Thursday, August 29, 2013

Would you put your kid on a school bus ?

These three thugs go "on trial" today.  Because they are jueveniles, they will probably get suspended sentences and stay not one day in jail.  The bus driver sat on his rear and did nothing while the three black kids beat the white kid to a pulp.  You can draw your own conclusions about  the implications of this for American society.


  1. In answer, no. When given the chance I drove my grandchild to school.

  2. I think putting a child on a school bus today is begging for trouble. Most bus drivers react just like this one, i.e. they do nothing when there's a problem on the bus. When I was teaching, the school bus on the trip home after school was ground zero for bullying.

  3. I won't even send my kid to government run Femocrat schools. Let alone a buss.

  4. Nor did I. That's one of the reasons we home schooled ours. Although, I confess it was sometimes awkward. My wife and I were both teaching in public schools when we started homeschooling. Sometimes people wondered about that. But I only lasted three years as a teacher, it was like working in a concentration camp office, making lists of who went to the ovens. I might not have been actually pushing people in the toaster but I was part of the system. My wife switched over to special ed, which is as non-political as it gets. God help the classroom teacher who doesn't toe the party line, though. 32 pages in the social studies book on Martin Luther King. 6 pages on World War II. Tell me somebody wasn't using the school system to advance their own agenda.

  5. My kids are have 4 legs, so no. Even if they were 2 legged, I would say no, risk vs. reward isn't even close to what you can accomplish at home.
    There isn't a need for 8 hour school days, this is an absurd amount of time. the flawed belief that this time is for education is destroyed with study hall, lunch, gym (it's not physical education by any standard, anymore), etc.
    Home school with the educational basics and then kids can be by your side learning things where they can apply the general basics.
    Building things, designing things, cooking, gardening, raising animals, current event news, grocery shopping, etc.
    All of those are things that take the basic knowledge skills and expand them for real world applications. It's more of an internship, formal school (especially 90% of most public school) is at least 50% a waste of time.

    Sorry, didn't mean to take over the comment section.

  6. No, I appreciate your thoughts and that's not an issue at all.

    We bought our kids curriculum from Texas Tech University, which at the time had a home school long distance learning program. After my two kids finished the high school courses, they were ready to leave home so we sent them to the best tech schools we could find in the fields they wanted. They spent two years in Vancouver, British Columbia going to school.

    When I was teaching, almost no day went by without having to take the kids out of class for some "fund raiser" , or for visitors from different governmental agencies who would come and put on programs to indoctrinate the kids. Each day, I had to spend one full hour with my two Spanish speaking kids, while the other 38 kids did busy work. I wasn't allowed to help the rest of the class during this period because I had to "immerse" the illegal immigrant children and could not "divert" my attention.

    Much of what I was expected to teach, especially in social studies, was outright revisionist history that was just sickening. I tried to work around it by giving my kids copies of Guns and Ammo, NRA magazines, and American Survival Guide to read if they refused to read anything else. As long as I got signed permission slips from the parents the principal let me do that. But as hard as so many people there struggled to provide a decent education to the kids, it was a losing battle. Decent people drifted off to jobs that paid something, and the Toadies and Lick Spittles took over.

  7. School buses can be scary but so far my six year old adores the bus.

    1. As long as nothing happens, the bus is ok. Where my class room kids had trouble was if they were in any way "different." If they were fat, or had a different accent, or dressed differently, they were doomed. There were always the bullies to make life hell for them. The kind of people who wind up in prison for violent crime often start out on that road as the play yard bullies. They learn to like it. Hurting or humiliating other people makes them feel powerful and in charge.


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