Thursday, March 13, 2014

Illegal Immigration. Come on down!

"There are eleven and a half milion to twelve million illegal immigrants living in this country." Pew Hispanic Center. 

  *Note: some conservative think tanks put the number as high as twenty two million.

 The magazine cover on the left is a parody, but it tells the truth.

Tonight I was flipping through channels on the satellite tv, and I came on a show about Americans who help illegal aliens get across the border and into American cities.  There are several channels on Direct TV that show nothing but bizarre left wing documentaries, and this was one of them.

These people were largely comprised of ancient hippies who felt that borders were immoral, and that it was wrong to keep people who wanted to come here from doing so.  There were also the obligatory middle aged people with no spouse or children, who were filling the time with this noble cause.  And, of course, there were the members of fringe churches who feel they are helping with God's work by abetting the influx of illegals. They haven't kept up with the progress of the Great Somali Experience in Minnesota I guess.

As amazing as it is, these people run dispensaries on the border where they hand out food, water, and medicines to illegals. They watch the border patrol, and try to help coordinate illegal border crossings from Mexico.  They didn't want to say how but it appears to me they were using VHF radios to send "coast is clear" messages to coyotes on the other side of the border.

I could write a book on why illegal immigration is a bad thing. If you have school aged children, your children are receiving a substandard education if they are in public schools. Much of this is because teachers and resources are diverted to deal with the non english speaking children of illegals. While the teacher is working with Miquel and Rosa, your kids are doing busy work. Money that could have been spent on teaching your children is spent on special programs and special teachers for non english speaking illegals.  Ask me my source and I'll tell you I saw it, and did it, myself when I taught for 3 years in public schools. It's just the way it is.

If you pay taxes, a lot of your money goes to subsidize housing, food, and medical care for illegals. When Hispanics registered their kids at our school, it was forbidden to ask for proof of citizenship.  If illegals go to a hospital emergency room, it is against the law to ask for proof of citizenship, or to turn them away if they have no insurance or ability to pay. So illegal immigrants never go to a doctor. They go to the ER.  That means while the ER staff is looking at Jose's diaper rash,  you can be sitting out in the waiting room in agony.  I have seen this happen with my own eyes.  Where I get a bill for medical services rendered, the Hispanics go to the business office and chirp "me medicaid" , "me medicaid" while their five or six or seven kids roll around the floor at their feet.

They get drivers licenses even though they are illegal. In many states, there is a "shall issue" policy on drivers licenses. Even though they have no right to be here, they get a state issued identity card and with it and $30.00 worth of fake papers that anyone can crank out now on a computer, a whole wonderful world of freebies is theirs for the asking. Except that they are not freebies, because you and I are paying for them.

One reason the Democrats insure that it's easy to get state id is because that makes it easy to vote. Got a drivers's license?  Just take a copy of your power bill and your water bill and that drivers license down to the courthouse, and Hey Presto! You're a registered voter. Then you can vote for more Democrats, who will give you more largesse and make it easier to get id, so your buddies can come on over, who will vote for more Democrats......

I read an article a year or so ago concerning how diseases which were eradicated in the U.S. are back now, stronger and more virulent than ever. And where, pray tell, did these things come from?  Why, they rode across the border with their hosts, the illegal immigrants.  Some of the things, like TB, are bad enough. But read up on it and find out how your kids can get diseases at school now that we have never even heard of in the United States.

And then, there's the younger set of illegals who are too savvy and too clever to make a living working.  Dad may have come to work in the chicken plant, or mow lawns, but  Pedro makes ten times as much selling drugs and engaging in other fun activities under the auspices of gangs.  Most Americans have no idea how rampant gang activity is, and the Hispanic gangs, like MS13 and The Latin Kings are in virtually every state and city in the U.S.  People think it's largely a California problem, but far from it.  There's a town 50 miles from my house that is infested with Hispanic gangs. You can go over there in broad daylight and see them driving around in flashy Hummers, bandanas and tattoos resplendent as they drive down the middle of the road, forcing all other traffic off to the shoulders.

You aren't safe from these people even if you live out in the sticks.  Here in Georgia, the Hispanic gangs have exterminated the old Hill Billy meth distributors, and they control the illegal drug trade. That brings them out to the rural counties, where most of their meth labs are. The national forest can be a dangerous place to roam around in, because these guys cook out there, and they use the old abandoned roads to meet and transact business. 

You can have some ugly run in's on the road with these gang types, or in the gas stations along the highway. If you do, don't bother to report it to the police.  You'll just wind up getting a big lecture and being told that you precipitated the incident by being "aggressive."  Then you'll get the long winded dissertation about how you are lucky you are not being charged for "brandishing a weapon on the public highway."  The truth is, the police know they can't track these guys down, that they won't get a DA to take anything to a grand jury that involves illegals, and they just want you to shut up and not make waves. I think they are also afraid of the gang bangers. There have been some ugly incidents in Georgia where people who pressed charges against gang members came to grisly ends.  In a county southwest of here, a contractor brought charges against some gang types who broke into his building and stole his tools.  A few weeks later, the same guys went to his home while he was away, tied his wife and daughter up, and set fire to the house. The wife got free and they both made it  out, but the man got the message.  I heard later on that his charges had quietly been dropped, and no one was ever charged in the arson or attempted murder. 

We have all this to cope with, and then you turn on the television and see a bunch of brain dead simpletons doing all they can to make it worse.

One of my brothers participated in the Minute Man movement on the Arizona border some years ago. I have a lot good pictures taken down there then, and it was a very interesting experience for him.  I've been pondering doing a post on his trip.


  1. You know who one of the largest supporters of immigration and other special minority interest groups is? NOW. The National Organization of Women. It was that organization that gave all these causes the money and numbers they needed to get started. These days a number of them have passed beyond their control but as usual when you trace it to it's source it leads to the same spring.

    If you go a look at the NOW website they mention the very same issues you brought up in your post, almost verbatim actually.

    It's not a coincidence.

  2. Maybe we should make up some B.S. left wing organization and apply to them for a grant. They sure seem to have a hell of a lot of money because I'm continually running across things they fund, either openly or behind the scenes.

    The Democratic Party has been very open handed with support for organizations that push "amnesty" and with people running for office who support open borders and amnesty. Why not, it swells the voters roles with their adherents. Then those people have 4 or 7 or 9 children and they grow up Democrat.

    1. mandatory union dues and legislative grant money laundering. Basically they use our own money to fund their ideals.

  3. We got so sick of these folks in Kissimmee that's one reason we moved back to MN. We can't keep letting them in then every ten years tell them you broke the law, but that's OK. Total B.S. We could all go on and on....

    1. King William started that sorry practice, Obama is trying to emulate it, and Queen Hillary will do it all again once she's in power.

    2. In Kissimmee it was the Latin Kings who targeted tourists. They live in these pay for a week cheap ass motels down in the Hispanic parts of town. Between the gangs and the panhandlers it was so much fun to live.

  4. Harry - i would love to read a post about your brother's experience in the Minute Man movement...and i'd love to see the pics too.

    buddy, back in the city of ottawa, in 1992, when i was taking my Korean linguist course, there were only 4 CF members on the course (because it was the pilot course for Korean), and being that there were only 4 of us and we all lived on the base, we rode to school every day together. anyway, we started playing a game called "count how many white kids get off the bus at the next stop". ya, that's how bad it was. and poor jambaloney was 10 when his school filled up with lebanese children the majority of whom couldn't speak english.

    thank goodness that i was born and raised on this "white" island...we had one italian family who ran the only pizza business and were very loved in the community. and we had a chinese family who ran the only chinese restaurant and were well-loved. and we had a few reserves of mi'kmaq, truly lovely people. i just checked the stats for our island on wikipedia and this is the religious/ethnic breakdown:

    Roman Catholic : 96,260 (includes Eastern Catholic, Polish National Catholic Church, Old Catholic)
    Protestant: 42,390
    Christian, not included elsewhere: 580
    Orthodox: 395
    Jewish: 250
    Muslim: 145

    you can read the full entry, if interested, here:

    needless to say, i have yet to encounter a mexican. or a muslim, even tho there are apparently 145 of them here. they must be smart and keeping their noses to the ground. good on them. i have only encountered whites and mi'kmaq.

    i feel so sorry for you guys down south having to put up with all of those illegals. if anyone thinks i'm racist...they can go jump off a cliff. in ottawa i lived with, and worked with a variety of ethnicities but none were shoved down my throat. and now that i am home on this island of white and mi'kmaq...i feel safe.

    your friend,

    1. Kymber, just saying "white" makes you a racist in some people's eyes, but I doubt many of them read this blog. When I came here in August of 1986, the population was 15,000. The ethnicity was 98 percent white , 1.5 percent Cherokee, and the other .5 percent was other. Now, the population is nearer 30,000 , especially in summer. The lake is developed and surrounded by gated communities. The ethnicity reflects much of Georgia, with a very high percentage of Hispanics. We have a handful of black people here, most of whom came to work here when Walmart opened. Like you, I have no problem with people who play by the rules (i.e. get citizenship the legal way), and who make an effort to get along with people. But these guys from the gangs are arrogant, violent, erratic in behavior, and thoroughly dangerous characters in every regard. It's made worse by the fact that our law enforcement just doesn't want anything to do with them, so they just blow off anyone who comes to report a legitimate problem with Hispanics. It's just getting worse. I find that people who don't live near them are very liberal in their attitudes towards illegal immigration. Then when it reaches them, and it's their wives who are getting groped at gas stations, and them that are getting run off the road, etc then they figure out how things really are, but it's way too late then.

  5. Harry and Kymber.


    I'm really, really, really close to the border and we have all that stuff and more on a daily basis down in South Texas. I guess I'm used to it. I carry a gun of course, sometimes I carry an AR-15. that really gets their attention. I say screw the Mexican gang members. I don't antagonize them but at the same time I'm not going to cower in fear.
    LEO's down here don't cower either. The problem is though there are so many of them, local LEO's are overwhelmed so we have to take the law into our own hands at times.
    I know people that have shot back at gang members and never called the police and the gang members never returned. That's the way it used to work in the old days.
    We have had thease problems in Texas for generations so its nothing new. Its just part of the culture in Texas. We have been dealing with Mexican bandits in one form or another since before the Texas war for independence. Most of the oil field workers I know carry pistols and many times carry milspec semi-auto rifles also.

    We are pretty heavily armed down here in Texas Kymber. I don't mean to sound obnoxious, but If Texas attacked Canada, I give Texas about two weeks worth of fighting and you guys would have another flag and be eating steak for dinner and drinking either Lone Star Beer or Shiner Bach Beer:)

    On a serious note, when our economy implodes, many of thease Mexicans will heading home.

  6. I think a lot of them headed back in 2007 when things went down hill. Only about 12 million to go.