Thursday, March 6, 2014

Somewhere out there this magazine exists. I think.

I can't find much on it.  Just this one link for buying it in a digital version if you have an "i pad." Which I don't.

Living Ready Magazine

If anybody comes across any information on buying it in paper or Kindle digital form, I'd appreciate it if you'd pass the word.


  1. It does exist in print. I have it. Can't remember which store I bought it at though.

    1. Could you give me the publishers address , probably on the front page. If I could get that I could subscribe to it. I'd sure appreciate it.


    The link mentions Creek Stewart is connected to this.

  3. I really appreciate the help. Maybe I can do you a favor in return some time.

  4. sorry for taking so long to respond back - you are entirely welcome and no need to feel a pay back - I've enjoyed reading your blog very much, especially the 'heads up' on magazines and deals that come up.