Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Well, here in the Eastern Time Zone it's Christmas!


  1. Harry,


    Christmas for me is a waste of time. I have no kids, no family except for my mother and I bought her a bottle of wine yesterday. That's it. If people want to do the religious thing, that's totally cool, if people want to do the family thing, that's totally cool too.
    As per the materialism, count me out!

    If I had the money for Christmas, I would have bought a Barrett M82A1 rifle with a Borescope scope ($17.000) for myself.
    That's more than enough to defend myself against those dreaded Cape Brenton, Nova Scotia 'Wharmach Polar Bears" (imagine Polar Bears with Mousers, Stormgevers and MG-49's, marching across the Nova Scotia tundra and Icebergs:)

    Back to the Christmas thing, My house is a "Christmas Free Zone" a refuge for friends that are parents and a bunker for the "Christmas Burnouts".

    I would go to the range and shoot, but the range is closed. I would go surfing, but the water temps. 58 degrees.
    Its too cold to mow the lawn. Maybe I will clean the house a little or maybe I will clean a few guns.

    I got Pizza from Pizza Hut, coffee and Peanut M&M's If I need them. Im good to go on supplies for a few days.

    Christmas is my least favorite holiday. Memorial Day and July the fourth are the best. If the water and air temps. not too cold, I can surf all the way through to Thanksgiving. One of best Thanksgiving's I ever had was in 2004. The surf was excellent and I got some really clean waves on Padre Island right before a big cold front pushed though. That was the year too that it snowed on Christmas Eve on Padre Island. I like to froze to death that winter.

    1. CC, I liked Christmas a lot more when my kids were home. We always had a tree, and stockings, and we all watched the old 1936 version of "A Christmas Carol" together. But it's hard to get in the spirit with everybody gone. Since my wife always goes to the kids for Christmas, it's quiet here.

  2. Merry Christmas, my dear friend.

    1. Good to hear from you, Stephen. Hope your Christmas is a good one for you and the wife.