Sunday, May 25, 2014

It's out. If you can find one.

The second issue of Be Ready wasn't supposed to be out until the 26th.  However, our Walmart usually puts magazines out as they come in, rather than waiting til the official issue date.

I went in a couple of days ago, and there was a huge stack, probably 100 magazines. I went back today to get some that I could mail to family, and there were none.

The manager, when I finally tracked him down in his lair, said they had already put in a request for more copies.

I can remember when there was one decent Survivalist magazine, and that was the original American Survival Guide.  It disappeared long ago, and there was a hiatus where you really had to look for the occasional article in gun magazines.

Then in the last few years, the "prepper" movement caught on and now there are a lot of "back to nature" magazines and some good survivalist magazines as well.  The old Mother Earth News used to be about hippy oriented subjects and now even it has a flavor of practicality.

Be Ready is a Shotgun News publication.  The first issue was useful. Worth the money and interesting.  This issue is very good indeed.

First, there's an excellent article on long term, and short term, ammo storage. There isn't a lot new in it, but there are some interesting photos illustrating storage techniques, and for the beginner it would be a great guide to the subject.

An article on the Police is a virtual mirror image of what my brother the former cop told me long ago.  Written by a man with a law enforcement background, it will give you a perspective on the subject you probably haven't had before.  For the most part, this strongly reinforces what I already believed.  I have said before that "officer friendly isn't friendly anymore."  I'm not disparaging law enforcement, I'm simply stating a reality. There are some good tips on interacting with the police, and they don't include slavish obedience or fawning obsequiousness.

An article on electronic data storage told me a lot I didn't know, including the horrifying fact that stick drives often contain low end chips, or that they all come with a programmed max number of read/writes, after which they become read only. That's certainly worth knowing and there's a lot more in the story that's useful as well in terms of data storage.

One of the articles was written by a tornado survivor, and it was quite a read. Here's a partial excerpt:

"Again and again, I thought how different this was from what we heard of Hurricane Katrina, which saw both incompetence on the part of the government and a failure of self reliance by the population.  Or, Hurricane Sandy, where well heeled New Yorkers couldn't come up with a better idea than pooping in the hallways of their high rises and expecting someone else to clean it up......"

There's a review of the Yugo M70,  a copy of the Tokorev but in 9mm.  I thought it was interesting and I've been looking at those guns for some time. Now I might get one.

Also a review of the Century N-PAP, a rifle that has been getting a lot of air time on gun forums lately.

I liked the really comprehensive review of survival equipment. Unlike the same features in Off Grid, you don't have to be a yuppie driving a BMW to buy this gear and a lot of it was very practical.

Even the advertisements are good.  There's a full page add for the Sportsmans Channel, with information about their new series America Unplugged. Starting June 5th the show wil be airing every Thursday.

 Here's what the add says:

"Cut the Cord: Americans have taken matters into their own hands and "unplugged" from a system they believe to be unstable, unsafe, and unsustainable. Meet real survivors , defending their right to live free in the land of the free."

Sounds good to me, I'll give it a try. I already get Sportsmans Channel on Direct TV, (605), but is is also showing on Dish 395, Verizon FIOS 308, and some local cable networks.

There's a good article on chain saws, most of which I agreed with and all of which I enjoyed reading.

There are articles on food, food storage, and gardening as well.

The magazine isn't cheap, It's $9.00 plus tax.  I thought it was worth it though, and when they get some more in I'm buying a few copies to send to my nephews, neices and my own kids. I'd send some to my brothers but we are all pouting at each other right now and not speaking, so that will have to wait.  ;-)


  1. Harry,


    I quite my job yesterday in part because I cant get any real support from the Police (in reference to the article you wrote about above) I am tired of dealing with drunks on the beach and all the mayhem that comes with drunks. In one instance a few weeks ago, a drunk fisherman exposed himself to some woman and it took an hour and half for the police to show up (after dialing 911) and after 45 minutes the witness's left. Instead of being arrested, the drunk was ordered to leave the beach. No charge for being drunk in public either???

    The police officers told me that there were only two officers on duty on that Saturday afternoon on Padre Island and sorry for the slow response time????

    That got me thinking its not safe on the island anymore at my place of work.

    Then Friday night I had to call the police again about more drunks and this time it took 15 minutes for the police to show up and they just drove around in their cruisers looking for the drunks for five minutes and did not even come up to the office to talk to me.

    What happened was some drunk Mexican gang members tried to steal a shark fisherman's $700 fishing pole. The fisherman ran out into the parking lot and saw his pole in the Mexican's truck and grabbed the pool out of the bed as the truck started to speed away. The Mexicans stopped and got out and the fisherman said "this is my pole" do you want to do something about it! The Mexicans got smart, got in the truck and hauled ass outta there.

    It all started when some drunk Mexican gang member thought he could get a five finger discount.....

    I called my boss at 8:00 PM last night and told my boss its not safe at work anymore since we have no security and real police support. My boss said ok' and that was that and I'm sure a co-worker was called in too work my shift.

    That section of beach I worked at is not one that I surf anyway. Its mainly a ghetto beach spot that populated my more of the tourist and inner city crowd. The only real time its nice and serene is in the winter and the only scavengers that are out are the Coyote's.

    When I do surf, its usually fairly early in the morning and on another beach anyway. The drunks, drunk Mexicans, drunk Mexican gang members, drunk white trash (to be diverse) drunk blacks, and all the idiots in general are out in the late afternoons, evenings and nights. This includes the "Boom, Boom" car stereo crowd and tattooed up and pierced social rejects that look like "Frankenstiens Monster" (I guess I can call them the Frankenstien Monster crowd)

    Back to myself. I'm not to worried about money. I got some stuff in the works and I will find something somewhere soon enough. It's kinda interesting. For someone like myself (being a bit introverted) I have a lot of friends and I talk to strangers easily. When I first meet someone (who's decent and not drunk) I listen to them and "give them the time of day so to speak and that builds respect" That's how I social network.

    1. Captain, It sounds like it's time for you to do what I did, and move to the "redoubt" states. Texas is not what it used to be. If you insist on staying, it sounds like you better conceal-carry. --Troy

    2. Sorry...that last one was directed to anon. --T

    3. Damn, CC. I knew things were touch and go, but I never thought you would give up your job. Sounds like you didn't have a lot of choice in it, though.
      Could it be time to find that place in West Texas? If you did, would you miss the beach and surfing too much? Troy makes a point, if you are thinking about making a big life style change, maybe you should consider other places too. One thing is certain, when the low lifes take over, and you can't hold them off anymore, it's time to move. Will the last decent guy leaving your beach please turn off the lights?

  2. Hi Harry, thanks for not getting to turned off by my remarks on guns a while back. It is always good to have you visiting. You know, I never thought about woods and forests in terms of how they limit your views. To have to climb a mountain to see the sun rise and set. I wrote about the Long View here in case you are interested:

    1. Inger, you didn't say anything that would have annoyed anyone here. We all know there are lots of people who are not familiar with or comfortable with firearms. Like I tell folks, I never tried to make anyone buy a gun. All I ask is that they don't try to keep me from doing so.

      The forest in Appalachia is thick, and heavy. There's a canopy in the summer so heavy that when you go out in the woods you are walking in a hot, dimly lit place where the air is hot and humid, and never moves. Up on the ridge lines, or places where there are rock outcroppings, the breeze blows and you can see forever. In the West, especially in the flat places, it's like being at sea. The bowl of the sky just surrounds you at night and you can see to the horizon in all directions. I do miss that.

      I'll take a look at that URL, thanks for the thought.