Thursday, July 31, 2014

Flail Ex

This issue has been causing a lot of heart burn up in New York. First, it appeared that people could get $500 from the Department of Homeland Security for informing on their neighbors. DHS wants to know about potentially evil deeds like buying MRE's.  Then after a lot of back pedaling among the bureaucracy, the new party line was "yes, we want you to squeal on your neighbors, but we will only pay for tips that end in arrests for firearms violations."

It still reeks that DHS is trying to get neighbors to inform on neighbors, coworkers on coworkers, friends on friends. That's National Socialism at it's best.

Cool and dry on the last day of July.

You couldn't ask for a nicer day than today.  It's overcast, with a nice breeze blowing. The humidity is very low and the outside temperature is 71 degrees. I have not been off the mountain in several days, but haven't had any need to leave.

I've been doing some reading, and not much else.  Perhaps I'll get motivated and start working on the meadow again. It grows fast with all this rain.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Just past one.

Nice night out.  78 degrees outside but not humid.  The night insects are making such a racket you can hardly hear the creek.  Sounds like Cicadas, but they came out last summer and only appear every seven years or so here, so I don't know what they are.

Nice in the house.  The air conditioner is keeping it cool and dry.  I may not do an entry for a couple of days, so I wanted to get on here and let people know I am just relaxing a bit if that happens.  Sometimes I think I won't be writing for a while and then the next day I feel differently and do. I suppose we're all like that. At any rate, if I don't, I'm not dead.

I watched an interesting show on Discovery Animal Planet Channel tonight. It was called Ice Lake Rebels.   It's about a huge lake in Alaska, and the people who live on it in houseboats. I like houseboats, and ever since I spent a week on one with my brothers I have had it in the back of my mind that I'd like to do that full time.

But these people live in very harsh arctic conditions part of the year. I don't think I'm really looking for something so extreme. Even so, it was interesting and I plan to keep watching. To say that some of these folks were eccentric would be an understatement, but isn't that always the Discovery Channel Modus Operandi?

For all I know, everybody else on the boats were retired bankers and school teachers, but I kind of doubt it.  The way the boats were set up to be completely self sustaining was fascinating. It's on Sunday nights at 2200  (10 p.m.)  if you get the Animal Planet Channel.

Spike and Jet ,the two young ferrets, went to Ragnar's nest under the china cabinet today. I hadn't touched it, I was just going to leave it for awhile. They took the nest apart, then they each took some of his rubber toys that were under there.  I guess they waited long enough to be sure he was not coming back, then divided his estate. Even with his grave goods taken out, he had collected quite a stash of things ferrets like. I'm sure he's pleased that his heirs received his possessions. All that was left was some food, and a giant pink rubber fish. God knows where he got that, I don't remember ever seeing it before.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday II

I didn't make it to the store.  The idea was there, but the energy wasn't. I got my wallet, my checkbook and my pistol. Went out and started to get in the jeep, then saw that a shake had come off the end of the barn roof. I said to myself "I'll just fix that, then I'll go."  But I had to trim some holly tree branches to get up there.  Holly is God's barbed wire. The wood is tough and the leaves will cut you up good.  Then I found more shakes missing.  So what was going to be a ten minute job turned into over an hour.  I finished up tired, dirty and sweaty.

It can wait until tomorrow.

I talked with my youngest brother today, haven't been in contact with him in awhile. He's doing well, but is about to be blessed with the annual week long visit of my Uncle and his pal. My brother will be taking them salmon fishing off the coast of Oregon.  My brother is even less of a people person than I am and it's a strain, but it's family so he does it.

This picture was taken only seconds before the famous (within our family) fist fight in a bar in Nieuport, in which he pulverized two young men who made the mistake of thinking he was just another old man who could be sassed with impunity.  He got kicked out of the bar for life, but as far as I can tell was not much dismayed by the banishment. My brother is a former Marine officer, and a retired cop.  Like me, he was born out of his time , but his time would have been that of Attila and the Huns. Or maybe Genghis and the Mongols.  Least anyone think him a bully, what started the problem was foul language in the bar, with ladies present. He asked those guys nicely to shut up. Once.

Still no contact with my middle brother, who like Achilles has retired to his tent and is busily pouting. It had something to do with my youngest brother getting him tickets to an Oregon State Game, but not going to the game with him. One thing led to another.  None of us have won awards for temper control. I hope it works itself out though, because my middle brother is arrogant, cynical and condescending but other than that he's a nice guy. Nobody is perfect


When I was in the Marines, I traveled to , worked in, or lived in thirty six countries. I have literally sailed the seven seas, didn't miss one.  I went to some real hell holes, and never felt the need to do so again once I settled up here.

But my two brothers have traveled all over Central and South America, and Mexico. Twice they took old, clapped out steamers down the Amazon river. My youngest brother lived in an Amazon village with the natives (can I still say that, must I say indigenous people?). He carried a bag of old t shirts and walking shorts to get in good with them.  They went to places most people would have paid a lot of money to stay away from.  They reminded me of characters in a Franz Kafka novel.

  Of course, they went to some nice places, too. My brother has a condo in Mazatlan, it is right next to the condo where one of the most wanted cartel bosses in Mexico was arrested a year or so ago.

That kind of thing doesn't seem to bother either of them.

I might do the tourist resort thing but I would not want to go into the back country or up some backwater.

At any rate, my middle brother has had health problems for the last year, and maybe the good old days of living like a character in an F. Scott Fitzgerald story are over. Maybe that's why he is so mad about something so trivial.

Well, I suppose time will tell. It would be a shame to finish out not talking to each other, for no reason. I wasn't even at the ball game, or involved in it in any way, but that's how it goes.


I am not much in the mood for going anywhere, but have to make a quick trip to pick up a few things before the church crowd makes the store impossible to check out of.  Between 11:30 and 1:30 you're just better off not trying to go anywhere or do anything, especially in summer when the population here comes close to doubling.

Watched the news this morning at 5:00.  The "peace demonstrations" in San Francisco were the main focus of Al Jazera.  If you want to keep abreast of the threats to American life, that's the place to do it. of course, San Francisco has always been a magnet for the brain dead and mentally deficient.

Well, time to start the epic journey. 17 miles to the store, 17 back.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

The Other Ryan has changed his web address.

I've been reading The Other Ryan's blog for many years.  It's a good one for shooters, and has some interesting links and discussions for people interested in small arms, or many other related topics.

Here's his new URL:

New site for Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest

I first heard this song on his blog some time back.  I like it.   If you aren't familiar with the terminology, a "nine" refers to a 9mm pistol, and a ".45" refers to a .45 caliber pistol. Usually, it means the M1911.

Weekends are still special.

  I think it's because psychologically, I don't feel compelled to work or accomplish something on weekends. Now that I'm retired, there's really no difference between the days of the week. I still find it easier to relax on weekends.

  Normally, this being Saturday, I'd be going into town. But I'm not really in need of anything from town, and it's not worth making that long drive just to have a hamburger and french fries at the cafe.  So today I'll  stay around the place. It's nice outside, cool and breezy. In a bit I'll go out to my table under the trees and smoke my pipe for a bit. Anything that needs doing, doesn't need it urgently and can be held in abeyance  until Monday.

I have been waiting a long time for this book to be available. It was supposed to be out months ago. It's not listed on Amazon, which usually means it is not released yet.

Buffalo Bullet Company says they have it for $54.00, but I have found in the past that small companies like that are sometimes less than completely honest about in stock issues. They want you to pay for the book so you will buy it from them, so they say they have it when they don't. I usually try to buy from Amazon if I can because they don't do that kind of thing.  What's special about this book is that it doesn't just give information on the weapon, but it gives load data.  Something people don't realize is the fact that a gun with a gas system may not operate properly with every load.  You can destroy the operating rod on an M1 Garand by firing too powerful a load in it. My MAS 49 / 56 is so temperamental it will only operate on special loads or French military surplus ammo.  I do have load data from regular reloading manuals for my guns, but Mike Venturino is well known in the firearms world, and I'd like to have his book. The load data is a great extra.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

What a beautiful day.

  I went for a walk at the little lake this morning. It's nice out there early in the morning before it gets hot. I can drive through the national forest on an old, abandoned forest service road, and even the drive is nice.

It's a clear day, with little thunderstorms coming over every now and then, raining just enough to cool things down but not enough to be a nuisance.

Nice breeze blowing.

I walked up the mountain a bit, to a place where there's a bald . That's where granite slabs keep trees from growing. I used to go up to this spot a lot from the house, but walking up hill has gotten more difficult.  However, I decided to make this walk in lieu of my daily workout on the elliptical. It was worth the extra effort.

On the way to the lake I have to ford a couple of creeks.  The dogs like to wander around in this one, which has a flat river rock bottom and some deep spots they can swim in. So we stop and take a break there. At the lake they have to stay on a lease, so it isn't as much fun for them there. Up at the big lake they can run loose, as there is little chance of meeting old people with their little tiny lap dogs. My dogs would not hurt a fly, but they might trample on a tiny dog when they are excited.

Ragnar lived a full life.

In 2007 , my son and daughter were living in Jacksonville, Florida.  They had an apartment near the river.  One hot summer day, the Mexican gardener came up to my son and said that he had found an injured animal in the garden. The man knew that my daughter took care of animals and wanted her to help this one.  But, my son told him that he was not interested in any more animals. When my son got back to the apartment, he mentioned it to my daughter and she immediately went down and got the animal from the kind soul who was still trying to get some help for it.

The individual in need was a ferret. He had been out in the sun, and was hideously sun burned. He was badly dehydrated and his ribs were showing through his coat. Whoever had dumped him off hadn't been feeding him for awhile before they did so.

She got him nursed back to health, and it was our first experience with ferrets.  Shortly thereafter, she got another ferret from an animal shelter. They were about to kill him because they didn't keep ferrets.
That's how Ragnar and Faye joined the family.

When my kids moved a couple of years later, I took the ferrets.  They were perfect for this environment.  Both of them were clean, didn't make a mess, and had tremendous personalities. They were grateful for any little thing you did for them, and never missed a chance to show it. Both ferrets liked to climb up on the couch and watch television with me, and on cold winter nights they'd come get on the bed and curl up in their fluff blanket.

I enjoyed them so much that I started taking other ferrets that needed a home. Some were just old and the people who owned them didn't want to pay their medical bills anymore. Some were being cast off because the owners were moving and couldn't take them to the new place. Some were simply abandoned.  I had seven at one point and we all got along fine.

Then , about two years ago, Faye got sick.  The vet told me that there was little chance of recovery, that it was a respiratory problem they couldn't treat.  Rather than letting Faye go, I bought expensive medicine that the vet said might help.  As a result, the ferret lingered in misery for three more days before dying in the middle of the night.  I wanted to be sure that we took every chance to heal Faye, but instead the poor ferret suffered needlessly because of my decision.

Today, when I got down to the exotic pet specialist, Ragnar was in a very bad way. He'd only been able to take a little paste and oil mixed with water for two days. She examined him, and said he had a massive tumor in his throat. She said it was hopeless. I asked her if there was nothing that could be done, and she said they could remove his teeth, and part of his jaw, and cut out as much as they could of the tumor, then set him up with chemotherapy.

I personally made the decision for myself some time ago that I would not go through all that if I got cancer. I felt like it was the same decision Ragnar would have made if he had been able to. He'd been through enough pain already.

I honestly think he knew he was passing, because as weak as he was he crawled up off the examination table and climbed up my shirt. It took tremendous effort.

I told the doctor to help him on his way, but I didn't stay inside. I went outside until he was ready to go home.  As I always do when one of the ferrets dies,  I fixed him a nice place up on the top of the meadow, with all his favorite personal possessions, some shiny coins and costume jewelry and a few of his toys.

I will really miss him.  He had a wonderful personality, and really added a lot to life up here on this mountain. It will not be the same without him.  But it was good having him here and I appreciate the time I got to enjoy his company.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

We're off

Ragnar and I are headed out now. My wife is staying home. She doesn't think this is going to end well and doesn't want to be there. I can understand that.

Deja Vu

  I watched the news late tonight.  The American news channels had a lot of blather about politics on.

Al Jazeera was interesting, though. I don't know if you've ever watched it. Al Gore help Qatar set up the network. It's a flat out propaganda tool for tearing down the United States. If you ever wondered just what a polished propaganda machine does, and how it warps the truth, then watch Al Jazeera.  They're really a hoot.  They have a few token Caucasians, all British as far as I can tell. But primarily it's staffed by "people of color" as you'd expect from an Arabic network.  Unfortunately, they seem to have based their staffing on skin color rather than experience and ability. More, much of their programming is not quite up to speed.  They like to run stories about the dominance of the white race in America, and how downtrodden the poor minorities are. It's really pretty laughable stuff, until you realize that a lot of not very well educated or intelligent people will believe it. Then it's not so funny.

You do learn things that our news doesn't cover though. American MSM is well heeled and keeps things that might embarrass the regime off the air.  Not Al Jazerra.  Tonight they were sarcastically denigrating the Americans because we have only given Hamas one hundred forty one million dollars in "aid" since the latest round of fighting in the Middle East. I hadn't heard anything about that. Did I just miss it?  Why is Barack Hussein giving tax payer money to people who hate our collective guts while they are attacking our only ally in the Middle East.  Maybe his name has something to do with it. Or, maybe he's stupid enough to think that will make the Palestinians like us better. If so, both his common sense and his knowledge of history are at fault.

There are a lot of Europeans who have been very courageous about resisting the increasing Islamization of that continent.  The French and Germans have been taking steps to preserve their own culture, in particular. But it may be too late.  The demographics there in terms of "guest workers" and domestic converts are not very encouraging.

  If you look at the internet news, especially from overseas, it's pretty clear that most of the media are accepting the terrorist version of what's going on over there now. Particularly, for reasons I have never understood, in Scandinavia.  You would expect a lot of very crude anti American and anti-Israeli invective from leftists, but can there be so many leftists in places like Sweden and Norway?

I think if people could see how Islamic terrorists outfits like Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Al Qaeda, and the like really work there wouldn't be much sympathy for them.

When the Marines were in Lebanon in 1982 through 1983, we were in the same position as Israel is now.  All the pressure to "spare innocents" wound up with the Marines being subjected to increasing levels of small arms fire, artillery fire, and rockets as the different  Moslem factions figured out we wouldn't retaliate. They fired mortors, we fired flares back.  After enough Marines had been killed, we got limited permission from the Pentagon to fire back. But that was over shrill screams from the State Department and various politicians back home fearful that some "innocent" would be hurt.  Everybody knows how that eventually worked out.  I really feel for the Israelis when I see how hard they try to keep down collateral damage, and how the dimwits in the world still demonize them for defending themselves from outright terrorists who use their own people as shields.  This isn't a rant. I'm too tired for a good rant. This is just a straightforward observation of how things are.  I know with all the problems we have here, there's a tendency to just turn a blind eye to things in the Middle East. The Southern border is closer and we have more imminent problems there with hordes of the illegal aliens swarming across the border in waves. But we can't ignore Islam, because they certainly aren't going to ignore us.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Waiting for tomorrow.

Today is a nothing day.  Primarily I am waiting for tomorrow so I can take Ragnar to the doctor.  I dread going because I have convinced myself that this is the cancer coming back.  I sure hope I am wrong.

Took the truck in to have them look at it.  Turns out, it's not a big deal. Some "O rings" on a piece of the engine have to be replaced. I think the mechanic said it was the vacuum pump but I wasn't really paying attention. I care about how long it will take to fix and how much it will cost. In this case, it will take an hour and won't cost much.

To kill time I downloaded Brian Culbertson's album, "It's On."  There are some good songs on there but there are also some vocals I just skip over. I don't like vocals at all, just instrumentals.

We'll have to leave here early in the morning, so I plan on going to bed early tonight.  Tomorrow will tell the tale.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Tom Clancy could always spin a good tale. He did his homework.

Ragnar goes back to the ferret doctor.

He has lost some weight, but still looks good. He just doesn't feel well.

Ragnar in happier times, before his health problems.

Ragnar has been through a lot this year.

Ragnar and his mate Rowena. She passed away after an unsuccessful operation for adrenal disease.

Ragnar has a sore developing on his throat.  That's how the last thing that turned out to be a tumor started.  I have given him antibiotics and cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide, but these have done no good so Wednesday at 11:30 we have an appointment way South of here.  They have an exotic animal specialist who is good with ferrets. Also, if need be, they have a very good operating room. If he has to be operated on, and they can do it that day, I'll go ahead and have the surgery performed because I know this thing has to be hurting him.  Tonight I gave him extra Benedryl and Melatonin with his oil and paste supplements.

I went into town, despite the fact that it's hot and muggy outside.  Bought chicken feed and dog food, and a few things to snack on.  I saw this new magazine.  It's a quarterly.  Usually I wouldn't touch anything that had to do with the arch faker "Bear" Grylls, but I bought this one anyway.  It was $10.00.

If I like it, I'll subscribe and save some money on the magazine. Haven't looked at it yet though.

Three in the morning and it's raining. I kid you not.

Went to bed and was very comfortable, looked for a good nights sleep.  Woke up at two with the rain pounding down on the roof.  I left the truck windows open today so it could air out. They were still open.  Had to go out and roll them up, and was soaked with freezing cold rain by the time I got it done. That woke me up well and truly.  I noticed my loyal dogs stayed on the porch. They are not stupid.

This changes plans for tomorrow. I had a little work to do on the roof but it had to be dry. Now that's out. I still haven't gotten the truck in to have that fuel leak fixed.  Until I do that, I can't do much in the way of hauling trash to the dump or picking up some more lumber, both of which are on the "do it soon" list.  Maybe I'll drive in tomorrow to the shop, since I can't do much else.

I have a blog list that updates when people post. I notice that about three quarters of the blogs I read are not being updated. Summer always seems to be that way, people don't start writing much again until the cold, long winter nights come. 

I have been carrying my AutoOrdance M1911 lately.  I've had it since the late 1980's, and it's a working gun but it's in good shape. I always use a shoulder holster so it doesn't get banged around much. It's heavy, but it sure does give you confidence.  At night I put the M1911 on the night table, and one of my AK-47's by the bedroom door. Before anybody gets the idea I'm being overly cautious, just remember where I live. If I don't do it, it won't get done.

I know this is not all tricked out, but it's 1994 fashion.

I got some "perimeter defense" work done today.  Now it's far less likely anyone could walk up here to the house without my knowing it.  The old motion detectors I have been using haven't coped well with the constant rain, so I used something I read about in a history book.  I'm not being coy by not saying exactly what, I'm trying to be a little more discreet. I've been warned yet again by a friend that I'm being a bit loquacious about some things that might better be left unsaid.  True enough. I go in cycles that way.  As far as the satellite photo goes, I guess someone could use that to find me if they had enough computer power, but I have to think anyone with that kind of capability would have bigger fish to fry.

It's going on 4.  I better try to go on to bed, rain or no rain. 

Ferrets give life to what would otherwise be a boring existence.

Their only fault is that they don't live long enough.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Weird Al. "First World Problems."

How many people do you know who are just like this?  I know several.  I am related to some of them.

"First World Problems"

My maid is cleaning my bathroom, so I can't take a shower,
When I do, the water starts getting cold after an hour!

I couldn't order off the breakfast menu, cause I slept in till two,
Then I filled up on bread, didn't leave any room for tiramisu.

Oh no, there's a pixel out in the corner of my laptop screen,
I don't have any bills in my wallet small enough for the vending machine.

Some idiot just called me up on the phone, what!? Don't they know how to text? OMG!

I got First World Problems!

I bought too many groceries for my refrigerator,
Forgot my gardener's name, I'll have to ask him later.

Tried to fast forward commercials, can't - I'm watching live T.V,
I'm pretty sure the cookies in this airport lounge ain't gluten free!
My barista didn't even bother to make a design in the foam on the top of my vanilla latte!
I got First World Problems!

Can't remember which car I drove to the mall,
My Sonicare won't recharge, now I gotta brush my teeth like a neanderathal!
The thread count on these cotton sheets has got me itching,
My house is so big, I can't get WiFi in the kitchen.
Uh, I had to buy something I didn't even need, just
so I could qualify for free shipping on Amazon!

I got First World Problems!


Here you go, Ryan

Saturday, at least for ten more minutes.

I spent most of today trying to balance an account.  There's a two hundred dollar discrepency between my "Quicken" records and the bank.  Usually it's an oversight, something I've forgotten to enter into Quicken. But I recently developed a tracking chart to prevent that, and as far as I can tell it isn't one of those problems.

Since all the members of my family use our debit card, there are a lot of transactions. Once upon a time, I balanced that account every day.  It was easy to do with computer access to the bank records, and took little time. Then the day came when I needed help on tracking down a two dollar discrepancy that I thought was a bank error (it was.)  The book keeping department told me they needed me to reconcil with the monthly statement only. I think it's more likely they just didn't want to fiddle with two dollars. But ,  I don't care if I am off one cent or one hundred dollars, I want to balance.  So I started balancing once a month when the statement came, which makes it a lot harder to find errors.

The thing about a debit card that reeks is that you see a charge, but it's not exact. Often, especially gas stations,  will put in a "holding charge" that is just an estimate. Then in a couple of days the real charge comes through. Since I don't get receipts from the kids (it's impractical) I often get tripped up by this and have to sort it out at balancing.

Before computers I just used a spread sheet pad and I never had a problem. Well, it will give me something to do tomorrow.

I got out in the Jeep and drove around some today just to get out of the house, despite the rain. Big trees down all over the place, and across the roads in particular. There was a time when I would have taken the truck and the chain saw and got the trees off the paved roads. Now I let the younger crowd handle that. Especially on a day like today when it's steady rain. A few minutes ago I went out and I saw stars, but the clouds are back now.

I bought a big thing of chicken salad at the store and I ate it all for supper, and now I feel lousy. Too rich, and I'm not used to it.  Guess I'll go on to bed here shortly, not a bad day but I can't say I got a lot done.

Friday, July 18, 2014

More rain.

The two days of good weather, with clear skies and low temperatures, are over.

I woke up this morning and it was raining. It is still raining at 1030 tonight and no sign of a let up.  This is just a "soaking" rain, not heavy but constant.

It has rained so much this spring and summer, that for the first time ever I have moss growing on my cedar shake roofs.  Not just a little moss, but big thick heavy green moss. The chickens are flying up on the roof and peeling the moss off, looking for bugs. Sometimes they peel the shakes off, as well.

The only way to get rid of the moss is for the roofs to dry out, then you spray them with chemicals specifically designed to kill the stuff. I have the spray, but I am waiting for the building roofs to dry.  So far, that hasn't happened.

The foliage around the house is so thick that it now constitutes an impenetrable wall.  I don't think you could hack through it with a machete in some places.  Everything is a dark green, and the meadow is the thickest and lushest I believe it has ever been.

This is the second year of very unusual weather. Last winter was pretty terrible, and then the spring and summer have been very wet.  The Atlanta news stations are warning that this summer we have examples of some bizarre disease that Georgia has never had before. I can recall several times when this has happened in the last few years, starting with people getting equine encephalitis from mosquito bites.  The state is going around making people who use old tires to plant flowers in get rid of them, as they say the mosquitos breed in the water that catches in the tires.

I thought this severe winter would rid us of snakes and bugs, but we have had a bumper crop of both, including the black snake that wound up in our living room and set off a ferret frenzy. The poor cat still jumps straight up in the air a foot high if there is a sudden noise in the house.

My gardening efforts are being destroyed by this weather. The rain washes the potting soil out of the beds. The black spongy potting soil soaks up too much water. I have no doubt that if something does grow the bugs will eat it, but the struggle goes on.  If , in the end, my experiment fails I plan to dynamite the whole thing, take a picture, post it, and say that my very successful crop of corn and tomatoes was unfortunately destroyed by an asteroid strike.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

ABC disappears article on health debacle at border, substitutes "feds have everything under control"nonsense in it's place.

On Friday ABC pulled the story I linked to and replaced it with a story saying that all is well with the medical situation on the border. Now they say everything is being taken care of by the feds and everyone can relax.  Instead of giving the new BS story it's own URL they did away with the original story and put this made up article in it's place.

Exclusive: Feds Struggling to Cope With Medical ‘Breakdown’ at the Border

Link to ABC story above.

You have to see this video to believe it's this bad. 

Who is making the decision to let these people into the country?

It's a great day in the neighborhood. Things aren't so hot elsewhere, though.

I can't remember this pleasant a day in July.  It's 70 degrees outside, and no humidity to speak of. I finished mowing the meadow this morning and wasn't even tired. Without the heat and humidity, it isn't so taxing.  The house is comfortable, and I am not running any air conditioning or dehumidifiers. I spent a good portion of this afternoon just sitting out at my table in the trees.

Watched the news for a bit at mid day.  The moral of today's news is don't fly over war zones. I feel sorry for the people on the plane though.  Most of them seem to have been Europeans. The Dutch had the bad luck to have several tour groups of families, booked on the flight that was shot down.

Shepard Smith on Fox sometimes gets a little carried away, but he was pretty close when he said "it seems like the world is just falling apart."

295 people killed in the plane shoot down.   A rabid Moslem force is taking over much of Syria and Iraq, filled with hatred for the Crusaders, and bent on establishing the World Wide Islamic Caliphate.  They're being opposed by the Ayatollocracy of Iran, filled with hatred for the Crusaders, and bent on establishing the World Wide Persian Caliphate. These particular fanatics will soon have the nuclear bomb. What a pleasant thought.  Israel is battling the Hamas Islamic terrorists, but it's hard to fight people who thrive on the deaths of their own.

The U.S. Treasury is empty. We are spending trillions of dollars, and borrowing it to boot. Soon we won't be able to service the debt, then stand by for heavy rolls. The economy is sinking, half the adults in the country don't have full time work. For the first time ever, a majority of Americans (or illegal aliens living here) are receiving aid from the government in one form or other. Inflation is nibbling away at the value of the money, and that can only increase as time goes by.  What will happen when the government money stops? When the checks don't come.

The Southern border has collapsed, and waves of  people are  flooding in who will take and take, but contribute nothing.  The new Goths. We aren't short of uneducated, unskilled, unemployable people but we are getting thousands more each day, with the added advantage that they don't speak English and won't assimilate.

Everything is very quiet here, though. Like the Roman farmer who heard about the defeat at the battle of Adrianople,  I know things are changing but nothing is happening here today, so I am not too concerned.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Who ya gonna call?

In normal times, one or two people can get along pretty well by themselves.  You have electronic devices to help you keep tabs on what's going on around your place.  Law and Order, such as it is these days, is in effect.  Unless you live too far out, like me, you can call the police if you have a problem.

The general consensus among people who give it a lot of thought, though, is that it takes a group of people to make things function when all is not as it should be.  Katrina is a good example. I spent a lot of money on books, trying to learn about Katrina without relying on the notoriously inaccurate and sensational news media.  I drew some useful conclusions from that research, and one of them was that mom and pop holding up in their second floor apartment and hoping the trouble will just pass them by does not work as a survival strategy.

For my brothers in the West, forming a group to work together in extraordinary times poses no problem. First, my brother has a purpose built compound out in the Sierras, where he prepositions supplies and equipment. He has a group of friends who come up there for a week at a time, twice a year, for hunting and fishing get togethers. 

My brothers are both linked to country people in the region through family marriages.  I think my brothers would have more people to cooperate with than they could really use, but planning is my middle brothers strong point. He ran a business in California for many years and he understands operational estimates and logistics.

Neither of them would have any trouble at all mentally throwing a switch and trading today's world for whatever might come along.  I think they've solved any problems that are foreseeable , long ago.

I have most things under control, but the issue of additional people up here is a tough one.  I don't want to surrender any of my autonomy, and I don't want to give up any control.  But the groups I have communicated with , if I affiliated with them , would cause me to do just that.  In any group there has to be a strong leader, and I wouldn't join one that didn't have that because under stress, they wouldn't make it. At the same time, I'm not interested in being told what to do.  I call the shots on my own place and I always will.

The reasonable thing to do is to invite people I know very well, have known for years, to come in an emergency.  There are very few people that meet that bill.  For thirty years I've deliberately avoided close contact with people to the extent possible.  Building up a group of trusted associates who might be able to make it here, under those restraints , is not easy.

I have been talking with some other individuals who have been "in the business" for many years, to see what they thought. Recently I got a very insightful communication from an individual who is well known in the community.  He gave me the ok to publish extracts of his letter , and I am doing so here for anyone else struggling with the issue.

That thing about one dynamic me, thats a problem. It means that either he's the most motivated and everyone else just goes along, or he's the only thing holding the group together, or he's in a position to ramrod ideas and plans over the objections of others. Either way, he's a lot of eggs in one basket....if something happens to him or he just quits or goes nuts.....the whole group can fall apart.

I always say that if a person is going to join a group like this, it should be a group that you've 'organically' developed....shooting buddies and casual acquaintances who it turns out have the same concerns and interests. Kinda like dating the girls next door before you go hitting the internet dating sites. But you're so isolated, and you don't seem to really do much socializing, so I'm not sure how you'd even go about meeting like-minded individuals without this sort of event.

Back in the '90s we had all sortsa groups rise and fall in these parts of the woods. It seemed like 90% were guys who thought that survivalism was guns, ammo, BDU's and calling each other by made-up ranks and planning for a UN invasion. Lots of ammo, little food. Of course, its entirely possible that there are some truly well-done groups here and they are simply below the radar. I've no doubt about that...I'm pretty sure I've run into them a time or two in my travels. And I've seem some very interesting homes built up in the hills.

Just looking at history shows that 'tribes' form on a common denominator. Family, religion, politics, shared experience, etc. Throw a handful strangers together and I'd put their chances below that of an equally geared/equipped group comprised of family members, or church members, or that sort of thing. You're part of a tribe already...a Marine. I would guess, although I might be wrong, that you'd feel more comfortable in a group comprised of former servicemen (esp. Marines) than you would of total strangers. I've encountered two or three people like you, that is to say, people who have what is essentially a 'family stronghold' prepared and who are expecting their extended family to draw in and populate it in a crisis. To me, thats the most optimal situation since that brings a level of trust and familiarity that is very hard to come by outside of family relationships. Its a shame you and your brother(s) don't get along better, it would seem you guys have an ideal setup... one of you sets up the homestead and the others pre-position gear there 'just in case'. World comes to an end, you all meet at the brothers home.

I had a tight little circle of friends here that I'd known for many years before we discovered that we were all on the same wavelength. We never made anything 'official' but we all wound up with the same guns (AR, 870,P35,10/22,etc) and we'd let each other know when we came across deals on food and supplies. We all knew that we could count on the other ones in a crisis if we needed a place to stay or ran short on something.

At this point I redacted part of the letter to preserve the writers anonymity. It refers to an incident he was involved in that many of us are aware of.

 Sadly, life isn't static and those friends had to move to find jobs, or their families required them to move elsewhere, etc, and now its just me and one or two other buddies. But I keep my eyes open for opportunities to make new allies. 

Don't for a minute think that I'm trying to tell you what to do, I wouldn't presume that....BUT, if I had invested as much as you have into your location, I'd be unbelievably reluctant to share that information with any group no matter how well vetted and professional they seem. But thats ME. I know you're no fool and you wouldn't take risks if you didnt think they were to your benefit.

Good luck with the group thing. I hope it works out...I think you'd like having some folks you could 'be yourself' around without worrying that they think youre nuts. Thats what I love most about the relationships I have with other survivalists....I get to fly my freak flag and no one thinks I'm crazy. But be careful, man....

If anyone recognizes who wrote that, please don't say so on the blog.  His operational security is very good and it was a favor for him to allow me to print his thoughts. I'd be very embarrassed if he was in any way compromised as a result.

I've about given up on preexisting groups. The down side aspects are far more numerous than the plus side.  I may discuss this issue with my kids and see if they have some good candidates they could bring from the city with them. Perhaps they know some twenty somethings who have no place to go in a disaster or collapse. I'm still working on it.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

It has finally cooled off some.

 Among other things, I went to Walmart in town today.  While I was there, I found the newest edition of Off Grid.  I haven't had a chance to look at it yet, but I'm always glad to find something to read.

When I picked it up, some fellow came up and said "magazines sure is high these days."  He was right. I think Off Grid costs me $9.00 and you can't subscribe yet.  When I read a book, I always have a yellow legal pad so I can make notes. I'm going to start doing that with magazines. Recently I tried to find an add I saw in a new magazine, and I haven't been able to do so yet. Very annoying. Shotgun News gives you an advertisers index in every magazine. That's a big help in going back and finding something you were interested in.

This issue looks like it has a lot on using a boat as a bug out vehicle. I'll have to send a copy to my brother on the Oregon coast.

I watched a segment of the news tonight on the border crisis. The ACLU has filed a suit to require the U.S. government to provide every illegal alien under 18 with a lawyer. The ACLU guy said that if they can get that done, no one will have to be sent back to their country because the U.S. won't be able to fund the process. He said that so far, of the 60,000 illegals who got into the country since Barack Hussein gave them the ok sign, 90 have been sent back .I don't see what he's worried about. The host of the show asked him why these people should get lawyers gratis, and he said "because they are children."

It's like throwing a penny in a pond, and watching the ripples flow outwards. This feel good idiot has no idea of the consequences of his intended actions. He should get with the churches in Minnesota that brought in Somalis and see how that good deed ended up.


Either we have laws, or we don't.  It's not OK for Barack Hussein to decide to enforce the ones that support his agenda, and ignore the ones that don't.  Yet that's exactly what he's doing.

He won't be President after his second term ends, but the damage the man is doing is going to be with us for a long time. Bill Clinton started the real rot, and nothing has been done to arrest it.

My guess is we'll have Hillary after Barack, and then we may as well all change our names to something Hispanic and jump on the band wagon. There won't be any place for old white guys in that world.

It will be like the gloating representative of NOW said in a news interview. The day of the old white guys is over.

In the Middle East the Israelis are fighting it out with Hamas.  I hope they don't get drawn into Gaza, because even for a really good army, urban fighting is a great way to bleed to death.  Better to just stand off and pummel them.  Anybody who lets Hamas set up rockets in their front yard hasn't got any right to whine and cry about casualties  that result.

I'm so glad that we are contributing funds to support the good people of Gaza. Of course, these are the same people who danced in the streets, and gave out sweeties and little cakes on 9-11, but hey, we can surely buy their friendship. I'm sure none of the money went to support their terrorist activities.

Hope nobody missed Longmire last night.  The evil villain was a "Survivalist."  He lived on his own land, in a log house way up in the mountains.  Of course, he was reviled because he "doesn't trust the government."  Among other good bits Longmire finds a census agent who went missing two years ago in the guys deep freezer. I swear, I felt like it was the good old days of the 1980's and 1990's again, where anybody who didn't live in an apartment and vote Democrat was liable to be dubbed "A Survivalist."

 Oh, well. The world is full of things that aren't right. But at night, I can go out on the porch and none of that can reach me.

It's quiet and it's peaceful up here. Maybe some day things will get so bad that I'll get swept up in the turmoil. Maybe swept away. But for now, despite the way things are going overall, it's good here on the mountain top.