“Wyrd biõ ful ãræd.”

Thursday, November 7, 2013

technical difficulties

I am having some problems making Blogger work.  People's comments are not posting consistently and posts are sometimes missing. Until I can either straighten this out or switch to another system you can reach me at harryflashman23@gmail.com

Don't rely on comments because sometimes they appear to post but actually don't.


  1. Hmm. That the Guy Fawkes post was deliberately removed I suspect.


  2. blogger wouldn't let me put any pictures up for 2 days.

  3. Why? It was innoucous and nobody here even knows who Guy Fawkes was. How could someone pull one of my posts?

    I have checked the Google help and this does not seem to be a common problem. I've mentioned the business about peoples comments showing up in my email but nowhere to be seen on the blog, and not in the "spam" filter. This thing with whole posts disappearing started about a week ago. At first, I thought I might have inadvertently deleted one but it's hard to see how. I did not inadvertently delete a whole days worth though.

  4. is it back in draft or set on schedule? I have that where the comments are in one and not the other. the other thing you can do is go private and invite people to view

  5. Sol, it isn't in draft. I don't know what "on schedule" is, where would I find that?

    If I went private it would cut out a lot of people who make good comments but who don't want to be on the sky line. Particularly in the Survivalist community, 9 out of 10 people will never put anything on the web that might have even the slightest chance of letting NSA finger them. We have some agencies here that are like the Gestapo. They come on a dark, foggy night and off you go to some dungeon.

  6. go back through your posts as you can publish when you aren't there auto. so Iike when I was traveling for 6 weeks, I had a post pop up automatically and took the comments section down. No one realised I don't think.

    so you could have published them in previous months and now you cant see them, as they went backwards in time as so to speak

  7. I don't think I entirely understand but I will look back through the older posts and see if I find the missing ones. Thanks for the help. I can use the basics of blogger but the more advanced features are beyond my Ken.