Friday, July 3, 2015

Ann Coulter says it better than I ever could. She looks better, too.

This is an excellent clip.  I like Ann Coulter and I like her books.  Someone at Fox seems to have intentionally disabled the embed code function, so I have had to link it.  But it's worth looking at the clip, it's not long.

Ann Coulter Fox News interview on Confederacy


  1. Hey Harry,


    I thought about making a snarky comment to the 'All Caps" commentator above, but its a waist of time to someone who's mind is closed.

    How about something positive.....

    I did some yard work today. Staying close to home so I don't have to deal with stressed out wacky people.

    On the walmart ammo thing. When a business gets involved in politics. I get suspicious of their motives. I check the ammo at walmart just to guage what is selling etc.
    If walmart chokes up on the .223/5.56 ammo because of politics, political pressure, whatever. Its a problem for many law abiding gun owners.

    Oh' Yeah' Ann Coulter is a class act.

    I will monitor the internet and the CB to see if anything comes up tomorrow. 'As I said before. If we did not allow crazy people into our country. We would have fewer problems (I cite those two brothers in Boston as an example) also the blind Sheik or Shake (or snake) back in the early 1990's, (the organizer) for the first World Trade Center attack.

    1. I deleted that flower child. I'm sick of idiots.

  2. Hey Harry,


    A couple of months ago. I purchased a kind of beat up Cobra 29LTD CB off of craigslist for $35.00.

    The guy selling it had a three mikes. Two of which don't work. I found the one that did work. I hooked the Cobra up to a spare power supply I traded for and hooked up the big Solarcon Maxx 2000 antenna and the $35.00 radio seems to work fine. I need to test it with a friend of mine and who has a real nice newer Cobra and see how this old, scratched up, $35.00 beater radio (it came out of a dump truck) works.
    So far I am impressed.

    My plan is to test this radio some more then pack it up in an ammo can and surround the radio in bubble wrap. Sounds a little extreme, but hell. After the 1869 Carrington Event. Anythings possible.

    I will try to scrounge, barter for older CB or ham radio's and pass them onto friends or depending on the radio. I may keep it myself.

    I hope Commander Zero and others see this and get the idea too keep a lookout for dirt cheap old radio's. I really, really like my Ranger 2950 radio. The sound clarity on this radio is just unreal. I can clearly understand someone talking at only two pounds signal strength.
    I gotta say that having older, backup radio's would be a really good idea.

    I heard stories of people selling older 1970's, 23 channel radio's at garage sales for five dollars. If they work. Then its a real prize to have during an emergency of some sort when cell and landline communications fail.

    1. I expect a lot of people are looking for good used sets because there don't seem to be any new production cb base units in the pipe line.

    2. Hey Harry.


      Check out the Ranger 3995 base.

      That's a big, bad, beautiful monster.

      Some companies know that there is a market for bases and they added lots of goodies in on them.