Friday, August 15, 2014

Could this be the same sainted individual, the paragon of virtue that the press has been presenting? Looks more like a thug to me.


  1. Uh huh, a fat boy thug that likes to intimidate others.

    And, around here folks similar to him are well know for walking down the middle of the street - kind of a Black Privilege thing I guess.

    Also, I am real surprised that the Press has run a photo of him when he was 9 years old - kind of work that Trayvon Junior angle!


    1. I'm surprised the clerk didn't have a machete. We have a convenience store here run by Pakistanis. They would put the chop on someone who tried to rip them off, even for a candy bar. Maybe the fact that this is well known accounts for the lack of crime around their establishment.

      I guess the Pope will have to cancel the ceremony elevating Michael to sainthood now. Or, maybe not. After all, we have to make allowances for some antisocial behavior on the part of black youth due to the corrosive effects of slavery from one hundred years ago.