“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.”

― Frank Herbert

Thursday, November 14, 2013

New Bird Flu strain infects humans for the first time.

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My brother makes a supply run during the last "bird flu" season.

A Tale of Tamiflu

Back just before I retired,  there was a really big Bird Flu scare in the United States.  There didn't seem to be much you could do about it, though some CDC tests indicated that the early application of Tamiflu might be beneficial.

Tamiflu was pretty cheap until that hit the airwaves. Then it was essentially gone. I got a prescription for enough to cover the four members of my immediate family, and I went looking for it.  I went to town after town, but it was all sold out.

Finally, in a town down south of here, I went into an Eckerts  Drug Store. The pharmacist was a real jerk. He went ballistic on me and gave me a big ration about how Tamiflu was ineffective against bird flu, and how doctors shouldn't even be prescribing it, and all about how people were needlessly bothering him about it. I didn't have time to listen to this worm so I walked out. But as I headed out the door, one of the cashiers took me aside. She told me this guy had bought every single Tamiflu pill for his own family, and had not even left any for the other people who worked there. She was really mad and I don't blame her. But the moral of the story is, don't assume that just because somebody is wearing a white lab coat and a pair of black rimmed glasses that they aren't greedy, selfish and lying swine.


  1. Every time a new strain appears, there's a flurry of concern but then it goes away. I read a book on the 1918 Spanish flu. If something like that shows up again, it will be an interesting time for sure.

  2. Perzackly. I do not think that if a cure for cancer / AIDS / etc. was found, that there would be a big rush by the medical community to get the materials out to the effected. I think the news will be "Well, we need to do further testing before we can make more conclusive evidence that this is the case . . . " blah blah blah.

    There is too much money involved in healthcare. Insurance is raking it in, along with the doctors and the lawyers, who all have tasted the blood in the water and I see no end in sight - quite the opposite. T.V. commercials describe new medications, then spend half of the commercial listing 'possible' side effects (is death a side effect?) The next commercial is a law firm telling the viewer if they've used this medication in the past and had issues with it, class action lawsuit is now being written.

    None of them want it to end, they want to ride this cash cow to to the bank and retire before it stops. Cynical, I know - but I believe this to be the case.

    1. given some of the antics of Merck and company, I'd find it hard to disagree with that analysis. It doesn't help that the bureaucrats from the regulatory agencies move back and forth between Big Pharma and governmental agencies to the point that they become essentially synonymous.

  3. With my luck, of late, I'll be the first case.

    1. Well, if so run around and sneeze at the Democratic Party headquarters there, and down at government agencies you have had trouble with. That's what I would do.

  4. everyone sing along now....

    A-well everybody's heard about the bird
    Bird bird bird, b-bird's the word.

    1. I remember that song. Hadn't thought of it for years.

  5. read on survivalist blog that the chief ingredient in tamiflu is star anise which you can get at any chinese grocery store. the lady herbalists and one man at the replies part of the website have wonderful info, and there is a recommendation for supplier of the needful.
    also how to make a tincture. i wrote it all down.
    the eckert clerk should report the pharmacist to headquarters, even anonymously. head office needs to know about the rude pharmacist now!
    deb harvey

  6. That surprises me. I think Merck produces it and they don't have a reputation for using natural ingredients. But it's entirely possible, I expect if they could get it approved and sell it they wouldn't care what was in it.

    This incident happened several years ago, during the last big Bird Flu scare. I don't think that store is even still an Eckerts, some other drug store chain bought it out. The guy was a jerk, and dishonest. I guess there are a few bad apples in every barrel.