Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Recoil Magazine, Off Grid, and Be Ready.

I confess, I buy this magazine.   I could never afford to purchase the weapons they evaluate. Even if I could, I wouldn't.  I believe in the validity of the Russian proverb which says "the best is the enemy of good enough."  I'm not going out to battle the Mujaheddin, so I don't need a weapon with all the bells and whistles that costs $10,000.  I have standard AR-15 rifles,  and for defending my home and family they will do the job.  Still, I enjoy reading about all this whiz bang gear.  I look at the purpose built bug out vehicles and I think that if I had the money I'd buy one of those. Just to have it.  Reading about it is the next best thing.

Recoil  is just fun to read even if you know you couldn't buy anything they talk about , not if you had three lifetimes to pay for it.  The truth is, most of the equipment they cover is nice, but for us peasants we can get gear that does the same thing a lot cheaper from Major Surplus, or Sportsman's Guide.   When the magazine first came out I paid $10.00 for a paper copy but now I get it on my Kindle for about $3.00.  I get that much enjoyment out of it so I don't have to feel guilty.

The September issue just hit the news stands.  Recoil is evolving , which is essentially why I'm doing another post on it.  The editors are  turning more and more towards the Self Sufficiency crowd.  This edition has a phenomenal bug out vehicle in it, and it also has a good article on hardening your home from a security perspective.  My situation up here on the mountain is somewhat different than that of someone living in suburbia or the city.  Still,  making it hard to approach your home unobserved, making it difficult to get into your home surreptitiously,  and having an appropriate response to home breakers is common to everyone, whatever or where ever your dwelling may be.

Recoil is put out by the same outfit that does Off Grid.  I bought the first issue of Off Grid in town when it finally hit the shelves. Within two days all the copies that had been shipped into our county were sold out.  It's not on Kindle so you pay through the nose for it.  Most of the "old crowd" I know , who have been living this lifestyle for years, opted not to get a copy. I'd say they are correct in thinking they wouldn't learn anything new from it.   I probably could have spent the money on something more useful, but I did enjoy reading it just for fun.

I also ordered a copy of the new publication by the people who publish Guns and Ammo.  I don't know what it will be like, and it cost $12.95 including shipping.  Maybe it will be good, though.  My rule of thumb is that if I get one good idea, or I'm prompted to give more thought to something my planning is weak on, then it's money well spent.


  1. Thanks, Harry. Think I'll preorder a copy of the new one tomorrow. Never heard of Recoil, guess I'll give it a try too.

  2. You might enjoy Recoil. It's fun to look at even if you can't afford the gear. The other magazine I really don't know anything about but I am looking forward to seeing the first issue soon.