Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Iraqi "army" isn't worth a Tinkers Damn.

Will we never learn?

Link above is to Fox news story. It's enough to make a stone statue weep.

Want to buy an Iraqi Army rifle? Never been fired and only been dropped once.

The Iraqis are modifying the M1 tanks supplied by America to better suit Iraqi tactics. Once modified the tanks feature two forward gears, seven reverse gears, and backup lights.

An Iraqi company was moving through the sand dunes when a lone ISIL fighter appeared at the top of a dune, shouted taunts, and then disappeared behind the dune. Outraged, the company commander sent a four man fireteam to eliminate the taunter. The men disappeared over the dune. Then there were shots, explosions and blood curdling screams .
After a moment, the ISIL figure reappeared, repeated his insults, and vanished behind the dune. The outdone commander sent a 13 man squad, only to experience the same humiliating outcome. Enraged, he sent a 48 man platoon. Shouts , screaming, gunfire and explosions rent the air. Over the top of the dune rolled an Iraqi soldier, gravely wounded.  As the remaining Iraqis gathered around him, with his last breath he gasped " In the name of Allah, flee! It is a trap , there are two of them!"


  1. Hey Harry,


    I'm not too worried about it 'Harry.

    I will just let our government make the same mistakes, over and over and over again. No one listens to me. No one cares about my vote. Its pointless.

    I will just sit here in front of this computer, drink coffee and make jokes about the fall of this country into the abyss of corruption, defeat, darkness.

    "What me worry" is the quote from 'Mad Magazine's Alfred E. Neuman that I will use in this situation.

    I did all I can do and the people I voted for are frauds and only in office for their own self advancement. I tried to be a stand up citizen.

    "I feel like Atlas with the world on my shoulders but the world is falling into pieces at my feet"
    (that's a good quote, I just made it up. Don't know if someone came up with the same line, but its good non the less)

    I give up. I will just sit here and drink coffee and crack jokes for the moment about the caliphate taking back the territory they had hundreds and hundreds of years ago (this time it will be big chunks of Europe north of Spain of course including France and parts of Scandinavia I fear.

    My advice is to anyone with kids. Get them out of the country. Get them to somewhere where there are few or no muslims Get your kids to another land where the leadership of the country chooses not to the worlds policeman and does not rest its laurels of its foreign policy on belligerence and intimidation.

    Back to the caliphate thing. That's another reason why the Russians are re-arming themselves. The Russian Orthodox church is entwining itself into the Russian government and I believe that they see the rise of the caliphate as a big problem in the future just like it was with the Turks hundreds of years ago. Maybe in Europe in the future, the bulwark of Christendom will be in Russia with smaller pockets scattered throughout Europe resisting the caliphate.

    1. You'd think even the idiots in Washington could read the tea leaves on this one. Doesn't anybody remember the Viet Nam War , and what happened when we pulled out and left the South Vietnamese to fight their own war. Same scene here. What really infuriates me is the b.s. line being fed to the American people that if we just "give" the Iraqis enough hardware and cash they can defeat ISIL. Fat chance of that. The other thing that makes me mad is that ISIL is a bunch of piss ants, militarily, but since no first line force has engaged them, they can parade around throwing chests, burying people alive, burning people alive, and just generally showing the Moslem world what a swell bunch they are.

      I say just let them have Iraq. Sure, in retrospect we screwed up by starting the dominoes falling by getting rid of Saddam. All that boo hoo nonsense about "we must free the Iraqi people from his tyranny" was ridiculous anyway. President Bush II just wanted to finish what President Bush I started, but he didn't give it enough thought. Saddam was a good counter balance to Iran, and without him look at the scheiss we are in now.

      Saddam had squat to do with 911. He just made the oil companies mad by invading Kuwait.

      As for getting the kids out of here, I tried and it wound up costing me a small fortune, to no avail. The problem is , Americans are welcome to bring their money somewhere and spend it, but then the host country would like them to leave, thank you very much indeed. Most people feel about us like Oregonians feel about Californians. Sometimes I can't say as I blame them.

      I was just reading a Time magazine last night about how evil Putin is, and how mean he is, and blah blah blah. If we had somebody besides Obama and Kerry running the show, who were at least a little knowledgeable about history, they'd see that most of what Russia is involved in is protecting their own self interests. Countries do that. They always will. Russia doesn't give two red cents about "globalism" or "internationalism." I wish we didn't. Take a look at the Europeans, sitting around on their well fleshed derrieres, waiting for them U.N. to tell them it's ok to do something about the waves of third world chaff washing up on their shores. Need a mandate from the U.N. before they can act, don't you know?

      I guess you are right, CC. Our Overlords are idiots, but they control the mechanisms of government and they aren't concerned about what the peons think. Maybe it's time for our own version of Julius Caesar to appear. The days of the Republic seem to be numbered, one way or the other.

  2. hi. read this somewhere. don't know if it is true.
    iraqi soldier told that the enlisted are not truly such cowards but the officers are all corrupt so the men won't follow them.
    officers are selling supplies instead of distributing to the men, selling weapons, stealing everything.
    sounds highly likely.

    1. The Iraqi Army has always been a joke. They've dabbled in most of the Arab Israeli wars, with results that disgusted their "allies." They fought World War I all over again with Iran from Sept of 1980 til August of 1988. I mean that literally. The Iraqis built a huge trench system, used gas, etc. The Iranians demonstrated a remarkable lack of skill by choosing to use human wave tactics, which suited the Iraqi defenses to a T. It was an interesting episode to read about but as far as anything else goes militarily it was rediculous and an anachronism. Syria, Egypt, and Jordon have put soldiers in the field who were worthy of the name. Iraq, never.
      Corruption in Iraq was endemic to every level of society, be it under the King or the Baath. The military wasn't immune. Basically, there is no Iraq. There are Sunni factions, Shiite factions, Kurds, Iranian handlers, different "foreign" Moslem terrorist factions. You can't tell the players without a program. That mob isn't going to fight anybody except each other with any effect.

    2. i guess as long as it is each other they are fighting it takes some pressure off of other people in the region.

    3. Well, my thought is that they are all pretty much a waste of air, and some of them, like ISIL, Al QAIDA, and HEZBOLLAH are dangerous. HAMAS has stayed out of it so far but if they want to get into the "whack a Moslem" game I'm ok with that too.

  3. I'm wondering how Saddam Hussein would have dealt with ISIS / ISIL ? Don't get me wrong - he needed to go and I 'm happy he's gone - but I don't think ISIL would have got such a running start without the Middle East conflict.

    Or maybe I'm just fullait - dunno.

    1. Well, I feel like he was just what the Iraqis needed. The idea that everybody wants to live in a democracy is just something we flatter ourselves with. I expect 9 out of 10 people in Iraq, if they had to choose between life under Sadam and what is going on now, would be ecstatic to see the old monster back in power.

      I think back to the many instances in classical greek history where oligarchies were overthrown, and the city would then descend into chaos and anarchy as the different "democratic" factions fought it out. Seems like the same thing is happening in Iraq.

      I admit that I was all for getting rid of Saddam when I thought he had weapons of mass destruction, but it wasn't because I gave a hoot for the ludicrous idea of "Iraqi freedom." I've been in that part of the world and the very idea is a laugh. I just wanted to make sure he didn't furnish another 911. But it turns out the whole thing was a scam. I remember really giving hell to people who said it was all about oil, but now I think they were partially right. The other part of it was hubris on the part of the President, and incompetence and or outright deception on the part of our intelligence services.

      Christ, it makes me want to go live on a mountain top in the middle of a forest. But I already did that........ ;-)

  4. And why would they fight for a cause they don't believe in for a bunch of tribal chiefs in cheesy Armani bedsheets who will soon sell them out to the next goon to come over the mountain pass? Heck they know the US won't stand by them for very long as the American voter does not have the stomach for it. Especially once the alphabet soup news puts their political spin on it. No, I would not risk my hide for that either. Its also a cultural issue. Back stabbing and treachery is a fundamental element of a society that has only succeeded by cheating and stealing. They know from experience that honesty only gets you dead. You don't trust anyone even the trustable cause word gets out that you are easy pickings and some will come looking to take advantage. You got to be quick on your feet and take when the taking is good cause if you don't someone else will and you only wind up in the pile of corpses.
    Who fights to the death there? only the ones that believe in their cause. The Kurdish YPG/JPG do, cause they have some skin in the fight and stand to loose something if they don't. The rest of them only signed up to wear a uniform cause its the only steady pay check they can get. As soon as the bullets start to fly their way they turn tail. And when ISIS comes in to their town they will be happy to cheer them on and wave the black flag to get along.
    The first Iraq war was definitely about oil as Saddam's invasion of Kuwait threatened world supply stability and thus the world economy. Oil not for us, as we had a steady supply but to keep the oil markets stable under increased Euro and China demand. It was Shell and Totalfina-Elf that had contracts with Saddam. Bush Sr told Saddam to get out of Kuwait and gave him an ultimatum. Old Saddam never thought we'd go through with it. We went through a bunch of back and forth and a whole long time of fidgeting, then 41 UN resolutions later we did kick his but out of Kuwait and chased him back to Baghdad. But for some strange reason we did not finish him off when we should have that first time around. Talk about poking a stick at a hornet's nest! So Saddam had an axe to grind and and got to sponsoring Hamas suicide terrorists in Israel. 25K$ to every mother who sent a stupid kid to blow a bus up in Tel-Aviv. He even set up suicide bomber training schools in Iraq. Remember the racks of factory made suicide vests our boys kept finding there? And the Poison gas rockets that he had lobed at Israel the first time around. Then someone figured if he was so brazen what would stop him doing the same on a bigger scale with the mustard gas and uranium Hans Blix and his boys could not account for? He was still in violation of most of those 41 UN resolutions. So Bush Jr backed by the UN and every one in both houses of congress save six votes, went in again. But the American voter's lack if stomach for the gore of a protracted war intervened. Election time was coming up and the press hyped the body count against him. They also kept hyping that there were no WMDs. Even a week after Saddam got strung with a rope necklace and Gaddafi decided he was now safe to give up a nuke program covered with Iraqi military labels that no one knew he had.

    1. "Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive." Marmion- Sir Walter Scott.

      To tell the truth, I'd still be ok with it if we hadn't gotten tangled up in their civil war. I don't lose any sleep about the Iranians and ISIL killing each other wholesale. I'm not sad the Shiites and the Sunnis are whacking each other. I'm ecstatic that Hezbollah and Al Qaeda are tearing each other up on the road that runs between Beirut and Damascus. That particular aspect of it is particularly satisfying to me personally. But I hate that our government is so stupid and mendacious. If we're out, then let's get out. Why are we sending arms to a bunch of Shiite thugs who are the tools of Iran? Let them all massacre each other, wholesale, while we sit back after a good dinner and watch it on the news. When the dust settles, they'll be a lot weaker than they are now. We need to keep them off of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and the Emirites but let's not pretend it's because any of those are "friends." We need the oil, they need our muscle, and we cordially despise each other in the meantime. The Kurds, Egypt and Israel can take care of themselves, as they have both proven to be pretty proficient in that respect. If they need help, we keep the 6th Fleet in the Med, with one or two carriers, so we have the ability. I will say the Germans have been a lot more help to the Kurds than Obama has been, so the Kurdish enclave may prefer German assistance to ours. So be it, can't say I blame them there.

    2. from what M.S. says it seems that mohammedanism isn't big on teaching proper morals to its followers.
      nothing like the rest of us learned in Sunday school.
      i have read that the least of the mohammedans thinks he is superior to the best of us, so there is an attitude of superiority carried by even the lowest of the low against the most learned and moral of the nonmoslems.
      seems astounding to me.

    3. My experience with Islam and it's followers was primarily in Lebanon. I was unimpressed. That's putting it mildly.

  5. Nothing like gaining ground on the enemy, at a high cost and then watching them take it back a few years later.
    Reminds me of many past large scale conflicts. Sad.
    I try not to watch the news, but sometimes things slip in via social media and the like. Luckily being busy keeps my brain occupied but we keep trying to stay the course to be prepared, trained, geared and ready. For what, who knows, but what if it is today that all of that is suddenly needed?
    Like most, I don't know what the bigger picture will truly be for our Country and while we will never truly be ready for so many worst case scenarios, we just keep on trying.

    1. Max, if we can somehow get rid of that whole caste system in D.C. and get some honest , normal Americans in there things would improve in a hurry. Since the Democrats have a lock on the elections through their "ethnic dependents" and the vast hordes of illegals they aid and abet , then enfranchise, it won't happen at the polls. "Abas les Demos, a le guillotine!" Where's my pitchfork and stocking cap?