Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Links to news articles.

Here are some links to interesting articles.  Recently I've had plenty of time sitting around in waiting rooms to look at the news on Kindle, and I saved these.

Russian conflict could cause U.S. ammo shortages

NASA study warns of impending collapse.


  1. I just ordered 250 rounds of 147 gr. 9mm HP's. Some places were out of stock, some didn't have any issues. At least the Russian ammo shortage isn't a panic buy across the board. I don't shoot the russian stuff, jams the bejesus out of our AR's.

  2. Max, I shoot a lot of 7.62X39. Or I did when we still had nice weather once in awhile. I buy silver bear, it's good stuff. I read a long, convoluted, too much information report some time back on the performance of Russian ammo in the AR-15. I am pretty sure it was at the Lucky Gunner, which is advertised on Ryans blog but I don't remember Lucky Gunners URL myself. It gave Wolf a clean bill of health in all aspects, mentioning only that it was dirty. I know years ago, when I was still working, the UPS guy bought an AR-15 and came in complaining that it wouldn't cycle reliably and he was going to send it back. I asked him what he was shooting in it, and it was some brand of Russian soft steel cased stuff, might have been Barnual. I told him to change over to American brass cased ammo, he did, and had no further problems. I think actually it's the powder, not the case, that causes the problem.

  3. Max, one other thing I remembered. During World War II we produced some soft steel cased .45 ACP and it was renowned for breaking the extractors in the M1911. I don't shoot much soft steel cased ammo out of pistols for that reason.