Monday, April 27, 2015

I am watching Baltimore burn from the comfort of the mountain top.

 I'm not in much danger up here on this mountain, so I can afford to watch the goings on in Baltimore in a fairly detached manner.

Still, it's the country I live in.   All I can do is watch events as the death spiral accelerates.  I might as well just keep an eye on it for anything that might affect me up here, and not worry about the rest.

I've used the term Morlock for the rioters, instead of saying "blacks." That's because a lot of black people don't appreciate this type of behavior any more than I do.  The fellow in the video below pretty well sums it up.  Caution, his language can get a little salty but it's well worth watching.

Here we have the Major of Baltimore saying "go to it" before she conveniently took a powder and disappeared. No one seems to know who is in charge in Baltimore right now. Mayor Rawlins-Blake is telling the police to back off, and give the rioters their "space." Too bad if you live or work in that "space."  The appeasers in political office are learning that you reap what you sow.  If you hammer the police when they try to maintain law and order, then don't expect them to be enthusiastic about a repeat performance.

I am watching the chaos .  Morlocks are attacking the Eloi whom they find on the street.  There are some pretty horrific pictures of people at street cafes or walking down the street suddenly being attacked . Some fought back but most just ran away or stood there and got thumped. The miscreants are stoning or beating people based on the sole parameter of race. Gender and age don't enter into it.

 Shepard Smith of Fox News is doing his normal thing, as the burning and looting plays out on the screen. He's telling all about how it's the fault of the police.  The poor, downtrodden minority residents of Baltimore are just looting, attacking people, burning things because they are being oppressed by "The Man."

At the same time, Shepard Smith is shrieking about the city being lawless, and blaming the police. 

One thing you notice about old "Shep." He's damned careful to stay in the Fox Newsroom until the smoke and fire are no longer in evidence.  He may be a great friend of the looters and rioters, but he isn't going to go down there and rub elbows with them until things quiet down.

The police, on the other hand, when they can speak  "off camera" are saying they aren't going to engage the rioters, because they'll just get hammered when some rioter gets hurt. So they are sitting it out right now. I can't say as I blame them.  Shoot a Morlock in self defense, get pilloried by the press, have Barrack Hussein running you down on national tv, get yourself investigated by the so called "Justice Department", lose your job or go to jail.  I'd stand there and watch too.

Lots of burning vehicles, many destroyed police vehicles.  Seven police officers seriously injured at this point. Reinforcements seem to be slow in arriving at the scene. Why should they hurry. If they have to use force then Jesse Jackson , Al Sharpton, and presumably Shepard Smith will be there with their crying towels.

Here's an interesting video which illustrates the fact that when the "oppressed " are on a roll, it's a bad time for white people to go sight seeing.  I like the opera music, because this is all theater.

Here's another funny / weird thing.  Suddenly many of the advertisements on Fox News are for emergency supplies and food. One of them starts out with dramatic music and then declares" You may not be a prepper now, but you will be!"

Friday, April 24, 2015

We have enough problems here at home.

  I have been watching all the furor over today's version of "boat people", and I'm amazed at how some things never change.  I listened to a radio broadcast last night that featured a French Canadian who is the chief of an advisory committee on "human rights" to the United Nations.

This guys name was "Crapaud" or something similar, which struck me as appropriate.  His solution to the problem of the  Third World Wave washing up on the shores of Europe now was to set up an agreement whereby one million "immigrants" would be accepted by North America and Europe over the next five years. He had a quota system.

America is supposed to accept 75,000 of the boat people per year, for the next five years. Canada would accept 3,000 per year. Most of the rest would go to France, England, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Belgium.  This guy said that in view of globalism, national borders no longer mean anything, and anyone has a right to live anywhere they want to.

We have people here in the U.S. who feel that way, and it hasn't worked out too well for us.  We have between 16 million and 22 million illegals living here, depending on whose numbers you use. We have a population somewhere in the neighborhood of 256 million. No one knows for sure because illegals and certain other groups are almost impossible to track accurately.

These folks may make up a small percentage of the overall population, but they consume a huge proportion of the social services like government housing, prison costs, government health care, education, government hand outs, etc.    The U.S. debt is so far out of control that no one thinks we will ever be able to pay it, and eventually we will either print so much money paying on it that the dollar has no value, or we will default.  Who's going to pay for taking care of all these new residents who have no skills, no English, and different values?

 They skew our elections in favor of the Democrats by voting illegally. Their main contribution to American society is a burgeoning crime rate. We have Cambodian gangs, Salvadoran Gangs, Mexican Gangs, Vietnamese Gangs, and on, and on.  The latest federal estimates of the number of immigrants in gangs make the aggregate total of gang members from foreign countries larger than the armies of most countries today.

The government will raise taxes on working people, and taxes are already at an all time high. This year, every cent a working person earned from 1 January through 24 April went to the government. According to the Tax Foundation:

  • This year, Tax Freedom Day falls on April 24, or 114 days into the year.
  • Americans will pay $3.3 trillion in federal taxes and $1.5 trillion in state and local taxes, for a total bill of more than $4.8 trillion, or 31 percent of the nation’s income.
  • Tax Freedom Day is one day later than last year due mainly to the country’s continued steady economic growth, which is expected to boost tax revenue especially from the corporate, payroll, and individual income tax. 
  • Americans will collectively spend more on taxes in 2015 than they will on food, clothing, and housing combined.
I personally am not interested in importing hordes of Third Worlders who contribute nothing, consume like locusts, and exacerbate the social problems we already have here.  If anyone doubts the effect of bringing in these aliens, consider these examples.

In Norway, women in Oslo now travel in groups when possible, and some are dying their hair black in an attempt to be less of a target for Moslem rapists. There's a news story from Oslo in a previous posting, which illustrates this fact and acknowledges that during the time the story was being prepared, 100% of the rapes in Oslo were committed by young Moslem immigrants. 

In France, there are large enclaves of Moslem people who live in their little mini-worlds exactly as they did in Algeria, Morroco, Tunisia, and similar places of origin. There is no attempt to assimulate into French society, and every summer the youth celebrate by going on rampages and burning cars, for the fun of the thing.

In England, cities like Birmingham contain Moslem communities which practice Sharia law, to the exclusion of English common law.  English soldiers home from the wars have been murdered in the streets by home grown Islamic terrorists. English women are harassed in the streets because they don't dress in accordance with Moslem precepts. As for bombings and the like, I wouldn't care to ride a bus in London or get on the "tube" anymore.

In the U.S. Minnesota has become the poster child for what happens when you import large batches of Third World people.  The churches there worked out a deal to get large numbers of Somalis visas to live in that state. Now Somali gangs terrorize the cities, and "Somali Americans" are sneaking off to join ISIS in droves.

There are plenty more examples of how this "let's all hold hands and sing Kumbaya" concept has worked out in reality. In truth, it doesn't.   I don't know where Mr. Crapaud's 75,000 a year will be welcome, but I doubt that many Americans other than the clique in D.C. will be overjoyed to see them arrive here.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Samozaryadnaya Vintovka Tokareva, Obrazets 1940 goda

I have two SVT 40 rifles.  Today while the weather was perfect I took one out of the back of a safe and gave it a work out.

I don't have all the accoutrements shown here but I thought this was a great picture.

The SVT 40's tend to stay in the safes for a reason. They have a reputation for breaking parts, to start with. Since they are in the seventy year old plus range, parts for repairs are not easy to acquire.

The SVT 40 is a good shooter. The rifle is long and a bit heavy, but it's elegant in it's way.  The magazine isn't designed to be removed and replaced in action. Rather, it's reloaded with stripper clips. Most shooters today don't like stripper clips because they're used to just dropping the empty mag out of the weapon and popping another full magazine into a weapon. If you practise a bit with stripper clips you can get pretty proficient and it becomes second nature.

The SVT 40 uses the same stripper clips utilized by the Mosin Nagant rifle. They aren't hard to find or expensive.

The SVT 40 is relatively difficult to field strip for cleaning , so I only fire brass cased commercial ammo or my own reloads.  Soft steel cases can cause extraction difficulties and all surplus ammo has to be regarded as corrosive. That bothers me not at all with a bolt gun , cleaning is relatively easy. But cleaning is not easy with the SVT 40.

I like these rifles for my purposes.  I'm not going to be operating them in the forest, where their weight and length would factor in. I'm going to be cleaning them at the bench in my shop and not in the field. They can reach out and touch someone way out there, and the 7.62 x 54r is a full power battle round.

Kathy Usher got hurt.

My long time friend from Moving On To The Past had what seems to be a pretty bad accident. She has had a rough year, as those who read her blog know. She's very brave about it but it's a lot to deal with, all these things. :-(

Moving On To The Past

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Rain, the Woods close in, and a new "prepper" movie.

Raining here for the third day.  The forest has turned green in a very short time, from barren to verdant. On the one hand, it's less sinister when it's fleshed out. On the other, the field of vision from the house is reduced from perhaps 30 feet into the tree line, to the tree line itself.

Electronic security devices are far less useful  now, although those on the sole access route to the mountain top aren't really effected. I suppose it's a trade off.  Motion detectors in the woods around the house become largely ineffective, but the density of the undergrowth makes the likelihood of anyone or anything approaching the buildings through the woods undetected virtually nil.

The dogs have not yet adjusted to the reduced sight distances and the increased noises from the woods. They bark and rush down to the tree line several times nightly now. As they adjust to it, that will taper off. It's tempting to go out and tell them to be quiet, but I don't want them to be hesitant about letting me know if something is out there.

"Something" includes mountain lions, bob cats, coyotes, black bear, wild hogs, and the red wolf. None of these animals are dangerous if you can keep them from getting right around the buildings. Woe betide anyone who walks up on them in the woods, or comes around the corner of the building and surprises them. Even the otherwise inoffensive red wolves could be a problem then. Get bitten and it's rabies shots for you, if nothing worse.

And then, there's always the two legged variety of predator. Those were virtually non existent here fifteen years ago.  Not so now.  Psychopaths haunting the Appalachian Trail,  Hispanic gangs plying their drug transactions in the national forest, random acts of extreme violence by mentally ill or drug inflicted individuals. Those are all part of the mix now.  Like trees going over in storm, there really isn't a lot you can do about any of it, other than be aware the potential for trouble exists.

This movie was released on 4 April. It hasn't shown up in local theaters here, which comes as no surprise. I don't know much about it, except it seems to be one of those films you either love or hate, with no in between.  I can say, though, that the reviewers are all calling this a film for "preppers" and "off grid enthusiasts", rather than a survival film.

A typical review of "Goodbye World"

Saturday, April 18, 2015


Accidentally deleted two good comments when I was cleaning out the spam filter.  One concerned throwing the Islamic murderers who chucked those people over the side, back into the ocean. I concur and would happily give them a shove to help them on their way.

The other was about a comment someone made exciting the wrath of my little Troll. That's ok, I thought she might have choked on her own venom , nice to know she's still alive. I guess....

  For some reason, both wound up in the spam filter. Sorry for the mistake.

I notice lots of people are taking advantage of the good weather to garden. Not much activity on the different blogs I read. After this past winter no one can blame people for getting outdoors. I did some shooting today myself, worked out with a Sig P226 and a Springfield 1903.

I'm glad to say I can still hit what I aim at, within reason.  This also gives me some reloading to work on when it starts raining again tomorrow.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Islamic "migrants" throw Christians overboard in the Mediterranean Sea.

Europe has it's own illegal immigration problems.  More than 280,000 illegals from Africa in the last year coming in through Italy. This is a charming little news article from MSNBC, which of course has to put on the "sad face" for the migrants. Even they can't put much sugar coating on this group of the followers of Mohammed.

MSNBC - Moslem migrants throw Christians overboard at sea.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Why would anybody need to carry a gun?

  • Maybe elderly white women ought to stay out of the black part of town.
  • No, you couldn't have blasted everybody but you wouldn't have had to. After the first two or three went down it would have been a**holes and elbows as the rest tried to get away.
  • Notice it was black on black?  What was the victims crime? He tried to help the old lady out.
I am sick of this kind of thing.   The only news outfit to carry the story was NBC and that was on the "video clips" section only.  Dennis Quad getting mad and cursing , on the other hand, made all the news.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Long Term Ammunition Storage

 I can't really remember a time when there wasn't concern about the government suddenly banning possession of small arms by civilians.  I didn't much care until 1986, because I wasn't a civilian between 1971 and 1986 and didn't pay much attention to the issue.

George Bush the First was no real friend of gun owners. He had a real dislike of the NRA, mainly because the NRA was no fan of the BATF, and George I considered the federal agencies like BATF and the FBI as his private police force.

Willaim the Bastard certainly was no friend of gun owners, and George Bush II , while a conservative, was all in favor of legalizing illegal immigrants and in some cases limiting the right to bear arms. We all know about Imperator Barrack Hussein, despite his promises to the contrary he's done all he could to grab the guns.

But picking them up is going to be problematic.  Unlike the unfortunate citizens of countries which allowed gun registration, and consequently had no chance when confiscation came, Americans won't automatically troop down to do the governments bidding. Vast numbers of arms would go underground in the event of an unconstitutional ban, and enthusiasm for enforcing it among the rank and file of law enforcement would be low.  Only the Federal Sicherheitsdienst  would put any real effort in going after gun owners per se.

What do to, then?  If you can't get the guns, how about ammo sources?  That's an easy way to put gun owners out of business, so it's reasonable to expect the Oligarchy to try that.

There's also the fact that in the event of a major disaster or civil disorder, the first thing the government does is ban the sale of firearms, ammunition, and liquor.  I can see the logic behind it if you live in Cloud Coo Coo Land.  You don't want rioters to get all fired up on popskull, and arm themselves. The problem is, banning the sale of anything during riots is pointless. Think back to the newscasts of Ferguson or New Orleans, or any other breakdown situation. Can you see those people stopping at the gun store door and saying "oh, damn. We can't loot this place because of the ban."

Finally, in the long term aftermath of a major breakdown, it's a  "come as you are" survival situation. If you don't have it stored, you aren't apt to have it at all.  Remember the protagonist in "The Road" and his little revolver with two rounds left? I still cringe when I think of him running away and leaving the young woman and her son to be eaten by the cannibals, but with 2 rounds and twenty cannibals, what were his options?

So, you could try to trade for ammo, which seems to me a pretty iffy proposition, particularly in the complete breakdown scenario.

If you can't trade for it, you can perhaps make it. I reload, and keep large quantities of components on hand. I know a good many people who come by here with the same intent. They will be able to produce their own ammunition in quantity , regardless of which of the above scenarios transpires.

In my mind, a combination of three options is best. I keep barter items ,  I can reload my own ammo, and I store ammunition.

Long term storage used to mean buying ammo by the case, and keeping it in a climate controlled environment. Of course, you have no way of knowing how it was stored before you got it. I bought several cases of Turkish 8mm Mauser ammo, headstamped in the late 30's to the mid 40's period. I am pretty sure it was sitting in a warehouse somewhere from the time it was made until I bought it in the late 1980's.  It came in the wooden crate, in spam cans, in bandoleers with stripper clips.

This was what most "survivalists" did.  Some of them bought ammunition, and stored it in PVC tubes sealed at both ends, with desiccant packs in the tube.  Since I had my own purpose built retreat by 1986, I stored the crates in a portion of my shop or the main house, where I could keep it dry and cool the year round. Most of those cases of ammo are still there, either on dunnage or stacked in purpose built racks.

For many , many years, and possibly to this day, the best internet information I ever found on long term ammo storage was written by an Army ammunition tech.  His spelling and grammar were not top flight, but he knew what he was talking about.  As far as I know, no one can say who this guy actually was, since he went by "Bird Dog."  Here's his article : (from a post a couple of years back). I cleaned up the spelling and grammar but it's his information.

There has been much debate on what is the best way for long term storage of ammo, and while I can’t say it’s wrong to place your ammo in a bucket and suck out all the air and replace it with nitrogen I can say it is a waste of valuable resources.
O.K. if you plan being cryogenically frozen for hundreds of years then maybe. The rest of us just need to know what is the best way to properly store ammo so that it doesn’t degrade over a period of time and that it functions as designed when put into use.
 Now. I need to give you some background on how and for what condition ammo is built. Military cartridges are designed so that they can withstand storage temperatures from minus 65 degrees F. to 122 F.   So as long as you don’t keep them in an oven you’re fine. They’re  made for soldiers to use in battlefield conditions under the most horrible conditions conceivable and still function.
The manufactures (OLIN, Winchester, Remington Etc.) know this and they also know they will lose a big fat Govt contract if they don’t pass this criteria. Here is one for you, the same folks that make 5.56mm make the exact same cartridge and call it a .223 ,change the label and sell it civilian.  (Just a note: there are actually some differences, primarily in terms of pressure. Most people don’t know or care about these.)
Same with 308 (7.62 NATO). (Same note above applies)

 So now you know that there is hardly any difference between civilian and military ammunition manufacturing. Let’s get down to storage.

Shelf life refers to how long an item can remain in storage and still be functional. Well, all military small arms have an indefinite shelf life. This means as long as it is properly stored it will never go bad. (I’ve fired military surplus from the 1930’s with no trouble. I have read of people firing ammo from the Spanish American War, with no ill effects.)
Service life refers to how long a item can remain in a operating configuration and still be functional. Small arms ammo should be good from anywhere from 6 months to 18 months before you need inspect it. If the ammo has some corrosion on it take some copper wool or steel wool and take it off then it’s good to go unless it is to the stage of pitting, then get rid of it.

Now, most ammo comes in a wooden outer container with metal inner packs that holds the ammo. We store it on at least two inches of dunnage to keep off the floor. It is inspected every five years and then only ten percent is checked for defects and then thrown back into storage for another 5 yrs. (if nothing is wrong). So now what can you do as a civilian to store your ammo?
Your number one enemy is moisture, as long as you have a waterproof container you are fine. I use empty 20mm ammunition containers that you can get from any surplus store although PVC pipe will do. Try and keep the cartridges in the original packing and try and keep away from metal to metal contact.
To ensure that the ammo has no moisture I throw in a couple of dehumidifier packages. This is strictly optional as we don’t even do that in the military. Whether it’s military ammo you got at a gun show or 22 shells from K-mart it’s all the same. Before you store it make sure its clean, dry( and wiped off if you touched it) and that’s it! Wow, almost too simple!

 You don’t need to vacuum seal it, and you don’t need to store it at any particular temperature just keep it dry and out of the elements and leave it alone. I have been working with munitions for over 11 years, and this how the Army have trained me. I hope this sheds some understanding on storage.

So, that's what Bird Dog had to say, and it sounds good to me.  There have been articles on long term storage in various gun magazines, over the years, and none of them have said anything much different.

However, the latest edition of American Survival Guide has an article on long term storage, and it had some new information. I did not know, for instance, that some of the powder companies are now developing powder specifically for long term storage purposes. You can use it to load your favorite chamberings and it's designed for long shelf life.

The magazine also has some notes on what specifically can make ammo go bad, which I found interesting. I don't intend to have my ammo at 125 degrees F, but then as they pointed out, it can get that hot inside your truck on a summer day.....

*Note the pictures from AIM are reprinted by permission. I buy a lot of stuff from them and they let me use their pictures, but it's not a quid pro quo.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

"Though this encounter is not recorded in any history books, it was memorable enough for those who took part." I guess so.

In the Rear with the Gear, I always say.

Jared Diamond - Collapse

In talking about the dire water situation in California, Nevada and the Southwest, this documentary came to mind.  It was produced some years ago and was based loosely on Professor Jared Diamond's book  Collapse, how Societies Choose to Fail or Succeed.

The book deals with specific examples of  complex human societies that failed when placed under external stress such as drought,  climate change, or changes in the weather pattern.

The DVD program examines early 21st century life, the challenges we face, and our response to external stresses, or lack of response.  A large segment of the documentary is devoted to the drought situation in America.  It goes into the mechanics of drought and of the water supply in great detail.  Although the program was produced before the politicians had acknowledged the degree of danger involved, it remains relevant to our situation today.

The program is available either on DVD through Amazon, or you can watch rather blurry but free versions on the internet. It's worth the time involved.

A link to a related article in New Scientist Magazine.

New Scientist Magazine - Why the Demise of Civilization May Be Inevitable.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Another big storm rolls through in the middle of the night.

A big line of thunderstorms rolled through again last night. Quite a display in the sky.  I was watching "Blue Bloods" on an Atlanta station over the satellite, and they started interrupting the programming with tornado warnings. Fortunately, all we got here was a lot of noise and lightning, followed up by torrential rain and wind.

This morning it's cooler, in the low fifties, and very blustery.  Shortly we are going into town because my wife needs to pick up a few groceries.

  The new Survivors Edge showed up in the mailbox, all beat up as usual. Why would a publisher put out an expensive magazine, and not put it in a mailer or plastic wrap?

This one had lots of gear that I'd like to have. Most of it was electronic, including a GPS system that has a satellite link enabling you to send text messages and automatic position reports from any place on earth.

There was also a piece of equipment for boaters, a pocket sized GPS system that is completely water proof and lets you send automatic position reports, text messages, and has an emergency beacon that works through satellite.  My brother spends a lot of time off the Oregon coast, out of sight of land. Might be a good Christmas present for him.  I need to repost his description of a tsunami warning fiasco he was involved in some years back, it's both informative and funny.

A new military surplus catalog from Sportsman's Guide showed up as well.  This is one of the best in years. Lots of new products, and a lot of really good deals.  You can pay something in the neighborhood of sixty dollars a year to be a member of their "buyers club." Sounds like a lot until you contrast the catalog prices with the buyers club discount, then it makes financial sense.

I'm also looking for a catalog from Cheaper than Dirt and Major Surplus and Survival.  They aren't that good about sending theirs unless you buy something pretty frequently, but you can order the catalogs on line for free, so it's more of an inconvenience than anything else. Sportsman's Guide is better about keeping you in the loop even if you don't send them an order every month.

Looking through catalogs is fun, even if you don't buy anything.

  The new BudK catalog was in the mailbox as well.  They're a great source for inexpensive knives, paracord, flashlights and similar equipment.

Their prices are very good, and the equipment they sell has always been up to snuff. Primarily, it just doesn't have the name of fancy companies attached to the goods, so people with a lot of money may turn their noses up .  But as far as I'm concerned, good enough is good enough.  If it gets the job done, I'm not worried about whether the knife maker is famous and has big full page adds in this magazine or that magazine.

BudK has things you can't find anywhere else. I once bought a replica of a Roman gladus type sword as a wall decoration from them. You just never know what will be in the catalog.

Not much else going on here in North Georgia.  No news is good news, I suppose.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Very Dark Night

It's a very dark night out there.  The last few nights there's been a bright moon, but we're having drizzling rain and intermittent thunderstorms tonight.  It's not really cold but it's dank, so I built a fire in the fireplace.  My wife was reading but she's gone to sleep on the couch.  One ferret is stretched out on the warm stones of the hearth, and one is asleep curled up on my spouses blanket. Ferrets sleep up to 18 hours a day. Good work if you can get it.

No plans for tomorrow.  Actually no plans for anything, though I'm trying to think of a little change of pace, maybe a couple of days in some new place.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

This is a relatively new magazine that apparently has really been well received.  I haven't bought any issues of the magazine because it's largely concerned with outdoor skills.  It's not a hunting magazine, though when it first came out it had that "feel" to it.  They've moved away from hunting, where it's hard to compete with the established magazines out there.  Now they're more inclined towards what I would consider "old survival skills",  living out in the bush, living off the land.

I can't buy every magazine that catches my eye.  I already buy Off Grid,  Modern Survival Guide, Surplus,  Recoil, Survivalist, Be Ready, Living Ready, Prepper and Shooter, Survivals Edge , Backwoods Home and odd magazines that have articles I want to read.  So the Modern Pioneer, New Pioneer, American Frontiersman, The Backwoodsman and others that tend towards a mobile, live off the land lifestyle are not on my shopping list. Purely due to financial constraints, since I'd read them if I had unlimited funds.