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Friday, August 2, 2013

PPU ammo

I had to ride into town to go to the Post Office, so I went by Walmart while I was in there.  They had ten boxes of Prvi Partisan .40 S&W jacketed hollow point.  I almost never buy hollow point ammo. Ball does well enough for me and I don't want to pay extra for the hollow point bullets.  However, this ammo was priced at $21.00 a box. If you add our 7% "sales tax" that's another $1.47 a box.   Give today's prices that's a steal so I bought the three box limit.  Walmart will only sell you three boxes a day of ammunition, including shot gun shells.

Prvi Partisan is made in Uzici, Serbia.  That's a couple of hundred miles from Belgrade.  They used to make special runs for odd chambered old military rifles and only people like Southern Ohio Guns,  AIM Surplus, Century International and Classic Arms had it.  I was surprised to see Prvi Partisan in Walmart but glad to find it as well.

The brass is reloadable, the ammo overall is excellent.  I bought several cases of Yugoslavian 8mm Mauser back in the 1980's and it has proven to be top flight.  Prvi Partisan has been making ammo there since the 1920's, and even if Yugoslavia broke up the turmoil hasn't effected the quality of this ammo.


  1. The .223 PPU cases sometimes have a very annoying over thick rim that will not fit into a shell holder properly. It was a few different batches and no way to tell the bad ones from the good ones until you try to remove them sometimes and create a very bad burr on the rim.

    Other than that I love the PPU ammo.

  2. What brand of shell holder are you using? I use Lee and haven't had that problem, maybe changing shell holders would help? I use RCB on some of my stuff and they might be worth trying.

  3. Like you I use both LEE and RCB. I noticed a bag of 1000 5.56 I purchased three years ago had about five out of ten or higher that had the large rim. IN most cases you could insert them easily enough it was getting them back out that proved the problem. Last year I got another bag of 1000 cases and the number of large rims had dwindled to about two out of ten so maybe they have corrected the problem.

    I read a thread on one of the reloading forums talking about this same problem about a year ago as well. As I said perhaps they corrected it but I still have alot of old brass so I still run into them occasionally.

    1. Wow. You are reloading a lot more than I am. I usually keep 100 rounds of rifle ammo for my old bolts guns. When I've shot it up, I reload it. I only have a rock chucker. Are you using a progressive?

    2. I use a lyman turret top as my main with two rock chuckers that hold various other single type stuff. Usually a swagger die and maybe a bullet resizer set up. I guess you had stopped blogging before I did the great mold buying frenzy and began casting all my own pistol bullets. I typically buy at least 1000 cases a year of 5.56 range brass, although I prolly won't this year lol. In it will be all kinds of head stamps and I always separate them that way before I begin loading em up. I put at least 1000 rounds of 5.56 and 600 rounds of .38 up each year now on top of what I shoot and resupply. About October or November I will switch the work shop out from honey/bee construction stuff to reloading stuff.

      Off calibers (for me) like .303 Brit, 7.62x54, .40 SW, 7.62 Nagant pistol, I only keep about 500 to 1000 rounds of and the other stuff like .308 Win and .45 ACP I try and press out a few hundred of over the Winter.

    3. You have more and better equipment than I do. I might go out and load a box or two of 9mm, then next time load 50 rounds of 7.7 Japanese, that kind of thing. I don't shoot as much as you do, that's for certain. I used to, but I just don't get out and do it as much these days. Most of my reserve ammo is surplus that I bought in wood crates containing spam cans back in the 80's and 90's . I have two of the 7.62 Nagants but I never reloaded for them, I bought the cheap Russian surplus. The fact that the bullet is seated back inside the cartridge case is too weird for me.

  4. I got a case of their match grade 78 grain hollow points awhile back. Haven't done anything with it yet but some hunting forums say it is getting one shot stops on 300 pound pigs.

  5. part of my problem with hollow points is that I shoot a lot of handguns made before 1945. The feed ramps weren't designed for hollow points and they snag. I do have some modern pistols, and I suppose I ought to lay in a few hundred rounds of commercial ammo with HP for those. Let me know what you think when you shoot that you got.