Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Backwoods Home Magazine

This is the cover of the latest Backwoods Home.  I've been reading this for many years.  Now, I get it on Kindle.  I've switched to electronic versions of all the magazines I read if they are offered in that format. Big stacks of magazines are hard to store and it's difficult to remember just what edition an article was in years after the fact when you want it.  It's true, that if the grid goes down I'll have to recharge my computer using the generator, but since I can store 1000 gallons of diesel at a time that shouldn't be a problem for many months. At some point, I need to pick up one of the solar charging panels for laptops. They're getting more efficient and cheaper , so soon it will be a worthwhile investment.

Backwoods Home has an article about growing older on the homestead this month, which I found interesting. It's rare that there isn't at least one article in a magazine I can use.  This particular publication comes out every other month.

I don't care for the editor at all.  In my opinion, he's rude and excessively opinionated. He tends to be condescending to people who disagree with him, and he strikes me as a course kind of person. I put up with his antics because the people who write for this magazine are good people, and well known in the Survivalist community. People like Massad Ayoob have been around longer than the term "prepper."

Backwoods Home offers a lot of specialist books that are very handy.  Not long ago they gave a good many of them away for free if you had a Kindle.  I've bought a number of their books over the years and been very pleased with them. I've never seen one on a news stand, so at least in this area, the only way to get it is to subscribe, either to print or Kindle.

They put a lot of their articles on their home page, and you can download them for free.  The article I linked to on Homestead Security for Women was one of those.

Here's one of their special books that you can get on CD or in Paper.

All in all it's a worthwhile source of information, and you just have to try to ignore the editor.


  1. It still looks resourceful. That's too bad the editor has to be that way.

    I work with a few people like that. If I don't agree with them they make sly comments at me. I love everything about my job except for those two. The funny thing is, is mostly I'm to myself trying to get stuff done. You'd think they'd leave me alone.

  2. There are always people who try to feel better about themselves by belittling others. And of course there are some people who are just bad people.

  3. I was a subscriber for many years as well, but gave it up after I noticed that many of the articles began to repeat themselves, Countryside had the same fate. But Backwoods Home Anthologies are a screaming deal (or were, been a couple of years since I bought one - need to check that out!).

    1. The anthologies are good, you're right. The issue of limited subject matter is common to most survival oriented magazines. I still read them though, because the same material can be presented different ways and I usually pick up something worth while. Not always, though.