Saturday, May 17, 2014

Administrative notes. I am not cognizant of all the bells and whistles on blogger.

The ferrets and I had planned a little trip but it's raining and cold so we've postponed it.  Instead, I've got a fire going and am staying inside. It got down to 40 last night. Raining again today, so no work on the roof.

I got a nice invitation to a "hang out". I don't know how to do that, but I clicked on the button and it took me to a sort of web page / blog / email set up.  The person who sent it had a good joke. It went "Ferrets are slinkies that can go upstairs."  I thought that was pretty good, and told her the joke about ferrets being "carpet sharks" because they get under loose carpets and scoot right to you, even though they can't see you.  But I didn't know how to "send" my message, there didn't seem to be any button for that. So I closed the window and I hope it went to her. I'd hate to have someone think I ignored them.

If anyone ever leaves a comment on my blog, and  I don't respond, it's not intentional. It happens two ways. One, somebody comments on a really old blog post, and they do it anonymously. 99.9% of anonymous comments on old posts are spam. I get about 40 spam messages a day, and the spam filter catches them before they post. While I used to try to individually read all of them to make sure I did not inadvertently delete a real comment, it got to be too great an administrative burden.

The other way is this "reply" feature on comments. Sometimes, I go on the blog and there has been a conversation going on using reply. So you have several people talking. You can't "reply" to a comment in a colum of "replies" individually. So I add a comment at the end of the chain. That can look like I answered or responded to the last person and ignored the first ones. Not so, it's just a quirk of the program.

I don't know what circles are, or why you would want to have one. I know there must be a reason but I don't know what it is.  Same with "followers".  It's nice to have lots of readers and the little pictures are interesting, but I have never done anything like followers so if I have some they don't show up on the blog because I don't know it.

There, that gave me a chance to mention issues that I was afraid might have offended / hurt the feelings of anyone.


  1. You are not alone. I don't know about all the new stuff that has come out, either. I figure I am way ahead of the game just being able to do blog posts with pictures sometimes, and to be able to answer comments. That's probably as far as I'm going to go with it.

    But then, I rarely comment on Facebook, either. I keep that account just to be able to download family pictures that my kids post. That way I don't have to pester them to email the pictures to me. I can just snag them!

    1. I have thought about getting a face book account, because so many of the outfits I do business with like Southern Ohio Guns and AIM Surplus have their own facebook pages now. But I am hesitant because I've heard so much about facebook letting virus programs get on your computer. I guess I will stick to the web pages.

  2. Hey Harry,


    My feelings are hurt Harry!

    I am also offended Harry!

    You have not packed your bags and moved to Texas, the greatest state in the Union and also the most free. Down here the Ferrets roam with the Buffalo (and are about as big as Buffalo's too) In fact the Ferrets are so big they steal Ford trucks.
    Down here in Texas you have to carry a concealed weapon in your car or truck and if we really like you, your issued an AR-15, or a 1911 upon arriving at the state line. Sometimes we will issue Model 94 Winchesters upon request too.
    If any Canadian veterans arrive they can trade their "Brown Bess's" or Enfield .303's in for something a little more modern (and made in this century:)
    In Texas we have Feral Hogs the size of Volkswagons and Cows the size of Moose's or Meese's (Meese's is plural for Moose's)

    I cannot see why anyone would not want to live in Texas. Yeah' we have our share of natural disasters but we also have oil wells in our backyards. We have enough natural gas to fuel the planet for 10,000 years. (On a serious note; I think "Peak Petroleum" is a myth. We have at least 200 years or Natural gas we can frack Diamonds out of the Earths mantle, and by that time new technologies will exist to replace fossil fuel and Natural gas) One things for sure, we got a lot of Gas in Texas.

    If your like mined, liberty oriented and you don't like to be told what to do, feel free to fill out a "Texas Citizenship application" online at If your Canadian try Down in Texas you can start a "Ferret Ranch" and we give property tax breaks for Ferret owners too.

    1. CC, I think the peak oil theory has merit. First, it's a finite commodity. The easy stuff has been pumped, and the hard stuff calls for things like fracking, or stripping the soil (think tar sands) or making vast strip mining operations for shale. When I was in High School, regular gas was 19 cents a gallon, sometimes 15 if there was a "gas war" in town. Now, even if you factor in inflation, it's a lot more costly. My old F250 truck is a good example of how "peak oil" or "oil depletion" or whatever you want to call it effects people. It was perfectly viable in 1988 when it was built, because diesel was under a dollar a gallon. Now, at four bucks a gallon, I wouldn't have bought it. It's a legacy liability overall.

      I wouldn't mind living in Texas. I've been there plenty of times and I like it. West Texas better than East Texas, I'd have to say. I think the state animal of Texas should be the ferret, then I might move on down there.

  3. It got cool here too, in fact I put the plants I have not already planted in the garage for the night. We sat by the fire (outside) last night so it was warm until you walked away.

    1. I am SO sick of being cold. I stayed inside most of the time, except when I had to go out to take care of the animals.

      A fire outside would have been nice, but it was raining here.

  4. Techno savvy - my brain is too old and tired, and hurts easily.

    I reckon all that stuff is for the next generation lol

    1. The only blogger I read regularly who seems to have a good handle on all of it is Flood Proof Mum in Australia. I can work blogger, most of the time, when it's working, and that's good enough for me. :-)