Thursday, August 8, 2013

Quack Quack!

Big thunderstorms all around us, but none passed directly overhead.  I could hear the thunderstorms roaring off in the distance most of the day.  It was in the high eighties, like a blast furnace outside. Despite this I walked down to the mailbox, and nearly didn't make it back.  My wife told me to take the Jeep down, but I felt like I needed the exercise. Even the dogs were dragging. They can go lay down in the pool my little spring makes by the gate, but I've got to hike on up the mountain to the house to cool off.

My wife stayed inside. She is catching up on all the Quacker Factory, Vera Bradley, and other style shows she missed on QVC while she was up at the kids.

Men, if you think you understand women, check out a couple of hours worth of Quacker Factory.  If you make it through without significant brain damage,  you will understand that you know nothing at all about them.

This is the lady who started Quacker Factory. She is dead but they talk about her all the time and say "Quack, Quack."

The strange thing is, this stuff costs a fortune on these shows and my wife would never squander money on the clothing they offer, but she loves watching.  One time I told her I would buy her a Vera Bradley purse for our anniversary, because she saw one on the Vera Bradley show she couldn't live without. I was thinking thirty bucks, but  the one she wanted cost around a hundred .  I was shocked, but I could not back down since that's what she wanted, and it did make her very happy.  She has other purses that she got for twenty bucks, and they look just like the expensive one as far as I can tell.  If she wants something else from a tv show like that she'll have to wait for our 50 year anniversary.


  1. The weather has been wetter then the last few years. I think we may have another long winter.

    I've been married 27 years, I still can't figure out my

    When its H&H I would take the jeep.

  2. We are coming up on our 31'st ( I think) in December.

    I probably should but I've always walked down there and back. I'm afraid if I start driving, I will just keep on doing it.