Saturday, June 20, 2015

Dawn, light rain falling.

  The sun has just come up over the mountains.  It's overcast and there's a light rain falling, with some wind gusting through the trees.

It's blissfully cool outside. That won't last long but dawn is the perfect time of the day to be out on the porch. I took some dog biscuits out to my "canum."  They like a treat in the morning. The biscuits come in big plastic jars, and when the jar is empty I use it store rice and beans. Never throw away anything that has a  further use.

I am struggling manfully to hold to my resolution to avoid politics being a focal point of the blog.  Watched the news at five this morning and that makes it tough.

Among the stories:

Obama has directed a review of U.S. policy on negotiating with terrorists on hostage releases. Since the early days of the Republic, the U.S. has not done that. The reasons seem obvious to me.  "Millions for defense, but not one penny for tribute."  I'll go along with that. European countries pay ransom. Whether that's the correct tact I suppose is up to each country.  I know if I kidnapped somebody, and scored a big payment, I'd go looking for some more of their citizens. But that's just me.

The crazy man in South Carolina has set off a whole new series of bleats and whines from the left. Among the one's I've heard, is a call for banning Fox News and Conservative Talk Radio. This might run afoul of the constitution but these days that doesn't seem to be a big factor. How Fox News is connected to a lunatic running amok, no one has specifically addressed.  Nobody  is talking about doing anything to deal with the mentally ill.  My state shut down all the state mental institutions in 2008, courtesy of the collapse brought on by the banksters. The bank crooks made big bonuses, normal people lost their retirement funds, and the mentally ill were put out on the street.  There are a lot of them, more than people dream. Talk to any friend who works in a hospital and ask about "1013" patients.

So that's all I'll say about politics. Maybe I can't avoid it completely, after all I live in this world at this time. But I won't "wax eloquent" and I'll leave it in the main for people to draw their own conclusions.

What to do today.  It's going to be a stay at home day for me.  The roads will be overrun. Too hot to work outside, and if the cloud cover breaks all this light rain will turn into vapor . The humidity will be appalling.

We'll see what transpires.


  1. I really wonder about two things: these drugs that are supposed to help with depression, etc. and video games to the point of addiction. I know of several people, one a relative, who was given these types of personality changing drugs that put them off the deep end. They became a different person, delusional, truly believing that situations were real when they were not. Also the video games that these kids play continually which are very violent and you are rewarded for killing. Dont' get me wrong, I love action adventure movies with lots of things blowing up and all, nothing wrong with video games, I have guns. But if you combine the two- psychotropic drugs and these video games, does killing simply equal Game Over? I have heard the military uses these types of games to desensitize recruits and this was from a military trainer. Just wondering, maybe we should take a more serious look at these drugs and how they are affecting people. Of a group of women I ate lunch with, 2/3 were on some type of medication. Xanax, Paxil, etc. If was not a gun it would have been a knife, a bomb, run them down with a car.

    1. I agree. I know people who use drugs to deal with mental health issues, some of them in my extended family. In the main I think they help, but there seems to be a lot of doubt about possible unwanted effects. I look at the video games as being an extension of what I did in the 50's, when all the boys dressed up in little Army uniforms and played "war." I don't think it made us more violent. But I do think that a combination of personality altering drugs and violent stimulus might have unforeseen effects on someone who is unstable.

      In California last year I am aware of three separate incidents where a mentally ill person drove their vehicle up on the sidewalks, killing and injuring a number of people. Statistically more people die in the U.S. from blunt force trauma than guns. People who want to kill can always find a way to do it. Preventing average citizens from defending themselves is no solution to the problem.

  2. I love buying things in jars and using the empty jars again. I used to make salad dressings for restaurants when we lived in town. Once of them, a blue cheese dressing, required mayonnaise which was packaged 3kg jars - those jars now hold my dried beans, rice, raisins, etc. Even RMan uses them for his nails, nuts, etc.

    What on earth did that loonie have to wear the old SA flag on his jacket for? After our precious government decided that the ratification of the Rome Statute meant nothing, and they could let a man who is wanted by the ICC in and out of this country at will, using a keyhole military airport to allow him in, and then out - and in defiance of a high court order, and then this loonie has to associate SA in his dreadful deed - double damage to the integrity of this country...


    1. Dani, he didn't do Southerners any favor by prancing around holding a Confederate Battle Flag either. But he was and is insane. It provides a lot of good ammunition for people who want to say "oh, look, look what kind of person does this or that" and tar all of us with that brush.

      I saw on Al Jazerra how that guy from Sudan waltzed in out of South Africa. I don't think any American news channels carried the story, though.

      I buy peppers and dill pickles in giant glass jars, then use the jars to store things. I have to go to North Carolina to get the items in those jars, but I go up there anyway for the cheap groceries

  3. God will deal with the "banksters" someday. They actually think they got away with it!

    1. I don't know Gorges. I hope you are right but I think maybe they slid out on it .

  4. The rain will get here tomorrow. Today it's cool and sunny.

    Buddy of mine is a paramedic. He picks up the same mentally ill people all the time. Costs more than giving them a safe place to live and people to help them.

    Daughter had postpartum depression after the birth of hir first child. Dr. put her meds that sent her right over the edge. We finally got her into a psych hospital 120 miles away. She's fine now and off all meds. Was a very bad time. Her rat bastard husband divorced her during this. If she didn't have a large extended family pulling for her she'd be just another crazy person on the street.

    Since then she's gotten a degree, has a good job and remarried.

    We are in a time where family's have to take care of their own again as the safety net is full of holes.

    1. You are exactly right. Especially for young people, it's very difficult to make it today. Too many people, competing for too few jobs. The result is low pay, and workers are treated poorly because they are easily replaced. The avalanche of illegal immigrants is putting additional strain on the already tattered job market. People get marginalized, that contributes to depression, and then unless they have insurance and family, they get no help here. Once they get in that cycle of being on the street, they are largely doomed. In Georgia, now that the state run facilities have gone, there are only a handful of psychiatric facilitiies. They are "for profit." So a mentally ill person who comes into a hospital ,usually in hand cuffs, gets put in a room overnight with a security guard to watch them, and then is shown the door the next morning. The cycle repeats itself, over and over.

      The frightening thing is how many of these people get violent, and how many of them there are. Since you often can't tell by looking that a person has mental illness, it doesn't become apparent until they do something really aberrant and then it's too late.

      I'm glad your daughter worked through it and is doing fine now. I think a lot more people could have a happy ending if they had access to good mental health care.

  5. I have to agree with not discussing politics all the time but holy smoke it makes me frustrated with the things going on. As to the chemical pharmacy cure alls...I personally think they are as deadly as guns in fact more so as they are insidious and subtle. Ralph had an ear infection that gave him of the side effects of the vertigo medication was mood swings. It was disturbing as he is normally as steady as a rock. He had wicked mood swings and really did not seem to realize it. As soon as the prescribed pills were used it was back to normal. If chemicals do this to a normal and strong willed kind scares me to think the effect on someone who is mentally weak.
    As to the racial overtones to the church shooting.....I find more racism in black rhetoric than in any other area of reporting. Do people ever really listen to what AL Sharpton and Jeremiah Wright say about this country and anyone who is not black? Oops I am ranting. Just one more thing....the mental instability similarities are out there.....the Colorado movie theatre , Sandy Hook and now this shooting all have chemical overtones.

    1. Fiona, I think some blacks often overlook the fact that a lot of antisocial behavior causes resentment on the part of people of other races. Most of them just try to work through it, but people who are unstable finally reach a tipping point and something like this happens. Then everybody stands around and looks at each other, and says "why would he do that." I think some blacks count on Hispanics and Whites and Asians being passive, and just going along with the program whenever the blacks feel like acting out. But it doesn't work that way. For every action, there's a reaction......

      I am very wary of medicines. When I first went on blood pressure medications twenty years ago, they gave me something that caused me to have severe memory lapses. Once I quit taking it, I was fine. On another occasion, I got prescriptions from my doctor for two different medicines which were never supposed to be taken together. She "missed" that fact. I assumed physicians always deconflicted medical prescriptions but I assumed wrongly.

  6. Hey Harry,


    We are being run by nutjob thugs like Idi Amin back in Africa.

    I don't really care anymore. I know what the end result will be. I don't get upset, I don't get stressed, I don't yell at the computer screen or at nutjob news anchors.

    I don't really care....

    I will keep voting at least in local and state elections. That process still works somewhat.

    Now onto the fun stuff......

    I caught a really good wave today. Best wave I had in months. Just a small clean wave, not some big monster. I paddled and stood up and was managed to get on the best part of the wave. I was perfectly balanced and stood all the way up, in a relaxed position and just cruise all the way in until my fin scraped sand in the shallow water of the beach.


    You know what I really care about. Perfection on a wave. That's what I really care about.

    What I cant do anything about is how this country is out of control and there is not a damn thing I can do about it.

    What me worry (Mad Magazines Alfred E, Neuman)

    Just let it fall apart. Let the Constitution be desecrated and shredded. The best solution is to let Americans be subjected to tyranny they so deserve. On the bright side, more rules, more laws equals more ways to break the laws and more anarchy is then created from where there was no anarchy before.

    I am not exposing anarchy. I think by creating more and unreasonable rules and laws. The more people will then break the rules and laws. (I still believe in the Constitution and not anarchy. I wanted to be clear on that)

    Speed limits are the best example. Prohibition is another.

    History has shown that Human will do whatever they want to do. There is no way to control humans. Ban all the guns. Mass murderers will use bladed weapons, bows and arrows or home made zip guns.

    Its all bad and its all going to get much, much worse.

    Back to the premise of this blog. Everyone should be getting their houses, pantries, tools, supplies and other stuff in order.

    What will transpire will be something like Russia in the early 90's after the collapse of the Soviets.

    On a final note; I have arthritis. The warm gulf waters really help my arthritis out immensely. That and the cardio vascular workout I get surfing really, really helps out also. I was surfing with a friend of mine who is in his early sixties. The low impact sport of surfing is better than running (which I cant do) or most other sports. The sport is so low impact its unreal.

    I will chime in about this more another time.

    1. Well, CC, you can afford not to care because you don't have a family. If I didn't have my kids, I'm sure I'd be less concerned. But I do, and they are going to have to live in this third world, post apocalyptic society that the leftards and the outright fools are creating. There isn't much any of us can do, but I try to do what little I can. How involved you get in politics is a matter of your personal circumstances and perspective.

      It's good you have a lifestyle that suits you so well. I like the ocean but I'm not much on actually going out in it. I bet you would really like Hawaii. Surfing is almost a cult out there.

      Your prognosis for the future is pretty accurate, as far as I can tell. The only questions I really have are how soon will things just fall apart, and when they do how will it come about?

    2. Hey Harry,


      I did not take the fact that you have kids into account when I wrote that. It was more on my perspective. I mentioned this before but my ancestors left other countries before arriving here over 200 years ago. I have a friend that has relatives in a nice warm Central American country with decent surf.
      My friend has a backup plan to go there and I may have an invite if I choose to go there also.
      Harry' I would just keep working on getting your kids to another, more civilized country where their government is not intervening in every facet of peoples lives.

    3. Costa Rica is nice. We tried Canada and that didn't work out. I'm still thinking about Costa Rica but my wife doesn't want to live in a foreign country again, she's done that for a lot of her life, some places like Niger and Nigeria were "anus orbis", and she has no desire to risk it again.

  7. My husband and I were just talking about politics this morning, which then lead into why there is more violence in the US today then there has been. My co-workers think it's because there's a lack of God in the world. 2 people I know that are Atheists are super kind people. I think it's a bunch of reasons:

    • Lack of morals. You could pair that with religion, or not. Someone doesn't have to believe in God to have morals - know what's right and wrong.

    • Lack of parenting. Women's lib was great, but sucked at the same time. What I mean by that is after that movement in society both parents worked. I'm all for women being able to work. It would be nice if things were less expensive, so one parent could stay home with the kids comfortably. There are a lot of kids that get no support for either parent. Why? Because they are too busy. They don't get home cooked meals either. Divorce rate is way up to!

    • Lack of responsible government figures. Clinton and the sex scandal, Edwards and his mistress with private political funds, and the list goes on and on. Obama's our 1st dark skinned president, and we have more racism issues now than we have in a long time.

    I'm sure I could add to the list, but that's all the time I had in conversing this morning.

    1. I'd say your analysis is right on target. I also think that the mass influx of people with no connection to the United States or it's culture is causing a lot of the deterioration. I'm not religious, but I do think that the decline of Christianity in the U.S. is a big part of our problem. Whether there is a God or not, the values of the Christians were in general pretty positive.

      When I was a boy we looked up to the President and trusted the government. Now, with good reason, people try not to look at the President at all, people like Clinton and Obama have degraded the position to a mockery. I can't think of a single, solitary role model at the upper echelons of government, in either party.

      That was a good comment. Thanks for posting it.