Saturday, May 17, 2014

News from the Birmingham , Alabama gun show.


  1. I'm trying to keep documentation on ammo importation bans now. Hence this posting. The information on .22LR is interesting but secondary.

  2. I've never been to a gun show before. That would be interesting. The only shows I've been to at all besides concerts are garden shows and a snake convention. One of my friends got really into snakes. It was odd going to a convention with people that are super into snakes. I don't mind them, but they went crazy about them. They were getting drunk the night before, and rambled crazily on and on about snakes. It was both funny, and different.

    1. My daughter is a snake person. I have never understood it as I detest snakes. You and your husband should go to a gun show if there is one in the neighborhood. I love them. Lots of interesting things to see, interesting people, and sometimes I find just the thing I have been looking for. They only cost about $7.00 to get into, usually.