Saturday, May 17, 2014

Living Ready Annual is out.

 I am fiddling around tonight on the computer.  In checking my Living Ready account, I found they've released their 2014 Annual.

Looking over the articles,  it appears to me that this is all new material, and not just a compendium of previously published articles lifted from the regular issues.

Not that I have a problem with that. I routinely buy the Shotgun News Treasuries, primarily because I could never keep all the Shotgun News newspapers. Now that I can, because they are digital, I may stop buying the Treasuries.

I thought I'd bought all the back issues of this magazine, since it's relatively new that didn't amount to much.  Tonight though, as I was scanning through the web, I found a previous issue I had not seen before.

Advertised as "the Premier Issue" it looked interesting.  I emailed them about it and we shall see what the story is.

    I notice they have an article entitled "the Deliverance Effect, Why There's Fear in the Woods."

I can't wait to read that.   I hope it's not a fantasy like the original movie was.  Probably it's a decent article with an unfortunate title. The Living Ready editors seem to have a good collection of writers, so I'm sure it 's nothing so tacky and annoying as Dreadful Hill Billies Hanging Out In The Woods And Assaulting Nice City People.

I'm also interested in the article "Fortify Your Home."

I've been doing that for a good long while. I'm not opposed to some more ideas on the subject, however.

Maybe I'll write one called "How to Sleep with a Full Sized .45 Under Your Pillow Without Getting a Headache."


  1. The Deliverance Effect does sound like it could be interesting reading.

    1. Or infuriating. Depending on the tone. I can't tell you how many times , when I tell people I live in Appalachia, they start making banjo noises!


  2. While I love self-sufficient mountain living, I wonder about the gun culture. I like to live a fearless life and preparedness with an arsenal equals fear to me. Preparedness with a hunting rifle and knife together with knowledge, understanding, love of nature, love of the mountain and its critters equals real and brave self-sufficient mountain living to my mind.

  3. Inger, "gun culture" is difficult to define. It can run the gamut between the individual who keeps a little .22 to shoot snakes around his barn, to someone like me. I spend a lot of time and money on collecting old guns. But then, my wife collects Wedgewood Jasper pottery. The only real difference is Wedgewood collectors don't get a lot of press time .

    Part of living the self sufficient lifestyle , for me and many others, is being in a very remote, rural setting. If something which threatens my family or myself occurs, I have to be in a position to deal with it. No policeman or Sheriff's Deputy will get here in time to help me. Just as I have chainsaws to clear my road, shovels to clean out by drainage ditches, I have guns to for protection. One gun might be perfectly adequate for this, but I enjoy collecting and until I got older, I did a lot of shooting. I spent a lot of time at my gun club with other shooters, and enjoyed it thoroughly.

    There are things I am afraid of, like strokes and heart attacks. But I'm not afraid of burglars, drug addicts, gang bangers, home invaders, or others of that ilk. That's because I know if I have the bad fortune to have them show up out here I can handle it.

    Just a few miles from my house, on one of the popular walking trails that cross these mountains, a young woman was kidnapped while walking. She wound up decapitated. Being in the deep forest or in the desert doesn't protect you from psychopaths.

    In the end, every single one of us has to make a decision on our comfort level with risk and what we will do to prepare for those risks. I don't mind at all that you don't share my pleasure in shooting sports, because you haven't tried to deprive me of my right to those endeavors, or to force me to follow the life style you've chosen for yourself. That's real and brave self sufficient mountain living from my perspective.

    By the way, I enjoy your blog. I think you may be the only Swedish American I know!