Sunday, July 13, 2014

Enhanced Satellite Photo of my place.

I've put this on here before but it's been a long time.  This is a satellite photo of my land.  You can see some of the buildings , and the glare on the edge of the meadow is a bank of solar power panels.

If you look at the center of the picture and then down at 7 o'clock, you can see the trail winding down the mountain.  My gate and the dirt road beyond it are not on this picture.  If you look up from the center of the picture, towards twelve o'clock, you can see one of the streams on my property. It's just above the building you see there.

Today is Sunday and in keeping with my normal Sunday routine I'm not working on anything in particular. I have things to do tomorrow but for now I'm resting. This has been a busy week.

Went to town for breakfast. Sunday is good, because at six thirty in the morning on Sunday, nothing is moving. I drove all the way to town without seeing another car on the road. And this in summer, during tourist season. However, the weekend after the fourth is traditionally slow.

I had the last two episodes of The Sportsman Channel program  America Unplugged on the recorder, and watched those.  There were eight episodes in the series, and they were all very good.  If you missed them, five will be shown back to back on the night of 27 July.

The fourth season of Doomsday Preppers premiers on July 24, showing on the National Geographic Channel.  The "scuttlebutt" on the internet is that they are going to try to do a better job of representing real people this time, and lose the moronic clown angle.  I will believe that when I see it.  I haven't decided if I will even watch the premier yet.

Finished Shatter, the 2nd book in the Deep Winter trilogy.   I think this is my third or fourth reading.

On the Kindle, I can highlight passages as I go along.  It's quicker and easier than using a highlighter. Every time I read these two books, I get something else out of them.  I'll admit, they are a kind of "how to" and "training manual" as much as they are novels.  That's common  in post apocalyptic fiction, and it takes some getting used to.  It adds a lot of value to the book though, especially when it's as well researched and thought out as these two are.

  I often recommend Deep Winter and Shatter to people who are having trouble grappling with issues like why paper currency isn't really currency, and how it has to eventually lose acceptance as having any worth.  There are detailed explanations of inflation,  of how currency has to be backed by something of value to be viable, of how the tax system works.  Lots of economic information, presented in an understandable manner.

Plenty of detail on the nuts and bolts of getting yourself ready for a time when you can't just prance down to the Home Depot or Walmart when you need something. Lots of information on the very small items you might need. We all know the mantra about food, shelter, water, protection...  these two books take it to a much more detailed level. It's "actionable" information.

Like J.W. Rawles, T.C. Sherry is religious and it features in his books.  But not all of his characters are, and if the protagonist and his family practice their version of faith, that doesn't detract from the realism of the story.  Sherry doesn't overdo it, like Rawles frequently does, so it seems more realistic.

Based on my experience, I'd say the vast preponderance of survivalists, or preppers, or whatever moniker suits you, really are religious people. I think that only makes them stronger, because it makes them feel like they are not on their own. As long as you don't sit back and wait for your deity to save you, or do your work for you, I consider that a strength.  I'm not religious in any way, shape or form myself but objectively, I can see how it could play a big part in people's lives. I do think it has to be practiced in moderation, though.

I think it's time for a nap.  That's a privilege of being older. I was in McDonald's this morning at six thirty, and the place was jammed with old men in Bermuda shorts, polo shirts, and expensive sandals or running shoes. They were in there getting their "senior coffee's" and meeting their cronies. The air was full of off color Viagra jokes and the obligatory "are you still alive?" as new guys came in the door. The parking lot was full of Florida tags.

Not one soul who wasn't gray headed.  Including me.


  1. G'day Harry,

    Great photo of the Lair! I would not mind having a look at some of the programs you mentioned, will have to sweet talk my daughter next time I visit her as she has Foxtel.

    I have read JW Rawles first book and it is enjoyable enough as fiction but I find some of his premises pretty extreme and just downright odd (to an Aussie). I must say that if there was a financial meltdown of the proportions described in the book the European Union would have other priorities more important than sending occupation troops to the US, like trying to prevent becoming part of the new Islamic Caliphate whilst simultaneously settling ancient scores between each other.

    1. Sgt,

      The UN is mixed up in the concept of the "New World Order" in a lot of people's view. There's also the fact that we pay so much money to the UN, we host it, and then other countries use it to lambaste us, while they appoint Iranians to their human rights commission. Personally, I can't see why the UN would ever want to send troops here, no matter how messed up we were, because what would there be in it for them? But there are people who see it as a potential part of the UN. If the UN would quit trying to control what we do here through their cheesy treaties, which our own Quislings use as cover for new , more restrictive laws, maybe some of the animosity most people in the U.S. feel for that organization would be ameliorated to an extent. Of course, the lefties here think the UN is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

      Europe definitely has it's own problem with a burgeoning and increasingly militant Islamic population. That's happening here too, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the United States. It's particularly popular among inner city blacks. Louis Farrakhan and Malcolm X would be pleased.

    2. I totally agree Harry, I would be overjoyed if Australia left the UN tomorrow, all we get from it is grief over being a racist nation, ever increasing bills and attempts to impose endless meaningless treaties on us. If you think back to the 2004 Tsunami in the Indian ocean which hit Indonesia very hard, it wasn't the UN that rushed in with help. It was Australia, the USA and Japan who arrived within a day or two to start helping the survivors. The UN stuffed around for weeks with assessments of the situation and endless meeting, The Aussie government gave Indonesia almost US800 million in aid, the UN didn't even come close to this amount and the Moslem countries pretty much kept their hands in their pockets as well!

    3. The UN is a worthless organization. What do we need it for? If we need allies, we have NATO and individual countries like yours we can work with. It chaffs my a** that I pay taxes, which are given to the U.N. , which then sends them to the Palestinians, who had big celebrations and gave out little cakes and sweeties on 9-11 while they danced in the streets. I sure don't need a bunch of diplomats from other countries trying to foist off their way of life on me. Let everybody settle their own affairs and live how they want to, seems to me. Right now the U.N. is saying we should let all these illegal aliens swarming across our borders stay on as resident aliens. Easy for them to say, they don't have to pay for all of it , deal with the consequences, or do anything but sit back and make pompous pronouncements. Let them take some MS13 types to their own countries. Maybe they could get MS 13 to handle their Islamic problems.

  2. One thing about FIAT currency the US has gotten right they (the government) accept no substitute which is something most times it has been tried failed to do. The second thing they did was make sure the government employees did not suffer the same fate as the tax payers they are putting the screws too. Sure they pay taxes themselves but looking at how much more the public sector makes over the private these days it's no wonder they been managing to keep the can going. Hence the underground economy cannot support the tax base and there will always be a demand for FIAT dollars.

    In most cases of extreme FIAT devaluation the underground economy eventually overtook the FIAT one as minor officials began accepting gold and silver or other currencies in payment.

    1. Rhodesia and Weimar Germany come to mind as examples of what happens when FIAT currency hit rock bottom. I think that will happen here at some point, which is why I don't put money into anything that is not tangible anymore.

    2. Well the big difference between say Rhodesia and Weimar vs. the US today is that those countries did not maintain a mandatory use for the currency. Taxes were not enough and government was small. The US has had the world trapped and forced to use it's currency which always creates a demand and with large government has stiffed use or acceptance of an alternative. Ie. reserve currency/petro dollar problem. The hard outter shell of that must be broken before the real FIAT collapse can begin. It is cracking as we speak though.

    3. China keeps talking about going to a basket of yuan rather than a basket of dollars. The oil producing countries, including our dear and faithful allies, the Saudis (bless their Wahabi hearts) are talking about going to the Euro.

      Like the song says:
      :when the sh*t comes down, you better be ready!"

  3. "It makes them feel like they are not on their own." And, exactly how is that helpful? I depend on my imaginary friend?

    On the few occasions I am in Hardee's early in the morning, there are many old men and women, a hookup place. I am not popular when I stop for a moment to speak to a man I know. The women snub me. They are my age but like older. I try never to go inside.

    1. You mean how is it helpful to believe in God? Well, in my experience, once people have done all they can do for themselves, it makes them feel better to think that God might intervene on their behalf. I tell you this, when my wife got a brain tumor, I prayed my ass off and promised to go back to church and all kinds of things if she survived. When she did, I was embarrassed and felt like I had thrown over my principles in a time of crisis. But to hell with it, I was desperate, it made me feel more hopeful, and how do I know God DIDN'T save her. I don't know if there's a God or not. Just in case there is, it didn't hurt me to cover my bets.

      These guys were just getting together with cronies, something I would bet they do every day while they are up here. Most of them looked like the golf crew, and I bet they play on Sundays. I just thought it was really weird that the whole place was filled up with Seniors. No young people, no middle aged people. (Except the workers.)

  4. Doomsday Preppers looks entertaining to me. I'd watch it.

    Now we've been reading about Anasazi culture. My husband's birthday is coming up. I might just get him "Man Corn". He's pretty interested.

    1. There's a good show on the Anasazi on History Channel sometimes. There is incontrovertible proof that cannibalism existed , and was a frequent occurrence, during the Anasazi collapse. But the tribal councils of the Navajo and Hopi get all mad and deny it, in the face of all the proof. It doesn't jive with their view of their ancestors as peaceful, bucolic tillers of the soil.

      I've always been fascinated with the Anasazi, and I still like to read about them when something new comes out. There's no viable answer to why they just picked up and left their massive dwellings, leaving behind valuable possessions.

      Doomsday Preppers in the past had an unsavory reputation for "fixing" the show. For instance, they offered one woman $1000 if she would kill her cat on camera and then cook it.

      They also choose people who were clearly unbalanced, unstable, and outright incompetents for some of their shows. They were in absolute ecstasy when one guy shot off his thumb while ostensibly teaching his kids to shoot. A lot of people, myself included, quit watching. It remains to be seen if they really learned they were alienating their audience and will try to present a more balanced view in this new season.

    2. I suppose like anyone you don't want to admit when you have something sketchy in your ancestry. Cannibalisim isn't something that's positive. It's fascinating to an outsider though.

      I'm pretty sure there is Native American, or African somewhere in my Mom's side. My Grandpa is really dark skinned. My Dad has tried tracing it though. He can't find it, and gets mixed stories. His own history he has traced back a long ways, and has a ton of photos.

    3. Well, I know the Celts were head hunters but it doesn't fuss me any. I see your point though. I just feel like it's kind of silly to keep saying it didn't happen when the physical evidence is overwhelming. For awhile, the Navajo and Hopi were saying ,"well, we acknowledge that people were cut up and cooked in pottery (pot boiling on the bones and cut marks on the bones) but nobody ate them. Then the archeologists found a coprolite at the site of a massacre, analysed it, and proved conclusively that it was both human and contained human matter.

      We have Cherokee in our ancestry. I think everybody whose ancestors came from Europe and settled in the Carolina's does.

  5. Hey Harry,

    The Anasazi I'm sure abandoned their civilization when the climate got drier and farming collapsed. I've seen some of the grasslands in Southern New Mexico that may have extended much further north at one time. My thoughts is that the planet was slowly coming out of an ice age and more temperate (and moist) climate existed early in the Anasazi civilization providing for grasslands and good crops. Once the climate changed and things dried up, so did their civilization.

    Yes' boys and girls, global warming has been happening for thousands of years and someday we will have global cooling and glaciers in North Texas (thousands or tens of thousands of years from now)

    Maybe 800 years from now archeologist will find human bones that were 'knawed on" by other humans in the mid 21st century.

    1. Hey Harry,


      that was me again...

    2. CC: drought may have played a part in their collapse, but dendrochronology makes it clear the Anastazi had survived more severe droughts previously in their history without collapse. And, there's the question of why they suddenly abandoned their magnificent "great houses" and started living in cliff side dwellings you had to climb up a cliff to get to. It's clear there was a very violent breakup of the overall societal structure, because at numerous sites the inhabitants were attacked, killed and eaten. A lot went on out there 900 years ago but putting all the pieces together is something that hasn't been done yet.

  6. Hey Harry


    Went to the range yesterday. I took the target AR and did some of the best shooting I have done yesterday.
    A friend of mine bought is Rem. 870 and we were shooting three inch magnum slugs outta it too. I really like the 'ghost ring sights' on that shotgun. I kept getting bullseyes on the shot gun at 25 yards, even with the three inch slugs. My arms all sore right now...
    Im not sure if I ever want to keep magnum shells around. Maybe if someone made a shotgun that could take 2/3, 3 inch and 4 inch magnums and had a bolt and spring mechanism like a standard AR. I know there is a shot gun that looks like an AR out. Maybe changing out the spring, and buffer and the shotgun would absorb more recoil on the big rounds
    It almost seems counter productive to use magnum rounds unless you got body armor on to absorb the recoil on the shoulder.
    Everyone's gotta due their own thing. My thing is a very, very accurate shooting with a well built 5.56 rifle. Its what I am comfortable with. I really like shooting my M1A, but its hard to take follow up shots with all that mass from the bolt moving around.
    I got friends that have real nice .308 AR's and they swear up and down how accurate they are for follow up shots. That's great if you can get an upper receiver that's milled steel. I don't trust the long term lifespan of aluminum uppers on the .308 platform. That's big money for a .308 AR and big money to feed it and big arms to carry all that .308.
    It just maybe better to stick with a really well built 5.56 rifle with an 18 inch barrel and full length gas system the way the M-16 platform was (I don't like the 12 inch uppers) Great for house clearing, lousy out in the boonies especially when the bad guys get smart and start using .303 Enfields and pick your guys off like flies because you cant nowhere near the bad guy with return fire (Im glad I'm not part of todays modern military)
    I still like the concept of the rifleman the best. Take five rounds, take out five bad guys. Every shot counts, skill over spraying lead down range.

    1. Have you looked at the semi-auto shotguns coming out of Russia? I never owned a Saiga and don't know much about them but it would be worth doing a little research if you are looking for a shotgun with special attributes.