitely the one you need to patronize, and the only one truly qualified to cure your ills. One of my fellow conscripts was a guy about my age, from somewhere up North. He talked non-stop, as fast as he possibly could. I wondered if he was on some kind of drug at first, but I think it was just his personality.

He told me all about working in the Katrina aftermath operations FEMA was involved in. Mainly he was interested in telling me how nice it was that he had a trailer with air to live in while most of the people they were supposed to be helping were in tents. I asked him if he got a merit badge for Katrina, but he missed the intended irony and just rocked on about how much money he made, and how great the overtime was, and how they milked it for all it was worth.

He didn't like the people of New Orleans. The guy had apparently worked in a lot of different FEMA operations and he said he had never seen such a bunch for just sitting around on their asses waiting for someone to take care of them. He said it was like they were just a bunch of Zombies, no initiative, no capability for thought.  Maybe that's how they were all the time, or maybe they were just beat down to that point by the disaster. I have no idea.

Strangely, this is the second FEMA person I have come into contact with in the last couple of months, and they both said the same thing about the job. You can make a lot of money, the pay is good and the overtime is excellent. Nobody said anything about the wonderful feeling of helping others that I have seen FEMA try to project, but at least they were honest. Probably you get tired of "victims" really quickly when you see too many of them.

Whatever the case, if we have a disaster here I am not relying on FEMA to ride to the rescue. They can go make their overtime helping somebody else.


  1. Another prime example of Liberal Media and thinking. One of these days they will stat broadcasting mind control TV and Radio. Wait they do that already don't they??

    Every day those who feel good about helping others is going by the way side. Its all about the Ben Franklin's now days.

  2. Truer words were never spoken.

    Bottom line; you can rely on your family and your friends. For the rest, it's devil take the hindmost.

  3. I have done this type of work. Since you are a contractor there is a lot of concern with your bottom line, and it can be a huge amount of work.

    I enjoyed it for what it was, but it does get depressing. My guess is that if you stay with it, you have to become somewhat numb to the situation.

    My guess is that New Orleans had a disproportionately large number of the "underclass" effected, and that is what people were seeing. Not that middle class culture is all great stuff, but underclass culture has a dysfunctionality in the here and now that can be pretty hard to beat.

  4. I'm sure that's true on both counts. I'd be torn between frustration at seeing so many people who didn't do anything to take care of themselves, and pity for people who had been through that. I think you do get hard after awhile in terms of your emotions because you'd be suffering overload.

    Your second comment is exactly to the point and that's what the FEMA guy with the 100 mile an hour mouth was saying. It's just tough to come right out and be truthful because it's not politically correct to point out unpleasant truths. You are the second person in two days though that I've seen just call it like it is, so maybe there is hope for us yet.

  5. When Al Jazeera showed up on my TV I called them on it. Told them I didn't appreciate that a portion of my bill goes to support terrorists and racists. They said I wasn't the first to call about that. It's amazing to me what Americans will tolerate now. Depressing... --Troy

  6. Troy, I should call too instead of being so acquiescent. I know what they are going to say though, that's it's popular with some segments of their market and I'm sure that's true. Anything goes now, because if you find something offensive and try to do something about it, you get labeled as a "racist." Unless, of course, you are Islamic, or a person of color, etc because it's impossible for them to be racist.

  7. Switch to Uverse--ATT refused to subscribe to AJA.

    1. I have to have satellite service, there's no cable here. Direct TV is about my only choice, unless I switch to Dish and I left them over bad service years ago.

      I sent an email to Direct TV and voiced my disgust over seeing Al Jazeera on my menu, but I know some drone is just going to hit the delete button.

    2. Heh they may send "some drone" to visit you and drop ship a "package" with your name on it.....