Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I'm a big smooth jazz fan. This is one of my favorite pieces.


  1. Harry, when I lived in Naples FL, we had a smooth jazz station called "The Dream". There were many nights when I would just listen to that rather than have the TV on.

    What was really nice, was a few occasions driving down the road that ran parallel with the beaches in the evening with the windows down after the afternoon rains and temperature drop while listening to that station.

    Or on a few occasions, listening while the afternoon storms raged outside and a cool breeze blew.

    Much of my time in Naples actually sucked, but not the moments like this. I miss those.

    This kind of music should be helping you with your blood pressure issues.

  2. You know, it's strange how you mention listening to smooth jazz on the beach while the thunderstorm was going on. I stayed in a condo on the South Carolina beach once, my brother flew in and we spent a week together there. The night before he arrived, there was a massive storm. I stayed in on the balcony, which was covered, and watched the lighting light up the ocean while the music played. The palm trees were rocking back and forth and the rain was coming down in silver sheets. It was what the Japanese call a moment of perfect harmony.

    I can listen on my Kindle, or I can use Pandora to listen to smooth jazz stations from all over on the computer. I also have a Sirius/XM receiver and they have a smooth jazz station called "Water Colors". It's ok but it has too much vocalization, I just like the instrumentals.

    I went and got my medicine refills today so I should start seeing it come down. I get careless about that, although you'd think I'd have sense enough not to. I know too many people here who have gone out on a stoke. Not the way I want to expire.