Monday, September 15, 2014

Feminism has Slain Our Protectors. A WND article.

I would dearly love to have done a cut and paste on this article from WND, because I think it makes a lot of sense. But it's copyrighted, so I am posting a link. I think it's got a great deal of truth in it, although it's too late now to do anything about the situation.

Feminism has Slain Our Protectors.


  1. Hey Harry,


    The same thing happened to Germany since the 1990's. The Germans have always been a country to be reckoned with for hundred and hundreds of years. Since the wall fell, so has there manhood. The green party and the weak of German society took over and now the Russians have Germany 'bent over a barrel' on energy and if the Russkies decided to 'do the Blietzkrieg waltz' through Southern Europe, I think Europe would fall unless we got involved.

    I gotta say Harry' that in our country their still may be plenty of real men in the flyover states. We got a whole generation that is hardened by 13 years of war. Yeah' I know we got a lot of wimps, but you guys don't see some of the oil field workers down here or some of the other tough guys and "old tough old guys" I know. The National Media (mainly tv and internet) wont show real men unless its on some reality show of some sort. They are out there, more than most realize and I think that's what scares Hollywood and all the fruitcakes on the east coast too.

    1. CC, I don't think that she really means there are no masculine men left. I think she is making the point that radical feminism has had some cathesropthic impacts on the society as a whole. As you point out 13 years of constant war has certainly drained our treasury and cost us a lot of good people, but it has not exposed any shortage of capable warriors.

      I was particularly taken by this article because it expounds on a trend that I saw while teaching. Schools are generally run by female administrators, and many of them are very left leaning. Education in general tends to draw a lot of staunch leftists, ironically for the same reason it attracted me. They realize they can mold young minds and craft life long behavior if they get the kids young enough.

  2. Hey Harry,


    almost forgot. My right shoulders all bruised up thanks to that 'Russkie torture device' know as a Mosin Nagant. My shots are three feet off at 100 yards, so yeah' I gotta do something. I think the scope idea may be the best and I can remove the scope and reinstall the rear sight at a later date and keep the rifle original as possible. That Mosin expert at the range shot my rifle and was real impressed with the trigger and rest of the rifle. I just gotta get it accurate and I'm good to go.

    1. Three feet off, CC. Vertically or horizontally, or all over the board?

  3. I'm all for woman being able to work. Many professions and woman have taken things too far. The firefighters for example: When my brother in law was applying to be one he couldn't get the job because they didn't meet their quota that year of women on the team. Women in general are just not as strong as men. He applied 3 times, and got the same quota response. Finally he was about to not apply the 4th time. A firefighter called him up and said, "You know we have reached our quota for the year. You should apply." He did, and got the job. They wanted him on their team; otherwise they wouldn't of called him. It's silly they have to wait until they meet race/sex requirements before hiring those that they want hired.

    Another situation has come up in the classroom. I've had 3 girls get pregnant in the last say 5 years. They were nice girls, but I have to say that I wanted to personally slap them. They had horrible taste in guys. Each one of them just decided to do it all on their own. The "fathers" were no good. Girls should learn that they don't have to do it all on their own. Yes they should have waited to have sex, but what's done is done. The guys should help pay up. Many girls that are young, and get pregnant think they have to do it all on their own now a days. It doesn't have to be that way.

    1. Alissa, I am for women being able to work, provided they want to. Unfortunately today, I think most working women are there by necessity and not by choice. It's just how it is, taxes are so high, and the price of the things we need daily is so high, it's rare for one of a couple to be able to stay home.

      Parenthood is both a huge responsibility and huge burden, though it brings a lot of joy to a family in the right circumstances. Single parenthood is many orders tougher than a couple. I think that the young women who have kids with no real fathers don't know what they are doing, nor do they understand the unintended consequences of being alone. You know I am not a religious person, but I have always respected and supported Christian values, because at core they were designed to support a workable and necessary human institution, the family.

      The quota system is destructive, no matter in what application. In the early 1970's, there was a quota system in effect in the Marine Corps, in order to increase the number of minorities in the officer corps. In reality, because the troops knew it existed, there was a tendency to regard every minority officer with distrust and dislike. It was "would you let a doctor operate on you if you knew he got through med school on affirmative action?" The really insidious thing about it was that while some really bad officers did get through the training courses and get their bars, there were plenty of men who would have made it anyway, and who were good officers, that found themselves tarred with the same brush.

  4. If either of my sons resembled the bumbling fools that many TV shows portray men to be, I would be ashamed. Both of them are strong, capable men who have work ethics that are second to none. One is single and the other married with a family. Both have a sense of responsibility that I admire. I have noticed this in particular since my husband, their step-father, died six years ago. As I age, life has become more difficult, and they have been there for me, giving me the help I have needed in taking care of the things that are beyond my physical capabilities. I have no doubt that both of them are prepared to defend not only me but the other members of their family as well. My sons are men. I am proud of both of them.

    1. Your sons were raised properly by parents who had both feet firmly planted in reality. I suspect that they also went to schools where the teachers and administrators were "normal" people, not self appointed saviors of our society with a burning desire to change that society from the bottom up. There are lots of good people out there. I often wonder, though, why it is that they don't seem to rise to the top of the heap where they can exert some influence. I can't think of any people I really admire who are in leadership positions today.

  5. I guess as a stay at home dad I might fall in the wrong camp of your argument. Although I do the washing, look After the kids, do most of the cooking and cleaning I'm still a mans man and "provide" in other ways.
    I do agree with the argument to a point though. I often feel that now both people in a couple are expected to work, no one is any better off, bills have just raised to meet it.
    I've no regrets about going part time to look after the kids and grow and preserve our own as much as possible. I'm glad we live in a time that we can make the choice that suits us.

    1. Kev,

      I had to laugh a little when I started reading your comment. We haven't been reading each others blogs long, so I think you probalby don't know that my wife works, while I am retired. I do the dishes, clean the house, do the laundry, etc. She comes home worn out, and often has to bring work home. I wouldn't want her to have to fool with household chores when I can easily do them .

      Personally, I haven't ever felt like maintaining a household and supporting a family really lent itself to gender selective jobs. There's too much to do, too little time to do it, for that.

      What worries me is that today men who are assertive tend to be either ridiculed in our society, or portrayed in a negative light. For instance, crime shows are popular in America, God knows why. You can just about bet that on every "team"there will be a black "boss" that everyone kowtows to, an aggressive, sarcastic woman who puts the male members of the team in their place, and the men will be slightly bumbling but well meaning drones. Take "Legend" which just started here as an example of this subtle conditioning.

      As I mentioned above, our schools often do the best they can to inculcate the values prized by our government, which wants docile, obedient little sheeple who never think for themselves. That's a really bad trend for a country that is supposedly the most powerful in the world.

      I watched "British Blackout" recently and there are a couple of things I wondered about. Everybody used the "F word" in just about every sentence. I spent a lot of time in England during the 1980's and late 1970's and I certainly didn't get that impression. Has that really happened or was that just B.S. for the show?

      Also, I didn't get around many English kids. The one I saw the most was "Jaunty." His dad was a Royal Navy Commander. Jaunty was usually at school in England (we all lived in Italy) and his parents only saw him once in awhile. Once we were invited to their house for tea. Jaunty was there and he was very polite though he was only about 9. I remember we gave him a little radio controlled submarine and he said "how frightfully kind." My wife and I had to try hard not to laugh for fear of hurting his feelings.

      But in the movie, a kid the same age told his dad to "F off" when the dad told him to do something, repeatedly. That's not normal English behavior, surely?

    2. My wife works hard and brings lots home so I try to reduce what she does as much as I can (although we're both messy people so it's hard to keep the place looking great with two little ones destroying everything!). I work weekends, school holidays and some evenings to bring in extra money where I can, my job lends itself well to being part time as I'm self employed with my own customers who work around the times I can give them.
      The F word is used a lot. coming from a male dominated industry (carpenter) it's used A LOT! With some blokes it's every other word! And as for the kids it depends on the parents! There are some little sods about but then there are some lovely ones as well, like anything really. Your only get the extremes portrayed on TV.
      I know what you mean about the stereotypes. They say now that as a white middle class male you're selected against due to "positive" discrimination, but if you're good enough I always think you'll get selected for the job! I've never had any trouble finding work yet.
      The British stereotype that some of you guys have in the US makes me laugh. Sometimes the comments I get on my blogs makes it sounds like we all live in foggy London, have terrible teeth and a cockney accent. Thats why I love these blogs and breaking down what we all think of each other and the countries we live in. Also when I read blogs (like yours) that's has some really interesting thinking on it.

    3. It only makes sense to do what you can to keep the ship afloat. I don't actually work anymore at a job, but was in the Marines for 16 years and then I worked for an Oil and Gas company for 20, so I am about burned out. My wife is a special ed teacher, and she is very passionate about it, so she is still working. Also, even though it is very bad insurance thanks to Obama Care, we get what little health insurance we have through her job.

      We don't hear that word here very much, and never in just casual conversation. By here, I mean right where I live, in the Blue Ridge Mountains. If a man used that language publicly, around women or kids, some Southern Baptist farmer would beat their ass in short order. Folks here are long on the Old Testament and short on the New Testament. My brother, who is a retired cop, got into a horrific bar fight and thrashed two younger guys over this very issue out in Oregon. He asked them once to quit that talk around the ladies in the bar. They should have listened. I think they just figured he was some old guy who was all talk. They were wrong about that.

      But , I expect if you got into certain other segments of our society, particularly some ethnic groups, you'd hear a lot more of it. Like very other word.

      I worked with English military people in Italy from 1982-1985, and they were pretty polite folks. There's a big distinction between the officer class and the enlisted class in your country that we don't have here, I notice that right off. Even the language they speak is different.

      We traveled in England a good bit, because I had a conference (FMF EUR) at the American Embassy in London every year at Christmas. It was actually a big boondoggle just to get to see your buddies from all over Europe, do a little sight seeing, and shopping. Even so, I rarely came into direct contact with English people other than things like at restaurants and checking into hotels. The people I ran into were invariably pleasant, welcoming, and hospitable though sometimes we couldn't understand each other. But then, I didn't go into the bad parts of any towns and I didn't have any interface with the "immigrant" population that even then was starting to cause some real issues in the U.K.

      We have quota systems here, both official and "under the table." If you saw Alissa's comment above, it speaks to what I mean. Our government uses quotas for a lot of things like educational grants and work experience programs and as a result a lot of white males are shut out. I know for a fact that to do business with the government, you have to adhere to their "guidelines" for "ethnic diversity" and I've seen people hired for jobs they could no more do than the man in the moon in order to flesh out an ethnic quota. You can imagine what that does to the efficiency of a business or a government department.

      It's not all that great a world. I'd go back to the 50's in a split second if I could.

  6. Ken - you are definitely a man's man!

    and Harry - i actually took great offense to Patrice's article. i found it in very poor taste for her to say the we want men around to do the dirty work. provide for us, protect us and then take out the garbage. she actually said that we need men to do the hard jobs that women don't want to do, can't do or just won't do.

    i understand her points but it could have been written differently. i will gladly take out my garbage, i'll even take out yours! but i am glad to be in a respectful, and equal, partnership with a man. he will protect me as i will protect him. we will make bread together. he will lift the heavy things and i will lift the lighter things.

    he is an excellent provider and protector and i would never demean him by saying he takes out the garbage, is a volunteer fire-fighter, is very good at plumbing and wiring. if you re-read Patrice's article, you will see that she says just that.

    much love always to you and yours Harry! your friend,

    1. Kymber,

      I didn't get that at all. I think the point she was making is that most of the really dangerous or less than desirable jobs like being a butcher are filled by men. She said you could find women there, certainly, but the majority are men. She absolutely was not demeaning anyone who practiced those professions.

      What she was trying to illustrate is that feminists denigrate men, and what were once masculine virtues are now seen by a large portion of the society has liabilities now as a result.

      As I was saying to Kev, if you look at American TV, males are usually portrayed in both comedy and drama as rather well meaning, bumbling Cretans who have to be guided and directed by their intelligent, decisive female foils, be they wives, girl friends, bosses, work associates, etc.

      I don' think for a minute that she meant to imply there are not vast numbers of women who appreciate men for what they are, just as you value J for his positive attributes. I think she makes a very good point though, that as feminists have reached positions where they can wield considerable power in American politics, this has given them the chance to force their views down the throats of the general population in many facets of life.

      You know I have started holding my nose and watching Al Jazerra, in an attempt to get more prospective on events than the poor reporting on American TV. One of the groups that Al Jazeera constantly gets guests from is The National Organization For Women." I have been absolutely stunned by some of the things these women say. If they had their way, people like J and me and most of the men who comment on this blog would be in camps, because we represent a direct threat and an impediment to the progress of women.

      That's what the article was about.

      Still waiting for a picture of the new acquisition!

  7. Harry - you raise some very good points that i agree with. however, if mainstream television is only portraying men as bumbling idiots, then don't watch it, don't let your kids watch it and don't let your wives watch it. yes, the feminists have a lot of power that they are wielding like Patrice's White Knights from the middle ages.....however, all that needs to change is for families to stay together, raise children together and these feminazis will go the way of the other nazis. and that is my point.

    she does not speak for me...and she does not speak for a lot of other women. that was also my point.

    much love. hope you enjoyed the pic. your friend,

    1. God Damn it!

      I just wrote a long response, and when I tried to publish it the damned blogger program just dropped out and I lost it all. So much for twenty minutes worth of work!

      Ok, let me see if I can write this again but it will be shorter.

      First, I don't watch tv that much but it's not me I'm worried about. It's all the Couch Potatoes out there who frame their view of reality based on what they see on tv. If their favorite star on a favorite program acts in a certain way, some low intellect people will try to emulate that.

      That's why burglars and muggers and rapists are always white on American tv. Is that reality? Well, statistically, not even close. But if you show a black gang member or mugger, that's "racist" and conveys "negative images" of minorities. I personally knew a guy from Maine once who assured me that I worried too much about going down to Atlanta to Piedmont Hospital , which is in the very worst part of a not very cool part of town, infested with criminals who, for some reason I cannot or dare not enunciate, are largely black. I asked him how many black people he knew, and the answer was well, he didn't really know any at all, but there was a family of black people in his town who were reputed to be very nice people. Well, I don't doubt they were, but this guy got his overall impression of the issue from tv, where blacks are invariably portrayed as the boss, the policeman, the judge, the lawyer, the doctor, et al. But life isn't really that way, is it.?

      So when feminism manifests it's radical views through Hollywood, which is has no trouble doing, lots of impressionable young people get a distorted, stilted view of the world which they believe is accurate and they model their behavior on it.

      Nobody can write an article on a divisive subject that speaks for everybody. People all tend to have nuanced opinions on anything, so they aren't going to slavishly agree with everything in an article if they are cognitive beings (I grant you there are morons, who will believe anything they are told, but my point is that I didn't expect you or anyone else to just sign on to what she was saying completely.)

      I don't think she was running down men at all. That wasn't her aim. She was trying to show how creeping Feminism has rotted out the core values that once made America strong.

      This is a sorry comment compared to the one I worked so hard on but I'm tired out. ;-)

      I haven't seen the picture but I will go check my email now.

    2. buddy - you better go check that email now! and you better understand that i was raised by an englishman who hated "limey's", called them all lazy and then when the pit (coalmine) went on strike - they hired 14 jamaicans for him to supervise in the pit. he told me that jamaicans were the hardest working people in the world. that might have been because the jamaican men were promised that if they worked their butts off, their wives and families would be flown here for free. and they were. my dad as foreman and those jamacains mined 1,000 tons of coal in one shift.

      so i know a lot about stereotypes and how they can be skewed. but i do not like the way her article was written. PERIOD.

      love always to you and yours! your friend,

    3. Well, then I'm going to hold my breath until you either say you liked the article or I DIE! and then you'll be sorry, but it will be TOO LATE !!!

      And I'll haunt you, too. :-O

      Let me go look. I got to answering Kev's comment but I'll go now.

    4. listen you buddy - as you can tell i am stalking this blog post! but i gotta go make dinner for my hard-working MAN! so don't die before then as we have a lot of more civil arguing to do....which is why i love you! i don't have to agree with everything you say...but i can certainly respect your opinion and learn from you. but ya - go check that email. yer gonna near die when you see my latest "baby".

      much love buddy, always! your friend,

    5. I've reconsidered and if I become a spirit because you made me have a stroke, I'm not going to drag chains around and rattle windows and doors at your place. That's too much work. Instead, I've decided that my incorporeal self will PEEP on you in the hot tub! My daughter says that old geezers who like to look at women (even fully dressed ones!) are called "Creepers" and are loathsome. I will become a Creeper Ghost. That would be easier and more fun anyway.

      Yeah, I am hungry too. I went to the ice box and got some ham and french bread and made myself a sandwich. I can't begin to compete with the great food you show on your blog, or the meals you make for Jamie, but at least it's quick and easy to make a sandwich that's basic.

      I saw your new item for the Table of Equipment and I like it a lot. I don't have any items of that nature, made for ladies, because when my daughter was growing up they didn't make things like that. I wish they had.