Monday, December 9, 2013


Heavy fog tonight.  Cold air must have moved in over the warm, moist air we've been having. It's thick out there. I can't see my shop or barn from the porch even with a strong flood light. It would be a bad night to be outside.

I notice the "Naked and Afraid"  survival shows are back on with a two hour special.  I watched a couple of them last season but didn't find the basic premise very plausible.  Nor did I think the people they chose for the show did a very good job of taking care of themselves in the situations they got dropped into. Since the guys generally chose to take out their frustrations on their female partners, I wondered if they were picked more for that kind of personality than for their survival skills.  I was going to watch the season premier but I got interested in a book and missed it. Oh,well.

 Short wave reception is bad tonight.  I gave up on that early on.  My CB is out of commission, since the whip antenna coaxial cable got hit by a falling branch and was torn out of the base of the whip. Maybe I will try to fix it, or maybe I will just try to hook up a regular two foot CB antenna on top of the pole. At least the telephone line going out to the apartment survived, which is something of a miracle considering how much junk came down out of the trees above it these past few days.

My mother sent me a big box of Omaha Steaks which was supposed to arrive today but didn't. I suppose bad weather probably delayed them in transit. I like the steaks and such , but I like the big Styrofoam coolers they come in better. Those are great for storing things in and I have a bunch of them filled with supplies out in the barn. I never throw one away.

I wish I could say I've been productive today, but all I really accomplished was balancing some financial statements. That's a chore I hate and at least it's out of the way.  The rest of the week should be good. Wednesday and Thursday are supposed to be mild and sunny, and I have some outdoor work I can get done if that comes to pass. You can't trust the weather forecast at all out past 24 hours, so we will see what develops.

CDNN's new catalog is out.  You can  download it from their web site, or you can get a paper copy for free. They have a good selection of magazines, and the prices are very reasonable. They also carry optics, and other firearms accessories. I've bought a good many magazines from them over the years and always got good value for my money. I also bought two P-38 slides from them, and that's the only place I ever found that had new ones.

That's about all that can be said for today.  Part of the joy of living up here is not having to hustle and bustle though. It's just a hard habit to break, so that you can enjoy doing nothing.


  1. Man some people have all the luck. Your mom sends you steaks and other edible goodies. I get extra horses. I guess I could eat em but...

    Then again didn't you get polygrip or something weird from her in your last package?

  2. I always get weird stuff from her. Little stuffed bears. Dish rags and dish towels. Toothpaste. Costume jewelry (the ferrets are fond of it as grave goods though), very strange hard cookies that you can't even eat if you dunk them in coffee, made in France. But there's good things in her packages too, liked dried fruit I can't get here, and walnuts, and all kinds of OTC medicine. I think what you are thinking of was the time she sent me "anti-flatulence" pills. I'm still pondering the logic behind that.

  3. LOL! I love the anti-flatulence pills. Sounds like you get fun packages, my grandmother used to do the same. I got a small tree once and another time the package was talking since she turned on a transistor radio before she sealed the box! Fog is something. We're by the creeks, lakes and smaller rivers so it gets thick here. Sometimes I have had to watch for the road edge to see where I am until I get up higher on the county road.

  4. My mom is a whimsical person at best. She means well though. Fog on the mountain top is rare here, but when we get it, it's like something from a Gothic novel. Low clouds are one thing, but this was like a blanket settling over the forest.