Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fox News Article: End of the Road for Lead Bullets.



End of the line for the lead bullet? Regulations, bans force switch to 'green' ammo


  1. I wonder what it will do to the price of out of country bullets and in country lead cakes. I know what few lead cakes I have purchased were not from a smelter but from a reclamation type outfit. I have used a number of Privi Partisan soft point bullets over the years for target practice reloads and I am assuming they are getting their lead from another country entirely.

    South Central Missouri has been absolutely devastated by the EPA. Lead mining and forestry was about the only thing you could do there. These days they try and live off yuppy tourism and float trips.

  2. Will the government issue import licenses for lead bullets? I'd guess not since this is not about the environment but about keeping more people out of shooting sports I think. You cast your own bullets so you should be ok. You can always go to a junk yard and buy old tire weights or window weights. I guess the load data will change, won't it. Lead is a lot heavier than copper, so if they make copper bullets, the bullet weight will be less and that will throw the powder charge data out the window . I'm just guessing but it seems reasonable.

    The EPA is essentially a tool for the politicians to use to force cultural changes on people. They don't want you mining lead, so they make it impossible and expect you to go into a politically correct endeavor like fawning on out of towners for their money.