Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A comment from a participant, related to a previous post " Napoleon the Pig Speaks"

I am a strong supporter of the NRA.   I believe without the NRA we'd be in the same sorry situation as our British, Australian and Canadian friends when it comes to the right of self protection.  However, they are a big outfit and the political situation is not always black and white.

Even so, I'm not going to support making a deal with the devil, which means no support for Harry Reid in any way, shape or form.  The individual who sent me this comment seems to me to be perfectly correct when he says the answer he got from NRA was ambiguous.   I would say if you are an NRA member it behooves you to write and tell them Harry Reid is not someone we can do business with. If you are a gun owner and you aren't a member, then consider the $25.00 yearly membership fee. The politicians only fear us because there are so many of us and we act in concert.

Anybody can come up with something the NRA has done they didn't like. But to withhold support for something of that nature is to cut off your nose to spit your face, and it plays right into the hands of people like Bloomberg and Gifford.  I don't want to be burying my guns in storage tubes under metal fixtures and I'm sure you don't either.

Hey all - I got a pretty bland reply back from the NRA. Sort of, "yeah we hang out, but he's not really my friend" sort of BS if you ask me.

MY EMAIL: "Message: Hello, As a long time member, I would like to know your current position on Sen. Harry Reid. You've given him high marks in the past for his voting record. However, as you are undoubtedly aware, he recently called a group of honest American citizens who were exercising their legal rights at the Bundy Ranch in Nevada, “domestic terrorists”. As my renewal date is coming up in August, I would very much like to know what you plan to do in light of this grossly outrageous remark. Your decision on whether or not to continue to support a tantrum-throwing anti-patriot will play a major factor in my continued membership. Thank you for the courtesy of a reply."

THEIR REPLY: "Thank you for contacting the NRA-ILA. The NRA is a single-issue organization that evaluates candidates based on their Second Amendment support each time they run for office. That means that the NRA-PVF will issue Harry Reid a new grade in 2016 based on his Second Amendment support to that point. Harry Reid’s grade issued by the NRA-PVF in 2010 was ‘B’, while his opponent’s, Sharon Angle, was an ‘A’.

While the NRA has worked with Harry Reid on Second Amendment issues when possible, the NRA-PVF has not endorsed him. We appreciate your support.


Erik, NRA-ILA"


  1. Yeah, funny that you post this today. I was trying to look this up this morning without much luck.

    When they wake up and condemn him, I might consider joining. As long as they support that ass, they can forget it.

    1. The point is that Nevada needs to vote him out of office. Having the NRA supporting him due to his voting records strictly on 2A actually endorses his other antics.

    2. They have infact supported Reid financially in the past.

    3. You have to call your own shots on that. However, Reid has a good record on behind the scenes cooperation with the NRA in quashing legislation we don't want to see passed. He has an "A" rating, as you see from the letter the NRA sent the commenter.

      My point that I want to make to the NRA and others, is that it's very dangerous to be a "one issue voter" when it comes to something like this. Reid has revealed himself to be a corrupt boss Tweed, with a strong streak of the fascist, and the NRA needs to disassociate itself in every way from him. I don't want a Hitler on my side no matter how efficacious his help might be in the crisis of the moment. Long term, he's still a Hitler.

      But I do think that when gun owners don't join the NRA, they are reaping the benefits of the organization without putting any skin in the game. To me, that's like union members who don't go out when everybody goes on strike, but they happily take the benefits the strike wins. I'm not a Union man, that's purely an analogy.

      Least you think I am being "severe upon you" as the saying goes, my attitude was exactly yours, until Bill the Bastard passed Feinsteins gun ban in 1994. After that, when the shock wore off, I took what seemed to me a more realistic approach to the political world.

    4. I can't imagine the voters of Nevada will keep him in office, unless he can win with just the city of Las Vegas. Maybe he can, though.

    5. I don't think you are being severe on me at all. With the possible exception of Stephen, I have learned more from you than anyone else on these blogs.

      I will say this, though, I don't care if they are the NRA-EIEIO division of the NRA, if they funneled him money, then they endorsed him contrary to what Erik, NRA-ILA had to say. It's all the same NRA to me.

    6. Damn that Stephen! I've been playing Saruman to his Gandalf for years!

      They paid him when he danced to our tune. But now, that's not enough. His egregious actions put him absolutely beyond the pale. I hope enough members write the NRA and tell them that so they see reason and cut him off. This is one time where the NRA simply cannot be a single issue outfit. Extraordinary times call for extraordinary actions.

    7. hey - excuse me - but you all have learned the most from ME! not a single one of you knew how to make home-made kimchi! NOT. A. SINGLE. ONE. OF. YOU.


    8. Kymber, since you are on a farm of sorts I will attribute the "EIEIO" of my comment to you.

      Ol' McKymber had a farm, E I E I O

      Feel better? ;^D

    9. thank you Sir...i really appreciate the acknowledgement! bahahahahahah! love you bro!

    10. Well, yeah, that's true Kymber. But at least I knew what it was!

  2. Yes, all the politicians who get good 2nd amendment ratings from the NRA also receive largesse and logistical support from the NRA. I have made contributions to politicians who were not from my state, and whom I knew little to nothing about, specifically because the NRA asked me to. Reid is a special case because what he did, and is doing now, is so evil that there simply is no contribution he could make to the 2nd Amendment cause that even begins to ameliorate his recent performance. As far as the NRA should be concerned, he has to be past history.

  3. Hi Harry,
    Thanks for posting my letter where it will get noticed. I appreciate it and hope it moves folks to take some action. If enough people call or write, it will get the message across. Oddly, the NRA called me today, as they do about every three months, telling me about the latest political affronts to the Second Amendment (and seeking some additional funding, naturally). I politely noted I'd be making no additional contributions until they clarify their stance on Reid and make a public statement squarely against his disturbing rhetoric.
    - Unbreakable AZ

    1. That aggravates me when they call. I always tell them not to bother me on the phone, I don't like talking on the phone. Usually they send me an email and say so and so is a good guy and needs some money for his campaign. I never send a lot, but I do try to help. I get their news updates by email.

      I thought your comment was really good and informative, and I didn't want people to miss it. I appreciate your sending it.

  4. Being the persistent, stubborn SOB that I am, I've continued to push the NRA-ILA for any kind of answer on this issue. Finally, I actually got a response after a series of calls, emails to my state rep, regional director and others. It boiled down to "Thanks for your opinion, but we never endorsed him. We just gave him a rating based on his positions. I'll certainly pass along your concerns."

    Sort of felt like a brushing off if you ask me. Everyone I spoke to or emailed with before today's 'answer' was just passing the buck. For example, "Just so you understand his primary job duty is running the Friends of NRA events in AZ and mine is managing CA/AZ/NV/UT for these events. So, we would not be able to answer your question." No one, it seems, wants to really answer my question. Just an update, Harry. Keep up your good work and blog. It's one of the few I enjoy any more.
    -Unbreakable AZ