“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.”

― Frank Herbert

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Saturday. The roads are filled with touristas. The stores are crammed with the elderly.

It's almost October.  The leaves are changing early this year so the tourists are coming up from the city and the roads are crowded.

 My wife wanted to go into town for some things, particularly a new steam mop she saw on television that's supposed to be good for cleaning wood floors. All of our floors are wood, and cleaning them has always meant getting down on your hands and knees with a bucket of hot soapy water. We bought a Swifter wet mob and it was good but not good enough. So today we bought a steam mop. But more on that later.

We went to Home Depot and bought some lumber and some cinder block. Then we had lunch at Wendys.  It wasn't very good and to my absolute horror, Wendy's has now installed a television that you have to listen to while you eat. It's set on CNN, which I could well and truly do without.

They are having some kind of tourist thing in town, and lots of the roads are closed off.  There's no parking. So we took back roads around town and went out to Walmart.  It was even worse. I wonder if social security checks came out this weekend, because everybody over 60 in the entire northern half of the state was there. Most of them were riding around in those electric carts. Two of them won't pass in the lanes at Walmart, so when two geezer mobiles meet, somebody has to back up. The end result is that both "drivers" wind up sitting there blocking the aisle waiting for the other one to back up.  Not a lot of fun.    I found some ammo cans on sale at a good price ,though. Also 50 foot lengths of heavy rope on sale for half price. I bought all of that they had in the clearance bin, because in the immortal words of Cody Lundin, "you can never have enough rope."

All in all, it's been a great day so far.  We came home and tried out the steam mop.  What a great tool that is!  It cleans the floors with no scrubbing and the pads it uses are reusable,  you just throw them in the washer and dryer and they are good as new.  I hate buying equipment that has disposable pieces because as soon as I buy it they quit making the parts.

I hope everybody out there is enjoying this weekend as much as I am.  They don't come much better.


  1. Glad you are having a good time today Harry.

    It's been raining here off and on so I did a bit of shopping myself.

    You are so very right about parts becoming hard to find nothing pisses me off more than having to replace an entire item, especially one I like, because you can find some silly little part for it.

    Only my mother bringing another horse to my farm would irk me more :)

    1. Just think though, you will be the "Horse Lord" after the apocalypse, and between having a strangle hold on the honey market and on the new prime source of transportation, you will wax fat on the fruits of your barter. ;-)

      Weed eaters and other tools of that nature are the worst. Buy it, use it one season, go to buy a spring or a spool the next season. They don't make it anymore, now you are supposed to buy this summers model.

  2. You really do live in a beautiful place Harry, glad to hear you are having a lovely weekend with your wife. Hope the leg is healing well.

    1. Hey, dreamer. I did a pretty good job of cleaning it up, the wife says no stitches and we just ambled about today, it didn't bother me.

      We're having a great weekend. It's really like Fall here now, although it shouldn't be this way for at least two more weeks. I'm not complaining, though.

  3. Social Security checks hit the banks every Wednesday, depending on your birth date. Cordage is important and a lifesaver at times.

    1. So maybe everybody got their check and just held on to it til Saturday. It was like being inside an ants nest somebody dug up.

      Yeah, I'm always buying coils of rope when I can get it cheap. You never know when you will need it.

  4. Harry, S.S. money is sent out by birthday, if your birthday is between 21st to 31th comes out 4th Wednesday of the month. Today is the first Sat. after the money was sent. I used a scooter when I had my oji, folks don't look out for them. I love wheel chairs my kids push, and I say in a loud voice Pardon Me just as we come up on them. :) I was looking at that steam mop for our place if it works we may get one. Rainy here, cool temps and its fine with me. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

    1. Those carts at Walmart are like the chariot race in Ben Hur. I saw an old guy today, who had his cane hanging over the cart and was driving down the side of the jelly aisle, so that the handle of his cane was knocking off the jelly! He was trying to get over but there wasn't any room. I asked him did he need a hand, and he said no, he could get the cart over by himself. Fine with me, I wonder if he paid for the jelly?

      The steam mop is great. You fire it up, you push it slowly along the wooden floor, and the floors are clean, hey presto! All you need is water, you don't have to buy special cleaners to go in it like the wet mop requires. It only costs $49.00 and we spent another $20.00 to get two extra pads, because if I am going to run the pads in the washer I don't want to just run two.

      It's perfect here. Clear, crisp, and the leaves are changing.

  5. SS checks here come on the 1st of the month. Only if the 1st falls on Saturday, Sunday, or a holiday does this vary one iota.

    A man with a cart demanded I back around the corner from whence I came. It is hard to back those things around corners. Besides, I did not like his attitude. Finally, he rammed my electric cart with his cart in the side, striking my knee, further damaging my injured knee.

    I just don't understand why a wooden floor needs steam. My mother used a mop. I use a mop. Now, you think scrubbing should have been done on hands and knees all this time? Maybe I have it all wrong, but somehow, steaming up my 112-yr-old wooden floors doesn't seem like good idea. Maybe someone can enlighten me.

    Those trees are so pretty. The last time I went to the mountains to see the fall foliage was in 1967. I have lived in the mountains and traveled through in the fall, but the pilgrimage happened only once. It looks like a festival is happening on the streets of your town.

  6. We've always cleaned the floors with a brush, sponge and bucket. This steam mop is just a lot easier and I think it gets it cleaner. Maybe your floors don't need the same attention. I wear boots and that tends to scuff the floor and track stuff in.

    If Walmart is going to have those carts they should make the aisles bigger. When you put push carts, electric carts, and a lot of people shopping all in the same aisle it's pandemonium.

    They do have things going on in town all October. I wish they didn't.

  7. Harry - back in the city, we bought one of those steam mops and loved it! we were trying to go chemical-free and it worked wonders!!! here at the manor, we still are chemical-free but who knows what happened to my steam mop??? dang nabbit! so i am back to scrubbing floors on my hands and knees with the bucket of soapy water! anyway, i love all of the pics that you have been posting lately! we have just begun to see our fall colours but today was a gorgeous sun-tanning day at the river! the river was waaaay too cold to get in, but tomorrow is supposed to be warmer and that just might make me jump in one last time!!! lastly, i was woken from a nap this evening by tourists going by on ATV's...about 7 or 8 went by! it's normally so quiet here that 7 or 8 ATV's going by sounds like a tornado or something...all i could think was that people were enjoying the last hurrah's of summer. i hate it, but i am glad for them. and we really haven't had many tourists this year so for that i am thankful!

    your friend, always,

  8. Kymber, you need to get J to break down and buy you a steam mop. That thing is great! The hands and knees thing is just getting to hard for me, I swear there are times when I think I won't be able to get up from there. This thing, you just push it over the floor, the steam loosens anything that has gotten on the floor (like spilled gravy, you can't get that stuff up with gasoline!), and the pad picks it right up.

    This is the best time of year, bar none , for pictures. The leaf season here is really beautiful. The tourists are the bane of my existence, all the people who make money off them love them but I am not one of those. Before I put my gate up, they used to come driving up the mountain in their brand new four wheel drives that had never been off road, then when they got up here they couldn't turn around and I'd have to do it for them. You're a lot nicer than I am about that kind of thing.

    I think we will have more initially, but since the leaves started turning two weeks early, I think they will all be gone early and then we won't see another tourist up here until summer. Winter is blessedly quiet, nothing but the sound of the wind and the creek.

    It's really good to see you again, you have been sorely missed here on the mountain.

  9. We use a steam mop and I got a steam cleaner that has all kinds of attachments as a review item. They really help! I like how well the kitchen floor gets cleaned.

    That's too bad you have a ton of t tourists. We live in the city, so it's busy pretty much all the time. It's a smaller city, so not as bad as Chicago, NY, LA or places like that.

    I'm with you on CNN playing. Having kids we had to ask it the channel could be changed when the Boston bombing happened. They were showing a lot on TV. My kids are pretty young to see and understand the crappy things that happen in the world. They had trouble changing the station. The place where we were at has to leave it on sports, or news. Well it was broadcasted on sports because it was a marathon. Sometimes I just don't want TV on when I'm eating.

    1. Alissa, there's a time and a place for everything, and tv during a meal is just not on. The Other Ryan had a post recently where he was talking about it being better to just not have a television at all. I'm afraid I'm used to watching History Channel, Discovery, National Geographic, Science Channel, Fox News and Weather Channel so I have a satellite system, but much of what he said was absolutely correct in terms of tv being more of a curse than a blessing. Having one blaring away when I am trying to have lunch with my wife is aggravating.

  10. Hi Harry,

    Gorgeous photos! Looks like you are having lovely weather there at the moment :)

    We have a steam mop. We purchased it when we had a cleaning business. They are extremely handy. Like Alissa, we also have a steam cleaner with attachments for cleaning showers, tiles etc.

    Plenty of tourists here too, we call them the grey army. Guess I might be one of them one day :)

    TV in Wendy's! What next?

    1. Hey, Tania. I'm glad you came by. I went by your place to look at your pictures again. Too bad I can't teleport myself to the outback and live there, I think I'd do it.

      I didn't think this steam mop would work, but it was worth a try. Turns out, it's the greatest thing since sliced bread. Just sweep the floor, run the steam mop over it, and shiny floor! I don't have any attachments for mine, though. We bought on the low end in case it was a bust but when this one gives up the ghost, we'll get a better one.

      I complain about the tourists but most of them are decent people. It's just that they come in such crowds, and block the roads and fill up the stores that they are a nuisance. You can come tour here anytime though, Australians are unheard of and you'd be a big hit with everybody.

      Yeah, that tv business was really annoying. The food isn't as good there as it used to be either, and it costs more. But since I got mad at the place I really like to eat in town, I have been haunting the fast food places. Kind of cutting off my nose to spite my face, I know. : - (

  11. When we eat fast food, we go through the drive through, park the car where we can watch people comming and going and eat in the car. We can vist with each other or listen to the raido. Only draw back is that the dog thinks that she deserves a burger also.

  12. I used to eat at a restaurant in town until they made me mad. Now I go to the fast food joints, but the food is not good and I guess I just go inside out of force of habit. I usually bring back a couple of those cheap $1.00 burgers are treats for my dogs. I can't take them to town because they will jump out of the back of the truck if I park it and try to leave.