“Wyrd biõ ful ãræd.”

Friday, April 24, 2015

We have enough problems here at home.

  I have been watching all the furor over today's version of "boat people", and I'm amazed at how some things never change.  I listened to a radio broadcast last night that featured a French Canadian who is the chief of an advisory committee on "human rights" to the United Nations.

This guys name was "Crapaud" or something similar, which struck me as appropriate.  His solution to the problem of the  Third World Wave washing up on the shores of Europe now was to set up an agreement whereby one million "immigrants" would be accepted by North America and Europe over the next five years. He had a quota system.

America is supposed to accept 75,000 of the boat people per year, for the next five years. Canada would accept 3,000 per year. Most of the rest would go to France, England, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Belgium.  This guy said that in view of globalism, national borders no longer mean anything, and anyone has a right to live anywhere they want to.

We have people here in the U.S. who feel that way, and it hasn't worked out too well for us.  We have between 16 million and 22 million illegals living here, depending on whose numbers you use. We have a population somewhere in the neighborhood of 256 million. No one knows for sure because illegals and certain other groups are almost impossible to track accurately.

These folks may make up a small percentage of the overall population, but they consume a huge proportion of the social services like government housing, prison costs, government health care, education, government hand outs, etc.    The U.S. debt is so far out of control that no one thinks we will ever be able to pay it, and eventually we will either print so much money paying on it that the dollar has no value, or we will default.  Who's going to pay for taking care of all these new residents who have no skills, no English, and different values?

 They skew our elections in favor of the Democrats by voting illegally. Their main contribution to American society is a burgeoning crime rate. We have Cambodian gangs, Salvadoran Gangs, Mexican Gangs, Vietnamese Gangs, and on, and on.  The latest federal estimates of the number of immigrants in gangs make the aggregate total of gang members from foreign countries larger than the armies of most countries today.

The government will raise taxes on working people, and taxes are already at an all time high. This year, every cent a working person earned from 1 January through 24 April went to the government. According to the Tax Foundation:

  • This year, Tax Freedom Day falls on April 24, or 114 days into the year.
  • Americans will pay $3.3 trillion in federal taxes and $1.5 trillion in state and local taxes, for a total bill of more than $4.8 trillion, or 31 percent of the nation’s income.
  • Tax Freedom Day is one day later than last year due mainly to the country’s continued steady economic growth, which is expected to boost tax revenue especially from the corporate, payroll, and individual income tax. 
  • Americans will collectively spend more on taxes in 2015 than they will on food, clothing, and housing combined.
I personally am not interested in importing hordes of Third Worlders who contribute nothing, consume like locusts, and exacerbate the social problems we already have here.  If anyone doubts the effect of bringing in these aliens, consider these examples.

In Norway, women in Oslo now travel in groups when possible, and some are dying their hair black in an attempt to be less of a target for Moslem rapists. There's a news story from Oslo in a previous posting, which illustrates this fact and acknowledges that during the time the story was being prepared, 100% of the rapes in Oslo were committed by young Moslem immigrants. 

In France, there are large enclaves of Moslem people who live in their little mini-worlds exactly as they did in Algeria, Morroco, Tunisia, and similar places of origin. There is no attempt to assimulate into French society, and every summer the youth celebrate by going on rampages and burning cars, for the fun of the thing.

In England, cities like Birmingham contain Moslem communities which practice Sharia law, to the exclusion of English common law.  English soldiers home from the wars have been murdered in the streets by home grown Islamic terrorists. English women are harassed in the streets because they don't dress in accordance with Moslem precepts. As for bombings and the like, I wouldn't care to ride a bus in London or get on the "tube" anymore.

In the U.S. Minnesota has become the poster child for what happens when you import large batches of Third World people.  The churches there worked out a deal to get large numbers of Somalis visas to live in that state. Now Somali gangs terrorize the cities, and "Somali Americans" are sneaking off to join ISIS in droves.

There are plenty more examples of how this "let's all hold hands and sing Kumbaya" concept has worked out in reality. In truth, it doesn't.   I don't know where Mr. Crapaud's 75,000 a year will be welcome, but I doubt that many Americans other than the clique in D.C. will be overjoyed to see them arrive here.


  1. I think the number of U.S residents is substantially higher - 320 million I think it was, but I dont' know if the illegal population is counted or not.

    I think the U.S. population has doubled since 1960 (55 years) and is set to go substantially higher. Where are they going to live ? Where are they going to work ? Will our infrastructure (already crumbling) be able to handle the extra load ?

    Somebody needs to answer these questions BEFORE the new ones arrive. The lifeboat only has so much room - then it sinks from too many occupants.

  2. I think the numbers are higher too, but if you google U.S. Population you get this huge disparity in numbers. I went on the low side.

    We already have migration within the country going on, as Californians flee the collapse of that state and look for new homes in the plains or mountain states. All we need is a vast influx of people with no skills and no cultural connection at a time like this.

    You are exactly right about the infrastructure falling to pieces as it is. There's a two hour documentary on The History Channel called " The Crumbling of America" that highlights just how bad the condition of our current infrastructure is.

    We already know what happens when you allow an unbridled influx of refugees from the Third World to flood into this country. People write books about the negative aspects of it, but nobody seems to listen in D.C.

    The feds are prosecuting Joe Arpaio, Sheriff of Mericopa County, Az because he made a high profile stand against the flood of illegals coming in there. Anybody who tries to do something about it is criminalized by the minions of Barack Hussein. His regime wants to see as many illegals in this country as can be arranged, so he can "legalize" them with his little pen, and create legions of new Democrats. The fact that the quality of life here is plummeting largely as a result of this kind of thing does't phase him at all. He knows whatever happens to the rest of us, Michele can go on spending $460.00 for a little brunch by the pool.

  3. You are absolutely spot on in your analysis of this huge problem. We in Minnesota are living with the results of the "hold hands and sing Kumbaya" thing. As I write, the family of the Somali man from Minneapolis who was arrested for trying to join one of the terrorist groups is screaming all over the local news channels about harassment and that their family member is as innocent as a newborn babe. Any night of the week we can listen to the scanner and hear of gangs roaming the streets of Minneapolis. There are places in and near the city that I would not venture into even if my life depended on it. And it just keeps getting worse. I shudder to think of what life will be like 10 years from now if this isn't stopped. I think what aggrivates me and frustrates me the most is listening to those who ignore what is going on here and world-wide. Either they are perfectly happy in their ignorance or they just don't care as long as it doesn't inconvenience them personally. One has to wonder what will happen when the violence invades their little corner of the world - and it will.

    1. The great thing about being one of the elitists who run this country, is that you can live in Utopian enclaves where the real world never touches you. So you can make decisions on things like immigration, and feel good about what a great person you are, while the rest of the people in the country suffer all the ill effects. Nobody is going to do a home invasion on the Obama's, now or later. No one is going to refuse a job to their kids because being a black American is "out" and being an Immigrant is "in."

      It's the common people who pay the price for what's going on. I saw what happened to a town 45 miles from here, as the crow flies,when hordes of Hispanics were brought in to break strikes twenty years ago. What used to be neat, tidy black and white housing areas are now slums where the occupants slaughter goats in the front yard and hang them off the porch to bleed out. Crime on a large scale came with those people, not so much the workers but the teens and twenty somethings they brought with them. Now the Latin Kings damn near run the whole town. I could tell you things I've seen with my own eyes over there that you would find hard to believe, Vicki.

      The Romans made the same mistakes. They let the Goths in, thinking they could "control" them and use them. It turned out to be just about the last mistake the Empire made.

  4. Harry another well written post. Yes once again America is being told to bend over and grab their ankles. And yes MN is becoming over run with East Africans. i blame the churches reaching to to help folks over seas, when they need to help folks here first. Many years ago we went to drop off paperwork at the County SNAP office, I looked at my wife and said, "oh great the domestic blacks are bad enough, now we have them imported too" I fear so much damage has been done to America, I do for see another Civil War. Mainly a one of race.

    1. Rob, balkanization is far advanced here. Nobody thinks of themselves of Americans much anymore, you're a Hispanic, or a black, or an Anglo, or whatever. The different groups all compete for power and resources, and the rats nest we are living in is the result. If you look at Southern L.A., for instance, there's been a low level civil conflict going on there for forty years, between Hispanic and Black gangs and their supporters. Two distinct entities can't control the drug trade, prostitution, protection rackets, etc so they battle over turf. What's happening in America now is the same thing, with more polite titles but the same goals. Power and resources for my ethnic group, to hell with everybody else. No system can endure for very long with that going on.

  5. It would be a whole lot better and cheaper if the French, the Italians and the Greeks, especially the Greeks who are demanding Germany pay for their economic bailout package, send a few thousand troops over to Libya and push back the trouble makers over there. Then the rest of the folks would not have to leave Libya. The majority of these "refugees" are not even Libyans but from further south on the dark continent fleeing conflicts created by Muslims killing anyone that is not of their own flavor of Islam. The solution proposed by commie UN Surrender Monkey wonks like Mr Crapeau spells nothing but more of the same trouble we've all seen before. None of them will make any effort to assimilate wherever they are sent to, be it Europe or here because they were given a free pass. More free passes = more of the same.
    The trouble started when Ted Kennedy, AKA the Swimmer (remember Mary-Jo Kopechne) and his band of merry shysters in an effort to aid his Irish friends foisted on us the "Immigration and Nationality act of 1965" (Hart-Celler Act) that effectively ended all numerical quotas and waived 99.9% of the prerequisites previously in place opening the flood gates for anyone and everyone. Previous to that immigration policy was established based its benefit to the country and as such there were prerequisites favoring those who would be self supporting, and would not be a burden on the welfare system. All immigrants required a sponsor who would vouch to provide for the immigrant. The Hart-Celler act eliminated all that. A massive expansion of the refugee program in the 1970s brought millions in who could not and would not assimilate and could not really provide for themselves. The 1986 Blanket Amnesty Program further weakened our defenses, and then the same later in 1990s with no less than six different amnesty initiatives.

  6. The only good thing I can say about Ted Kennedy is that he is dead. Finally.

    Your idea about settling the hash of the different gangs in Libya was broached on Al Jazeera by one of the European Defense Ministers, can't recall which one but I think it was the German. He was given short shrift by the next speaker on the program, some woman lefty who ranted on about "Europes responsibilty" for those trying to reach European shores. What responsibility would that be, I wonder?

    I heard an interview with two of these guys (not the ones who threw the Christians overboard in the middle of the sea, I hope they move in next to the liberals who feel so much for them). One was a Syrian, the other a Palestinian. When the interviewer asked what country the Palestinian wanted to go to, he said Norway. Asked why, he responded "because they give you an apartment, and a car, and the most money every month." I personally don't believe that, not even of Norway, but this guy damn sure did. Asked what kind of job he wanted, he was taken aback and couldn't think of an answer. It appeared that working was not part of his plan. He was asked why he was a refugee and he said that his family and another family in the West Bank were having a feud and he didn't want to get whacked in it. I guess that makes him a political refugee, alright.

    The Syrian was even more upfront. He just wanted out of the hell hole the middle east has become, and was ok with going to one of the socialist european countries because he could wax sleek on the government benefits and not have to bust ass in some menial job.

    Europe can have them and all their brothers and sisters as far as I am concerned. I have to say though, that the Europeans who want to preserve their culture and their country are developing some moral courage and some organization, so maybe they can save themselves.

  7. Hey Harry,


    I don't know what else to add to the conversation.

    All points of interest have been talked about on this blog before (except for Craphead in the U.N.)

    Many scenario's will play out.

    Broke down communist America will lead to multiple wars in the middle east, Persian gulf and Eastern Europe.

    The next European conflict will be what's left of Nato invading Russia as energy starved southern Europe eye's the vast wealth of minerals, oil and gas reserves in Russia.
    of course they (southern European leaders) fail to learn the lessons from Napoleon and Hitler as the same scenario is played out in the winter months and of course this could go nuclear real fast.

    Middle east scenario, everyone gangs up on Israel and attacks. Israel nukes everyone else attacking them. Mecca is nuked in an attempt to eradicate islam as well as that mosque on top of the Jewish Temple is bulldozed. The Jewish Temple is rebuilt setting up another five thousands of future conflict that countless generations will witness.
    As much as I personally like Israel. This is one I think its better to stay out of.


    Several South American countries will 'whack away' at one and another killing off undesirables as all conflicts do in history.
    India, Pakistan will finally 'duke it out with nuke's wiping out huge chunks of undesirables in both countries.

    Far east will see China implode in Civil war, killing off hundreds of millions due to starvation, disease, radiation sickness from fallout from middle east, Persian gulf nukes and maybe some rads from Nato's attempted invasion of Russians.

    The island countries such in the far pacific will also some see conflict with some countries invading others. I see a coalition of neighbors invading Austrailia for their land and mineral reserves and New Zealand taken without a shot.

    The South Pole, Anartica will be a battle ground for the first time with countries fighting for the minerals in that artic wasteland.
    Some South American countries, Chile, Argentina will be battling with the coalition that was the Philipines and Malaysia after the moslem hordes rape Austrialia and New Zealand, the South Pole will be on their radar.

    "The Battle Down Below" (that would make a title for a good book)

    If you think the 20 century was a loo' loo in world history with 120 million dead by their own countries and two big world wars, multiple Persian gulf conflicts etc.

    The 21st. century will eclipse the 20th as the most violent and dark in human history, possibly outdoing the black plague during the 13th century with death tolls exceeding all other epoch's in human history.

    Do I want to see this happen. NO!

    However, history always, and I mean always repeats itself.

    1. Thus spake Zarathustra! I hope your crystal ball is off frequency, CC, not so much for myself but for my children. And yet, stranger things have happened in my life time. I grew up in constant fear of the Russians, doing the hide under the desk drill at school, etc. Then my young adult life was spent practicing fighting the Russians, which we all believed would occur sooner or later, but inevitably. Then Russia collapsed.... Who would have thought it possible. Only time will tell about the future but at least I am forted up here on the mountain and should be able to ride out most things. Just hope my kids can get here if the balloon goes up.

  8. Gee that's nice of Mr.French Canadian Crapaud to give the US 75,000 boat people while Canada takes only 3000. I'm sure that's a supreme sacrifice on their part to give up so many, especially when they have more room up there than we do down here. But then, it's all part of the plan to sink the US then, isn't it?

    1. I have never been a fan of the U.N. What can we expect of an organization that puts the Iranians on the Human Rights Commission. I guess their delegates can find time to attend sessions when they are not overseeing hangings and stonings in their own benighted country.

      We really are being overwhelmed by all the problems and lacking any type of leadership in D.C. I don't see how we can get out of this death spiral. It's depressing if you think about it.

    2. Leigh,
      The population of Canada is only 33 million, the population is taxed at 45%, as to more room, perhaps in acreage but in land these people can live on there is a problem. Can they farm, the cities that can house ethnic populations are very few. I think Crapaud is an idiot but Canada does do its part. I wonder if the UN is like "Special School" it allows the average and whiney students to act like the leaders and motivated students?

  9. Hey Harry,


    Here's one for you.

    This you find very interesting. It about a retired Royal Navy admiral who predicted the rise of the Islamic Celephate back in 1990.

    What was interesting was his latest prediction about how this retired admiral believes the 'Barbary Piracy' will start up again and pray on shipping as it did in the 19th century.


    1. The Somalis are already doing a pretty good job of emulating the Barbary Pirates even if the geographic location is offset a bit.

  10. I have to say one thing here...at least the Mexicans who are illegal want to work. There are too many jobs Americans will not do because it is too hard or does not pay enough. [Agriculture]. These new legal and illegal "refugee's" are terrifying to me because they do not want to be American, they just want the enormous benefits of this country. However this may be rooted in our insane desire to label even ourselves as something else. African Americans, German Americans, Hispanic's etc,. and the like. Why not Americans?

    1. Fiona, some of them do want to work. I think the trouble is that a lot of Americans want to work too, but they can't work as cheaply as Hispanics do. For instance, in my town for an considerable period the local teenagers wanted to work in the fast food joints, but couldn't because everyone working in those places was Hispanic, legal or otherwise. The owners preferred them because they didn't ever complain about low pay or poor working conditions. It was only after the state implemented severe fines for employing illegals that the Hispanics suddenly disappeared. Now the workers in those places are largely seniors and teenagers here.

    2. The illegal alien of today isn't interested in assimulating and becoming American. They are here to take advantage of the opportunities America offers that their countries don't. Starting up a business or 'moving up' in the world in a 2nd / 3rd world country is very difficult. Not easy in America - but you have a chance at least.

      What really galls me is that the ILLEGAL alien makes the LEGAL alien feel stupid. They followed the rules, payed the fees, took the tests and earned their right to become American. The illegal - just show up and get it for free.

    3. Even here in Maine I have been affected by this situation. As a carpenter I need to carry business liability insurance, truck insurance and medical insurance. I have a mortgage to pay as well. If I hire help I need to pay workman's comp, I pay taxes. On several occasions in the last few years I have been outbid by hispanic fly-by-night contractors that do not have any of that overhead and work under the table paying not taxes or workman's comp, or business liability, hiring their sketchy illegal buddies who live 12 to a flop house for 5 $ an hour, and are able to do the job for 1/3 of what I need to charge to do it right and put my name and reputation on it.

    4. Fiona. You are spot on. Despite the fact that we all had it drilled in to us as kids that the color of someones skin and ethnic origin is not supposed to make a difference, the media and left leaning politicians in the last 30 years has promoted this hedonistic and absolutely demonic ideal of multiculturalism and diversity. Not realizing that diversity actually means to divide and split asunder, to separate and classify in to distinct groups each on with their own preposition and pet peeve. Thus promoting the balcanization of society according to their chosen preposition in to little separate and divergent groups easily taken advantage of by the charlatans and snake oil salesmen, instead of a united cohesive populace with a common language, values, culture and objective. That is why I have always insisted that assimilation was my primary obligation as a legal immigrant.

    5. Anonymous, you are exactly right in what you say. Anyone with any sense knows it, but the people with power in this country couldn't care less, it suits their agenda.

    6. Michael, I can't add much to what you said. Every point you made was valid in my view. So many people know what's going on, but the government is totally unresponsive to people unless they can afford to pay the president for a night in the white house guest room, figuratively speaking. We don't count.

  11. speaking as a canadian - Mr. Crapaud can go jump off a cliff! i can't stand the UN, it's New World Order kind of thinking and all of the crap that comes with immigration of peoples who have no intention of assimilating! poor jam was 7 yrs old when his school was suddenly over-run with refugees from vietnam and refugees from the lebanese civil war. most of them were friendly, assimilated and went on to become successful canadian citizens. however, i watched the city of ottawa become a haven for immigrants of all brands and while i was on my korean language training, we played a game going to and from school called "count how many white kids get off the bus". there weren't many.

    i am all for hard-working immigrants coming here, assimilating, and contributing. however, here in canada that has become rare and the majority of them end up on welfare or other social programs that taxpayers support. it's getting ugly Harry. and i fully agree with your post!

    sending much love to you and yours! your friend,

    1. Kymber, that's a pretty good synopsis of our situation here. One anecdotal incident that typifies our problems with immigration. Some years back, Atlanta brought in significant numbers of Iraqi's. A news program I listened to recently said that the vast majority of these people still live in government housing today, still live on welfare, still use state provided health benefits. They don't contribute anything, but they certainly consume the tax money wrung from Georgians who were never consulted about bringing them here in the first place.

  12. We had a case here in Nebraska - an illegal Mexican was drunk. He broke into an a lady's home. She was in her 90s. He punched her, and raped her. :( She later died. Now he's in our prison. I know not all illegal's are this way, but man stories like this make me sick!

    1. Unfortunately, a lot of illegal aliens really are like that. Recently in California a police officer was murdered by two illegals who had already been deported to Mexico twice. It will keep on happening until we start shipping them back, instead of setting them up with a home, medical care, free educational benefits, and welfare checks , food stamps ,et al.

  13. I'll take 75,000 African boat people a year if Europe will take a comparable percentage of our border crossing migrants.

    1. I think the Europeans, many of whom have turned their noses up at us for years as a result of our resistance to illegals, are getting an education. I heard on Al Jazeera this weekend that more than 5000 illegals were taken to Italy on Saturday alone, and there are an estimated one million plus waiting in Libya or enroute to Libya. They better get their act together. The only one who had any kind of plan was a German, who said they need to sink the damn ships off the coats of Libya before they load. (He meant before any people got on them, so it makes sense to me.)