Thursday, October 23, 2014

31 years is a long time. Doesn't seem like it.

This patch is from the ships store on the U.S.S. New Jersey.  You know how it is about souvenirs.

I don't know if anything done there made a difference, but if it didn't, it wasn't for lack of trying.


  1. Hey Harry,


    You guys that were in Beirut did what you were ordered to do. The lack of security, I blame on the upper echelons of the command , the state department and politicians running the show from a desk in D.C.

    The same mistakes have been repeated countless times in countless places, from Bengazi to todays attack in the Canadian Parliament.

    Harry' I cant ask you not to be bitter. Lord knows that you got that right. If it means anything to you, I think you and your fellow Marines did the best you all could do under the conditions you had to work with.
    I don't know if that advice will help, but it was not your fault and it was not the fault of your fellow Marines.

    On a side note; I guess everyone knows how I feel about Islam. If I wrote down what I want to write down, Google will ban me for life.

    This shit will only get worse. I don't know how you guys feel about 'Oliver North' (I know all about Oliver North covering up for Reagan back in the early 80's) Oliver North is predicting IsIs to attack Baghdad on November, 3. There are predictions that they will attempt to take the embassy in the Green Zone (November 3, is a big Shite holiday) and the Sunni's (Isis) will use that to their advantage)

    One prediction Oliver North said is that government may have to Evac the embassy like in South Veitnam in 1974.

    I got that intel from Fox News (The state department may want to change the channel from MSNBC to Fox News if they want to know whats going on)

    The world is upside down. Things are spiraling out of control on a global scale thanks to the decline of the western world.

    1. I don't think about it much anymore, CC. At least, I don't consciously. If I catch myself doing it I usually try to think of something else. I didn't come way up here in these mountains to worry about things I can't do anything about, or things I can't change. Besides, if I'm not careful I get really angry and I have to watch that.

      I guess what will happen, will happen. Most of us can ride it out. The people who didn't take any precautions, make any plans, or do any thinking aren't my concern. You reap what you sew.

  2. I too can not believe it has been that long. We might actually win a war if the politicians would not get in the way.
    But look at what is happening now, ISIS is bringing the war to us. I recall not so long ago you did a post about this group and the worry keeping you up at night. Some people told you not to worry because it is over there..not here.
    After some of the recent is now here. All you hear from those people are "crickets"

    1. Beirut left me with an appreciation for the capabilities of Moslem fanatics that a lot of people don't have. As much as I detest Islamic Terrorists, I have a lot of respect for their determination and ruthlessness. They never stop. You either kill them, or they will kill you. At my age, I'm a spectator to events, and I'm safe up here. Doesn't make it any easier to see how the war against them is being bungled by politically correct fools like the President.

  3. You know, Harry, I must have been in a big fog when I read this post the first time. It didn't even register. In retrospect, I don't recall any mention of it on Fox, either,

    I think the next big day is the 8th of November being a battle in Vietnam. Most have forgotten that day as well, but at least it got a song written for it by Big & Rich.

    And in a different sort of event the Edmund Fitzgerald sank on Lake Superior on Nov. 10th. It, of course, had a song dedicated to it as well by Gordon Lightfoot.

    1. There wasn't anything about it on a single news channel. I actually did this post because I do it every year. Even if all I do is sit and smoke my pipe on it, I remember the anniversary. It's the only time I actually try to think about it.

      I did another post immediately after this one because it really wasn't something many people would care anything about so I didn't want to draw attention to it. Last year I did a post and got some nasty emails . Even though I took my email address off the blog, I didn't want to argue about it or justify it or listen to some s**tbird who probably wasn't even born then lecture me on the evils of American policy in the Middle East. I wasn't in Vietnam so I don't keep track of the important anniversaries there but I imagine the guys that were participants do.

      I like Gordon Lightfoot. Had all his records when I was in college.