Sunday, September 22, 2013

Might better stick to on line shopping for awhile. Especially if you are a woman or have kids.

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  1. HeH might as well tell em not to get drunk or dress provocatively. Your just blaming the victim now.

  2. The news has been saying these guys particularly separated out and killed women and kids. I suppose the shock value is greater but they are just making themselves even less human using that tactic. At least they did it in Kenya. If the Kenyans get them alive these individuals will wish they hadn't. Here, they'd have a team of government paid for high power laywers and if they ever came to trail at all, they might get prison time. Maybe Obama would be saying on TV that if he had a son he would look just like them.

  3. I despise the mall and really don't remember when I was there last, 2+ years I think.
    But to answer the Today question, no, a Kenyan mall attack couldn't happen in the US. Otherwise it wouldn't be a Kenyan mall. Just saying.

    1. I think the intent was that both would be analogous. And, after all, the Kenyans should get something out of the deal. Kind of like "German Measles"