Monday, June 30, 2014

Excerpt from a story on an incredibly vulgar anti-gun add now making the rounds on You Tube.

There's an extremely vulgar anti-gun add going around on the internet.  The anti- second amendment group that paid for it is quite pleased with itself.  However, a left wing writer from the Daily Beast, which is about as left coast as you can get,  pointed out that being trashy doesn't win friends and influence people of the sort you would want.

"Based on this language it stands to reason that the target audience for this PSA would be those who actually own guns. Gallup’s 2012 analysis of five years’ worth of interviews with more than 6,000 Americans provide some of the most comprehensive insight into our country’s gun owners ever conducted. The analysis found that gun ownership is significantly higher among those who identify as politically conservative than those who identify as politically liberal. Other significant indicators for owning a gun: being male, being Southern, and being married. Being Southern and conservative are not adjectives that describe someone likely to find (deleted )  humor funny."

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