“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.”

― Frank Herbert

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I just got through watching the news. Turned off the tv and thought " why do I do this to myself."


  1. Where's Charles Bronson when we need him. Seriously.

  2. We shut off our tv six years ago. I don't miss it.

  3. Lisa, I have grown to detest the news. On the other hand, I'm constantly listening to the news from our state capitol trying to see if anything is being contemplated that might effect me, or my family. It's a damned if you do, damned if you don't situation.

  4. I must listen to the news. I have read the paper from the time I was seven and watched the news when we got a tv when I was 14, so it is just not right if I don't watch the news. Some days, it just makes me angry.

  5. That's the problem. You read it, or watch it, and get angry and your blood pressure goes up. But you really can't influence anything. If I had a nickle for every letter I've written to politicians, every town hall meeting I've attended, every letter to the editor, Donald Trump would be working for me. Yet I can't think of a single instance in the last 30 years where I can say for sure that any of it made the slightest difference.

    The people that can just turn it off are probably more relaxed and less wrought up than you and I are. I've really tried, but I haven't been able to quit following the news. It's like tobacco. I quit cigarettes and cigars, but could never quite get rid of the pipe.....

  6. After the latest potus election fiasco I went cold turkey for like 4 months; no drudge,no local talk radio, nothing! I wouldn't even stay in a room with others having a conversation about anything political, I'd leave. After Feb '13 I started listening, some, still not like I used to.
    But just the other day while talking with my 13yo daughter I had a thought. Any time there's a situation a la George Zimmerman/ TravonMartin and the J Jacksons and the A Sharptons show up, some people call them race baiters and hustlers etc, etc..... They are only there for personal gain, lining their own pocketbooks, which is true.
    Now, how are talk radio/various politicians different? They get "US" allll stirred up, raise some money and later on everybody goes back to what they are doing. I'm so cotton picking tired of hearing, "Well, we just need to get better organized and really hit 'em hard in this NEXT election." PHOOEY!
    All my life I heard that whoever controlled the "House of Rep" controlled the GI checkbook. What good did it do us?

    1. Incidentally, if you write a blog I'd like to read it.

  7. I think we're in the same position the Romans where when Octavian made himself hereditary emperor, post Julius. There was still a Senate, they still debated issues, but the Emperor and his toadies were pulling all the strings. I was a life long Republican, never missed an election once I could vote, and that includes several that took place while I was overseas. But it began to dawn on me in the last few years that in general, the Republican politicians weren't all that different than the Democratic ones. They use things like "gun control" to create political events where the plebes can participate, exactly like the Romans used the circus, to make people think they are part of the system when in effect they are really tools of the system.

  8. Exactly right you are. I lost my respect for republicans like John McCain and Lindsay Graham when they began showing support for the muslim brotherhood. Look how that has turned out. Idiots! I like what Rand Paul has to say, and would support him for president, but then again I think, "what difference will it make".--Troy

  9. Troy, I guess today I would consider myself a libertarian, if anything. I know the libertarians have some pretty bizarre ideas in a lot of areas, but if you consider all the parties, it seems to me they are the least dangerous. I realize, of course, they'll never be permitted to win any important office. I think the people that run the country use the libertarian party as a sort of safety value for people who can't stomach the two "main" parties anymore.