Friday, August 15, 2014

If you have school kids in Virginia, good luck.

I suppose if you live in Virginia, and a number of other states, you already know that the Federal Government is dumping off hundreds, if not thousands, of unaccompanied illegal alien children in your state.

What you may not know, is that federal law says they are "entitled" to an education.

By your schools, which you pay for with your property taxes.  Having been in the position of being a teacher who suddenly has illegals in his classroom, who speak no English, I can assure you the impact on the quality of education your child receives is significant.

However, there's a new twist.  Virginia has been told by the Federal Government that these kids must be admitted without physical examinations or proof of vaccination.

American kids have to have proof of vaccination, but not illegals. That makes sense to D.C.

What you had better be worried about is what these illegals are carrying.  Tuberculosis is one concern, as are things like dengue fever, chicken pox, and a number of other unpleasant diseases.

If you put kids in a classroom, disease can spread like wildfire. It's an old lament of teachers that everything goes through the school, and everything gets taken home to the teachers families. That's true.

Google "Illegal Alien children diseases" and read some of the articles. I don't have any school kids in the family anymore, but I thought that some people out there might not be aware of this.


  1. I just saw this on Fox News. I think its one of the worse decision ever made. Once again Obama is abusing his power by stating these kids are entitled to an education.

    1. If I were teaching in one of these schools, I'd be looking for an exit strategy. Tuberculosis is no joke, especially the drug resistant strains. But just having all these kids in the classroom will bring down any chance of giving the American kids a fair shake. I had them stick illegals in my classroom when I taught. They told me I had to spend a set amount of time each day working with them and just let my regular kids do "busy work." That's one of the reasons I finally bagged teaching after three years of it.

  2. So scary! So far Nebraska is pretty strict with immigration laws. In Fremont, NE they do background checks, and won't let you rent, or buy a house if you are illegal. The Human Rights Campaign was freaking out about that one.

    *Oh from your comment on my blog earlier: That is really the only time I've ever gotten low. I'm a fairly happy person. My husband is more down in the dumps than I am.

    1. I think the federal government is forcing Virginia to do this. As soon as I can find a news story I can embed on it, I'll post it.

      I know you are. I just think that sometimes it doesn't hurt to tell a good person they ARE a good person. There are always plenty of people out there willing to say someone isn't, or to infer it. Anyone would have been depressed by that experience, at that age.