Thursday, June 5, 2014

Discovery Channel: The Doomsday Plan.

There is a series on the Discovery Channel entitled "America's Book of Secrets' or some such thing. I don't watch it, as a rule.

I'm taking a few days at home right now though to rest, so I have been watching TV more than I usually do.  I saw this on the Direct TV guide, and gave it a try.

To my surprise, it was actually quite good. Some of it was just recycled news, but some of it was quite informative. I gather it was the last show of the season, and when I ran a search for future showings so I could post a time and date, there were none listed.

I went to the Discovery Channel web page, and if you have Dish, or Direct TV, or some of the big cable companies, you can watch it for free on line providing you have already established an on line password and user id with your service provider.

If you should see it listed by your service provider, it's worth taping and watching later on. Much of it deals with survivalism, and with FEMA.  There's a lot of information on this show about government bunkers and hide outs for the political and big business classes, but as it points out, the rest of us are on our own.

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