Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Holiday Weekend.

Supposed to be hot and humid down here, with thunderstorms every evening, starting tonight. I just looked outside and it seems to be clouding up, and getting warmer. I'm not going to see the fireworks in town, so it won't impact on me.

The Department of Homeland Security is warning of ISIL attacks, as occurred in France and at a tourist beach in Tunisia earlier in the week.  They say they have no actionable intelligence but the threat is there. We all already knew that. But this way, if nothing happens they can say they told us so, and if something does happen they can say they warned us.

I have no plans to do anything in particular for the next few days.  Probably read some, and listen to the shortwave.  Here are some DX frequencies you might pick something up on at night.

7.159 khz   LSB,  2225 Eastern.  A ham operator running a net from Barcelona, Spain. People from Yokahama, Arizona, Norway checked in while I listened. Good reception and good English.

4840 khz 2200 Eastern.  Conservative Talk Radio. 3X.  I didn't listen long enough to get a station identifier.

6.604 khz, USB, NY flight weather radio.  4X

9261 khz. AM. 5X. Some kind of financial advisory program. Didn't get a station identifier.

Religious broadcasts on 3215 khz, 5053 khz, 5830 khz, 5888 khz, 5937 khz.  5924 khz, 6090 khz, 7318 khz, 7390 khz, 7460 khz.  All hours of the night.

11800 khz Radio Romania English broadcast. 2300 eastern. 3X

9790 khz, 2305 eastern, Radio Beijing. English, 2X

Monday, June 29, 2015

You do what you can.

I closed my Walmart credit account this morning.  I closed my Amazon Card account.  I had Scottrade sell the little bit of Walmart stock we owned.  I closed my Amazon Sellers account.  I wrote the CEO's of both organizations paper letters, explaining that I would not do business with companies that for the sake of pandering to the mob, would spit in the eye of long time customers.

In truth, I didn't use either of the cards, and I rarely sold anything on the sellers account. Walmart won't care that they lost the $16,232.12 I have spent there on average per year since 1993. In actuality, the average would be much higher if I just counted the years that we have had a local Walmart, but my Quicken records go back to 1993.

You have to do something though.  I'm not doing business with any company that jumped on the "horrible white Southerners" bandwagon. I'm making a serious effort to identify those, so not one cent of my money goes into their cash registers.

I can use Barnes and Nobles to buy books. I can go to Ingles and Home Depot to get what I used to buy at Walmart.  If Jeep or anybody else I've bought from almost exclusively over the past 30 years gets on the leftard, Jesse Jackson band wagon, I'll quit buying from them too.

I won't make a dint to any of these corporations, which are international and deal in billions a year. But I will have the satisfaction of knowing I did something.

I wrote Fox News and told them I didn't appreciate that psychopath Juan Williams and his tirade against people like me. I don't need "O'Reily" calling the flag a "symbol of oppression." Nor do I need effeminate little Shepard Smith the Closet Democrat.  I've about decided to stick to Al Jazzera, which is frankly and openly anti-American and left wing. Better the open enemy than the wolf in sheep's clothing that Fox is becoming.

To be angry about something without taking some kind of action is futile. Even if it's only a token resistance, people need to resist. You can't just be acquiescent, not if you want to enjoy any peace of mind.

No totalitarian state has ever succeeded in suppressing  a minority culture completely, and that's about what I'm beginning to feel like. I notice white Southerners are much in demand in war time, when we furnish military personnel in numbers all out of proportion to the percentage of the  national population Southerners represent.

No one seems to mind when Southerners win large numbers of awards for valor in the incessent wars overseas. But that's not enough to win us the right to some pride in our long history.

Well, those that feel that way can go straight to Hades as far as I'm concerned.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday morning. Cool and drier.

Relative humidity and temperatures outside are way down.  Both in the mid sixty range. That's not bad at all.

I watched a movie today , based on the autobiography of a British officer who served in S.E. Asia during World War II.  He was captured by the Japanese.  I thought it was a good movie and was surprised I had never heard of it.  Only costs $9.00 on Amazon so I ordered a copy for myself.

Postscript: The last order I will ever place with Amazon. I have learned since I made it that they are joining the rush to discredit Southern culture.

Here's a synopsis of what I know about my great, great grandfather.  I have omitted some things and redacted others but it is primarily intact.

  • ID: XXX
  • Name: XXXXX , C.S.A
  • Surname: XXXX
  • Given Name: XXXXX
  • Suffix: , C.S.A
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 1 May 1835 in Appling County, Georgia
  • Death: 13 Nov 1913 in Colquitt County, Georgia
  • Burial: Nov 1913 Live Oak Prim Bapt Church Cemetery, Colquitt County, Georgia

  • Event: Private, Company B, 54th Georgia Vol Inf Reg Military Service from 28 Apr 1862 to 19 May 1865 Georgia & Tennessee

  • In the 1850 census of Appling County, XXXX XXXXX, 16 was listed in the household of Smith XXXX.

    The 1860 census shows XXXX  XXXX, 25; wife Martha, 23; Mary Jane, 2; and James, 6 months.

    The 1870 census shows XXXX, XXXXX, 35; wife Martha, 33; Jane, 11;James,9; Priscilla, 8; Margaret, 6; and Elizabeth, 3.

    According to Mary Ketus, XXX XXXXX served the Confederacy as a Private in Company B, 54th Reg, Georgia Infantry. He was on a train carrying troops from Tennessee to Columbus, GA when it wrecked in Alabama, just 6 miles from Columbus, on January 21, 1865 and his left thigh was crushed.

    Because the break and wound were not properly cared for, he was left crippled and walked with a crutch. He was given a pension by the State of Georgia. He applied for the pension in 1889 as a resident of Appling County.

    He was still a resident of Appling County in January 1906 when he granted a power of attorney for collection of the pension but in January 1907 he granted another power of attorney for collection of the pension in Colquitt County. He died on 13 Nov, 1913. He is buried in Live Oak Cemetery near Moultrie, GA in Colquitt County.

    According to the Roster of Confederate Soldiers of Georgia 1861-1865,Vol X, pg XXX, XXX XXXX  made Private April 28, 1862. He was wounded in the right eye resulting in loss of sight at Atlanta, July 22, 1864.

    His left thigh was crushed in train wreak en route from Nashville, TN to Columbus, GA on January 31, 1865.

    He was in Columbus Hospital, wounded, close of war. Paroled at Albany,GA, May 19, 1865

    XXXXX,XXXX  Private Apr 28, 1862 (Company B, 54th GA Vol Inf Reg).Wounded in right eye, resulting in loss of sight at Atlanta, GA, Jul 22,1864. Left thigh crushed in train wreck en route from Nashville, TN to Columbus, GA, Jan 31, 1865. In hospital at Columbus, GA at the close of the war, paroled at Albany, GA, May 19, 1865.

    Pension records on file at GA Dept of Archives and History show he was in Company B, 54th GA Vol Inf Reg, enlisted 1862 and discharged in 1865 with loss of the use of one leg, and loss of one eye.

    One of the men in this book served in the 54th Georgia throughout the war. So I have a good record of what the regiment did, right down to weather conditions and general camp routine. It's strange to read it and think that my great grandfather was right there, where the story in the book takes place.

    Another book with some history of the regiment is South Georgia Rebels. Out of print now I think but Amazon has copies.

    Saturday, June 27, 2015

    Rolling Thunder.

    The storms rolled in yesterday evening.  Very heavy thunder and lightning. I had to go into my full shutdown mode here. That means powering down the satellite receivers and disconnecting them from the dishes. Shutting down the pump, unplugging all the telephones from the telephone lines. Disconnecting the satellite radio from the antenna and powering it down.  Taking all the television receivers off the house power. Popping the breakers on the pantry to protect the freezers and refrigerators. I had plenty of warning, you could hear it coming a long way off.

    That rain, thunder and lightning went on most of the night.  Today it has just been intermittent rain, and much cooler. From near 100 degrees to 71 degrees outside temperature overnight. The rain has been heavy enough that I think it will alleviate the fears of drought people were beginning to express over the CB radio. It's also gone on now for 24 hours, which is what people call "a soaking rain."

    I went to town today, so I picked up the mail at the foot of the mountain. The mail carrier didn't shut the lid to my mailbox so all my mail got soaking wet. I haven't picked it up in four days, bad timing on my part.  Didn't do much but get a few groceries and a magazine while I was in there but it was good to get out.

    I actually got two new magazines today.  Survivors Edge came in the mail. It was torn up, creased, ripped, and wet. They don't ship their magazines in plastic sleeves like everyone else publishing quality magazines does. This has been a frequent enough occurrence that I'd tell people if they want the magazine, wait til it shows up on the news stand.

    I got Off Grid as well.  I am getting it digitally on my Kindle, but I like it so much I'n continuing to buy hard copy for my reference library up here on the mountain.

      True, a lot of the articles in here are not particularly germane to my needs.  I don't fly anymore. My depth perception is so bad I stepped off a ladder not long ago when I was two rungs higher than I thought I was. That did not end well.

    I have a hard time pulling my vehicles up to the little concrete blocks they put at the end of parking spaces. I have a tendency to come too far and thump into them. So my aviation experiences are probably done and I won't be landing in fields or on roads. Still, the article on crash landing was not bad.

    There's always something worthwhile in these magazines, even if they do cost so much more than they used to.

    I certainly have enough free time for reading.

    Friday, June 26, 2015

    Three in the morning and the beginning of a new day.

    It has been so hot and humid, I've changed my routine.  Now I get up at three, a little earlier than usual. I have my coffee out on the porch, then I come in and make my breakfast. This morning I had a box of hamburgers I was going to have with fried eggs. But when I got the box out of the refrigerator, I saw I had bought "pork grillers" instead. I wanted hamburgers this morning!  Wouldn't have been too damned hard to read the box at the grocery store but I just looked at the picture. I have never liked shopping and now I hate shopping, so I just get in and get out. My wife is up visiting the kids for the summer, so I have to do it all myself.

    Earlier this week, I went off to take care of some business in North Carolina, but I expected to be back before noon.  I turned off the air conditioning because I don't like to leave electrical things running when I am not home. I live in a cedar log house, fire is always a danger. But I should have gotten back before it got hot. I didn't. The house was 80 degrees inside when I got back and the ferrets were really sick. They can't tolerate heat. I could have, and should have, moved them to the lowest level of the house before I left, just in case. Because the house is built into the mountain side, the lowest level only has two walls exposed to the outer air and it stays cool. But I didn't do that.

    So I have been keeping it cooler, making sure they have plenty of cool water, and giving them Gatorade with an eye dropper.
    They are eating lots of high protein paste. Spike is almost recovered, but Jet is still sick. He is getting better though. It seems to me I have been dropping the ball a lot lately, I have got to start slowing down, and thinking everything out before I act. I used to be so good at that.

    We have one FM radio station here that I can pick up well enough to listen to.  It's a conservative talk radio station, thank God.

    The only radio station you can pick up in the mountains consistently once you get out of the county is National Public Radio.

     That's the Democratic left wing propaganda organ funded by my tax dollars. I listen because that's all there is and some drives from the house to places I have to go are long and slow.

    One day I'll hear something on NPR and stroke out. Then, in a year or so, they'll find a wrecked truck at the bottom of a cliff or in the forest wrapped around a tree, with a skeleton in it, teeth clinched. They'll know I was listening to NPR without even looking at the radio.

     I heard an NPR broadcast lauding Bloomberg's anti-gun rights group, and that goggle eyed moron Gabby Giffords, with her band of Care Bears. Used to be you needed to be heroic to have a navy warship named after you but Obama had a new vessel called the U.S.S. Gifford. Thank God I hadn't just eaten when I heard that.

     All you need now  to become a leftist icon is to be standing in the wrong place at the wrong time, like Horst Wessel on the other side of the coin.   At any rate, I listened to some paper pimp pushing his new book about the evil of gun ownership and gun owners. He was full of hope that the NRA would be eclipsed by Bloomberg's millions and that as a result, vehemently anti-gun democrats would be elected. They could then get around the Constitution by so restricting gun ownership rights that it would be too onerous to keep one. When I got home I went through my budget, scrapped up $100 by cutting this and that, and sent the check to the NRA. That's my answer to NPR and their mealy mouthed leftards.

     Maybe not much but the best I could think to do. Georgia isn't going to elect any left wing Senators and while Atlanta will elect a whole crop of new Black Caucus representatives, the rural counties will send stalwarts to the House of Representatives.

    It's 4:30 now.  Sun will start coming up in about an hour and a half. I have been going out and cutting the meadow with an old fashioned sling. I go out when it's light enough to see, and I work for thirty or forty minutes. It's my new exercise regime. I can see what I have accomplished.  Walking on the elliptical for half an hour might be good for my physical condition but does nothing for my need to be productive.  I am replacing some of my porch decking, and reinforcing some retaining walls. These are things I can do in the shade, but lately it's been in the high eighties in the shade, with ghastly humidity. I don't work on them too long at a time.

    Monday, June 22, 2015

    Weasel mom marshals family in escape from "stranger."

    The fellow who took this video thought these were wild ferrets apparently. They are in fact weasels, closely related but a different species.

    Sunday, June 21, 2015

    A new survival show, Les Stroud books, and the sequel to "One Second After."

    This week the History Channel premiered it's new series, Alone.   The basic premise is that they dump off ten men up in British Columbia, and the last man standing wins the prize. They took a page from Les Stroud's book, and have each individual filming his own narrative rather than faking it a la Naked and Afraid.

    The first show is still being broadcast at odd hours on the History Channel if you missed the roll out. Strangely, one of the contestants is a man from North Georgia, from a county near my own. I'm rooting for him, naturally.  I don't know where they found all these guys, since some of them are clearly out of their depth in the woods. One fellow from Ohio started out whining about how he's afraid of bears, and misses his wife and kids. He cries a lot. And this on first day.  All in all, it might be an interesting series. But then, I said that about "Alaskan Bush People" and that was so bad it was embarrassing.

    I've lived in the woods for 30+ years, and I'd not have signed on for this show.  No rifle, no dogs. I'm out. The woods can be a very dangerous place and I think these islands in B.C. are more dangerous than our mountains. At least here starting a fire is no problem. Nor do we have gray wolves, or the numbers of mountain lions they have up there.

    I put my money , in this order, on the Georgian, the Floridian (native ), and the North Carolinian.  The others don't impress me.

    If you haven't read Les Stroud's two books, you might enjoy them.  I learned a lot about living out in the bush from them, though I fervently hope I never have to put any of it to use. I used to spend a lot of time exploring the forest here when my son was home, but those days are past for me now.

    This particular book is largely a narrative of different survival situations people got themselves into.

    Stroud writes about what they did right, what they did wrong, and how they could have avoided getting into trouble in the first place.

    It's an interesting book and has some good common sense, practical tips for people going out in the bush.

    This is a pretty good book as well.  It's paperback, doesn't cost a lot, and makes for good reading.

    Stroud is the survival guru I have the most faith in, and the most respect for.  I admire Cody Lundin but he is second place because he has some strange personality traits that I think add to his colorful persona but may not be one hundred percent on track from a practical aspect.

    The last Stroud series on American TV was his "Bigfoot" production, which I believe numbered seven one hour shows. He was careful not to take a position on the question of whether Big Foot does or does not exist, but he met some really interesting people and the show made entertaining viewing.

    CC and I were talking about the sequel to  One Second After coming out.   That's a classic book about an EMP event, and I like it even more because it takes place about two hours north of where I live. The second book,  One Year After, will be available in September.

    Saturday, June 20, 2015

    Dawn, light rain falling.

      The sun has just come up over the mountains.  It's overcast and there's a light rain falling, with some wind gusting through the trees.

    It's blissfully cool outside. That won't last long but dawn is the perfect time of the day to be out on the porch. I took some dog biscuits out to my "canum."  They like a treat in the morning. The biscuits come in big plastic jars, and when the jar is empty I use it store rice and beans. Never throw away anything that has a  further use.

    I am struggling manfully to hold to my resolution to avoid politics being a focal point of the blog.  Watched the news at five this morning and that makes it tough.

    Among the stories:

    Obama has directed a review of U.S. policy on negotiating with terrorists on hostage releases. Since the early days of the Republic, the U.S. has not done that. The reasons seem obvious to me.  "Millions for defense, but not one penny for tribute."  I'll go along with that. European countries pay ransom. Whether that's the correct tact I suppose is up to each country.  I know if I kidnapped somebody, and scored a big payment, I'd go looking for some more of their citizens. But that's just me.

    The crazy man in South Carolina has set off a whole new series of bleats and whines from the left. Among the one's I've heard, is a call for banning Fox News and Conservative Talk Radio. This might run afoul of the constitution but these days that doesn't seem to be a big factor. How Fox News is connected to a lunatic running amok, no one has specifically addressed.  Nobody  is talking about doing anything to deal with the mentally ill.  My state shut down all the state mental institutions in 2008, courtesy of the collapse brought on by the banksters. The bank crooks made big bonuses, normal people lost their retirement funds, and the mentally ill were put out on the street.  There are a lot of them, more than people dream. Talk to any friend who works in a hospital and ask about "1013" patients.

    So that's all I'll say about politics. Maybe I can't avoid it completely, after all I live in this world at this time. But I won't "wax eloquent" and I'll leave it in the main for people to draw their own conclusions.

    What to do today.  It's going to be a stay at home day for me.  The roads will be overrun. Too hot to work outside, and if the cloud cover breaks all this light rain will turn into vapor . The humidity will be appalling.

    We'll see what transpires.

    Friday, June 19, 2015

    "Those Whom the Gods would Destroy, They first make Mad." Euripides didn't say it but he should have.

    I went into town today.  This is the tourist season, which will run madly through the first week of August, die off, and then come roaring back for the month of October.  No sane person goes into town during tourist season.

    I did, though.  I had some business to take care of at the post office and the court house.

    I got to the court house and started to go on in. There was a huge sign on the steps that said no firearms were allowed in the building.  Even with a concealed carry permit, you can't bring a pistol into the court house. Everybody knows this.  I wondered why they felt like they needed a sign.

    When I went inside, what used to be an entry room was now filled with metal detectors like you see at the airport. There was a Sheriff's Deputy there.  He told me to go through the detector. I did.  It went off.

    I was wearing cargo pants. I had to empty all my pockets. I went through, it went off again.

    Turns out I had my cell phone in my shirt pocket and the machine didn't like that.  What nonsense, you can't even walk in the court house anymore without it being a big federal case.  Bureaucracy, layer upon layer, until the level reaches such a height it just suffocates you. What does all that equipment cost, and why are we paying a deputy to stand in the door way all day? Who or what are they afraid of?

    Then I went to McDonald's for lunch.  There was nowhere to park.  I didn't see any local plates. I didn't even see any Georgia plates. Everybody was from Florida.  I could have told you that without looking at the cars. Here, people wear drab clothes. Men wear jeans and work shirts, or khaki cotton work clothes. Women wear jeans, slacks or skirts, in white , black , brown, or tan, that kind of thing. But these people looked like a peacock party gone berserk. Every shade of the rainbow, men and women both.  Bermuda shorts and Jerusalem Cruisers for all. Lots of jewelry, on both genders. Guys my age and older with diamond studs in their ears and gold chains around their necks big enough to make a black rapper green with envy. If I hadn't known they were from Florida I'd have thought there'd been a mass breakout from an insane asylum.

    Because everyone had to wait til they actually got to the counter to think about what they wanted, it was a long wait. I saw several of them help back things up worse by deciding they had waited long enough and demanding their money back. One woman took 23 minutes at one register because she wouldn't take cash back, she wanted her "refund" for $3.23 credited to her card. No one at McDonalds had a clue how to do that.

    To top it off, inside the McDonalds there were hundreds and hundreds of flies. I have never seen anything like it. They were on the inside of the big plate glass windows, walking around. They were all over the counter and the tables, and the people. I thought I was back in Turkey there for awhile.

    Tried to go to the grocery store, but I just gave it up as a lost cause.  It was like a scene from South Park's "Grey Dawn." Every senior within a 100 mile radius was in there, no chance of getting near a register or even going through the isles. One lady decided to run her buggy in front of me at the magazine rack and managed to smack into my knee with it.  Didn't phase her any.

    I should have stayed home......

        Some new magazines have come out in the last few weeks.  Usually, there's one or two articles that I can actually use.  Then there will be some that I read but don't get much out of.

        The equipment reviews are fine, especially electronic gear and vehicles.  I love to read those, even if I can't afford to buy any of the things I am reading about.

        Clearly some people can though, since the magazines continue to do the equipment reviews and other blogs tend to talk more about the gear illustrated than I do.

    I'm not sure why an article on debt collection is in a survival magazine, unless perhaps people are overspending on supplies and equipment.  Nor are too many likely to have to put a light aircraft down on the freeway, but it was an interesting article.  Home invasions are a timely topic, since they are growing in number and have been much in the news of late.

    This is another new survival magazine. It's quarterly, published by the same people who do American Survival Guide.

    This magazine, obviously, is oriented towards GOOD ( getting out of Dodge.) I just picked up a copy today during my abortive trip to town, and have only thumbed through it as of yet.  It has some great reviews of purpose built BOV (bug out vehicles) that I doubt any of us could afford, but they sure are beautiful.

    There are also general survival articles oriented towards the non motorhead crowd. The magazine runs $9.00 plus tax, so it isn't cheap. I don't think there are any cheap magazines anymore these days.

    The new Backwoods Home has some good information on dehydrating food.  I have been reading several blogs that talk about dehydrating all sorts of things.  All I ever make is beef jerky, but after talking with these bloggers and reading a few articles, I am thinking about trying some fruit dehydration. Another good way to store for the long term without spending a fortune.

    I plan to spend tonight reading and listening to short wave. Another day, another dollar. Rhetorically speaking, anyway.

    Thursday, June 18, 2015

    Moving a lawn tractor.

    I mentioned a while back that a nurse has joined the merry band which will come up here to the mountain top if anything untoward occurs.  She's younger than I am,  and takes care of herself but she has no husband. That's a real drawback , living in these mountains, because there's always a lot of work to be done on your place and your property.  She's very petite, and can't do a lot of heavy lifting. She has a beautiful Jeep, one of those four door Wranglers, but she has no truck.  I don't know how anyone lives here without a truck.

    She bought a new "riding lawn mower",  one of those small tractors with a 46 inch deck.  I took the truck, picked her up, and we went out to get it from the people she bought it from.  The couple had just "shacked up", and the woman moved to the man's house. He had a mower so they didn't need two, and sold one to my friend.  Loading it wasn't tough. At some point in time, the guy had used a back hoe to scoop out a loading ramp in the side of a clay bank. I just dropped my metal ramp, the one I used to use to load my son's dirt bikes, and we rolled the mower right up into the F250.  Tied it down, and off we went. The road was gravel for about 8 miles, really windy and twisty, with some sections so steep I used granny gear to get up them.  When we got to my friends house, I off loaded the tractor onto a road cut, and she was all taken care of.

    But my truck does not have air conditioning, it was 92 degrees in the shade and the humidity was off the scale. Too much heat.  When I got home, I took a shower and lay down for awhile. When I woke up, I'd been asleep for eight hours.  So much for a short nap.

    Monday, June 15, 2015


    “I won't be wronged. I won't be insulted. I won't be laid a-hand on. I don't do these things to other people, and I require the same from them.”

    John Wayne in "The Shootist."

    I took comment moderation out of the blog set up. Anyone who read the comments on "Reworking the Blog" will have picked up on that ,  I think.

    Everyone who has a blog has to deal with the issue of censorship.  I went to "comment moderation" because some of the comments I was getting were so full of vulgarity and obscenity that I couldn't publish them. However, some comments I didn't publish were not offensive for that reason, but rather because they expressed views attacking my own, heavily larded with personal insults. I don't mind someone disagreeing with me, but I don't care for personal insult. I don't do that to other people and don't intend to tolerate it from others.  My thought is that I will go ahead and post comments that disagree with me, so long as they are written in a manner conducive to conversation and not insult.

    For instance, if someone says "you are a stupid *@#*$^" because you don't like Islamic fundamentalists" I'm going to delete it.

    If they say "it's wrong to dislike Islamic fundamentalists" I'm going to leave it and explain exactly why I do dislike (that's not a strong enough word) them. I have no problem with that. They can say what they think, and I'll say what I think, and anyone else can join the conversation.

    If I get a comment that says "ha ha ha ha ha you are an *#&@^ and your wife is a &#&^%$, then I'm going to delete it. That's pointless, contributes nothing, and is a waste of my time because I'm not bothered by mindless insults. Nor do I want other people who come here to have to see that kind of thing.

    But I notice not having comment moderation does cause one issue.  When it was on, I had no trouble keeping up with new comments because I got a list of them in my email. But now, the only way I can find new comments is to scroll through the comment section of a post. So if someone comments on an old post, I don't know it.  Has anyone come up with a solution to this, other than having comment moderation enabled?

    Thursday, June 11, 2015


    This movie has a long and interesting history.  It was funded primarily by private investors, largely from the American survivalist community and literally on a nickel and dime budget. 
    Later a studio picked it up mid production. It was given very limited release and never screened in most of the country

    This YouTube edition does not allow me to embed the movie, nor to pause.  Here's the link below. Most of the best scenes in the movie have been edited out of this version.  I would not want to be living in a subdivision on the day things went bad.

    Wednesday, June 10, 2015

    Reworking the blog.

    I am using this down time to revamp my blog.  I had a blog some years back, posting as the "hermit."  I eventually shut it down because it got very contentious, and there were a couple of times that I had major security breaches that rattled me.

    This one started as nothing more than a daily journal recording events up here in the mountains. Then it morphed into a way to keep up with friends. I'm bad about not answering my email in a timely fashion. I always worry that my habit of procrastinating on responses will be interpreted as a lack of interest, which is untrue, or as rudeness which probably is true however unintentional.

    I primarily want to deal with survivalist oriented issues. That often crosses over into politics since the two areas are joined at the hip. The political aspect seems to be a problem for a lot of people though, and I am considering making a conscious effort to avoid that topic.

    Bear with me while I try to make the blog more useful.

    Monday, June 1, 2015


    I will be off the internet for a while.  I feel like I was getting repetitive and off task.  A short interlude may give me a chance to look at improving the content and help me design a more relevant format for what to include here. I anticipate being back just after the 4th of July weekend. I've enabled comments and would appreciate constructive suggestions.