Saturday, September 21, 2013

Places to get survival supplies and equipment.

Lehman's Non Electric: 

  Lehman's sells Amish products and lots of little cutesy things that are useless. They also have a massive listing of food and equipment that you'd love to have if the power goes out.  Everything from a wide selection of lamps,  to washtubs and scrub boards,  clothes wringers,  and well bucket torpedoes.  They have a big catalog, which is free. Just go to their web page and click on catalog request.

Lehman's Non Electric 

Major Surplus and Survival:

Major Surplus and Survival  has a wide selection of  military surplus equipment from all over the world. When I read the survival magazines like American Survival Guide, they are always full of super expensive gear. I can always look at the Major Surplus and Survival catalog and find something from a fraction of the price that serves the same purpose. I've been buying from these guys for years and never had a problem.
Their catalog is free.  Just go to the web site and choose the "catalog" button on the left side of the page.

Major Surplus and Survival

Sportsman's Guide:

Over the years, I've probably bought more tools and equipment from these people than any other supplier. When my kids moved up to Canada to go to school in Vancouver,  I largely furnished their apartments with gear from Sportsmans Guide, because I knew they'd be moving in a couple of years and wanted their furniture and household goods to be light, easily packed, and cheap.

Sportsman's Guide comes out with about six different catalogs. You can go to their web page and order three of them at any given time.  I usually get the Shooting catalog and the Surplus catalog.  You can buy an annual membership for thirtyfive dollars that gives you a discount on the catalog prices and also lets you use the four pay plan, whereby your purchases over one hundred and fifty dollars are broken into four monthly credit card payments at no additional charge.  What I like best about Sportsmans Guide is that if you order something, and they run out, you can go on back order. When the product comes in, if there has been a price increase you get the original order price.

Sportsman's Guide

Emergency Essentials:

Emergency Essentials sells long term storage foods, both canned and bulk. They also sell hard to find items like plastic lids for cans.  If you use coffee cans to store things in, and open the cans frequently, the lids eventually split. You can get lids here , in multiple colors, for very little money.

Their catalog is free.

Emergency Essentials 

Ready Reserve Foods:

Primarily a place to find long term storage food, but they do sell a lot of  gadgets like pail lids, lid openers, and other things related to preparedness.

The catalog is free and you can also download it as a pdf.

Ready Reserve foods 

Walton Feeds:

In 1999, I bought an entire 18 wheeler load of supplies from these guys.  I am still eating it and it's still perfectly fresh.  Although I bought many cases of canned supplies, the vast majority of the shipment was bulk food in nitrogen flushed pails, with the product stored in mylar.  Other than corn meal and powdered milk, everything stayed fresh after I opened it long enough to use it up.  Walton Feeds is still pretty primitive net wise. You can download a print out of their prices and products, but they don't have a catalog.

Walton Feeds


  1. Thanks for the heads up. I always like to plug and support companies that are American and do an excellent job.

  2. These are outfits I've done a lot of business with over the years. If you need something, you can probably find it at one of them. Lehman's has been especially useful because they sell things like wash tubs and scrub boards that are functional. Most of the other outfits I tried for those items sent me little decorative things that were functionally useless.

  3. I will order all these catalogs and drive the Letter Carrier nuts or they get so many of them here in small town America they won't notice. LOL

  4. Rob, I like to look through the catalogs even if I don't buy anything at the time. I also file them chronologically, so that if I want to, I can look up the price of the same item from the same supplier at any given period and see how the price has gone up or down.

  5. I'll have to check out all those stores. I've never heard of any of them.

    Usually I shop at Canfields, which is a local store for camping, fishing, and outdoor anything really.

    *Yes I'm a teacher at a college. It's not as bad as little kids, but I get one or two every year I shake my head at.

    1. I don't have any local stores that carry this kind of gear, although there is a surplus store across the state line I like. I enjoy looking through the catalogs

      I would imagine college teaching has some challenges associated with it. There's a lady who teaches English composition at a college who blogs. It seems pretty tough.

  6. Major Surplus usually has decent stuff.

    Sportsmans Guide does occassionally have genuine surplus that is genuinely useful, HOWEVER they have far too much "mil-type" and "mil-spec type" for my taste. There comes a point where the Chinese made crap that is gussied up to look like surplus and written with ad copy that is long on drama and hype and short on specs (like where made)starts to come perilously close to scamming.

    1. I've been fortunate with their gear. Only twice have I gotten equipment that wasn't up to snuff, and they made it good both times.

  7. I love to browse Lehman's catalog. There is an old-fashioned store here that carries many of the same items. I can read the description in the catalog and go a few blocks and buy the same item without shipping. I rarely need a trailer full of Nor could I afford it.

    1. I get most of my supplies and equipment from catalogs. To go to a store that has this kind of thing would involve a trip to the city, an all day event at best.

  8. Some of my favorite sources for things. Thanks for taking the time and composing such a valuable blog post. Best wishes,

    1. Probably most folks knew about these outfits but there might be some people new to this interest. You never know what will help.