Saturday, October 19, 2013

American Survival Guide now available by subscription.

I know there has been little in the way of enthusiasm for this new version of American Survival Guide.  It really isn't as good as the old one that Jim Benson published for so many years.  However, it's been getting better and the last one was actually useful.

My problem has been that you couldn't subscribe to it.  You just had to be in town when it went on sale at the grocery store magazine rack. Since they didn't get many copies, I didn't always get one. Nor could you go buy back issues because the publishers didn't sell them.

They recently sent me this email indicating that now you can get it by subscription. I am putting the post up just for general information.  A lot of it didn't copy over and I have no idea how to fix that, but you get the idea.

Only $23 for 6 Issues Dear Customer,

Take Advantage of this Special
Introductory Offer and Subscribe to
American Survival Guide TODAY!
Save 57% off the cover price
American Survival Guide
In Every Issue
You Will Find…
Articles and stories on how to develop mental tenacity
News and reviews on the latest survival tools
How to navigate and find your way without a GPS
Tips on how to build shelter
The latest in survival foods to keep you going
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