Thursday, July 23, 2015

Archaeological discovery confirms that Washington D.C. was once known as Mordor.

Does this sound familiar?


  1. Dark Lord is an apt description. I wonder how far we will have to be pushed before we stand up to be counted and say, "Enough."

    1. We don't have an Aragorn or a Boromir right now. But there's always tomorrow. The prologue to The Lord of the Rings could have been taken right out of our history today. Maybe reality will end happily just as the fantasy story did.

  2. Hey Harry,


    you wrote "Maybe reality will end happily just as the fantasy story did"

    I hope your wrote but I doubt it.

    The kingdom will be lost. History will be rewritten and traditional American culture will disappear.

    Now lets look at the 'Bright side of life" (channeling Monty Python)

    There will be millions of very unhappy rednecks Rednecks make things happen.

    Walmart Pharmacy Creep.

    I had to make a run to walmart for food and stuff. Im near the pharmacy getting aspirin and there is some poorly dressed young women in her early 20's with a inner city black wrapper styled ballcap, t-shirt and jeans.

    She was walking around the pharmacy area begging for money. She intercepted me before I could leave.
    She said she ran out of gas in the walmart parking lot and needed money for gas. I said politely that I did not have any extra money. I forgot exactly what she said, but she gave me an attitude.

    What surprised me was the pair of metal brass knuckles hanging around her neck by a thin chain (painted pink no less)

    Now that's a new one!

    one of Obama's minions.

    I did not know what else to do so I got away from her as soon as I could.

    1. That was a pretty bizarre experience. At the height of the Banksters Recession, I used to see young people sitting by the road with a few possessions laid out, trying to sell them. We didn't have panhandlers because that's illegal here. I don't see that anymore, but I think it is attributable to all the young people leaving more than it is to economic recovery. It's very strange here. You see kids high school age, then you see people in their forties and up. But the 18-39 year olds are very rare in my county now.

      I don't know how things are going to end here, but it doesn't look good. Some changes, such as the vast numbers of illegal immigrants, simply can't be redressed. The social changes implemented by liberals are destroying self sufficiency and any sense of personal responsibility, and it's hard for me to see how those can ever return.

      Time will tell.

  3. The critical heroes of LOTR were not the kings and wizards, but a couple of rather unglamorous hobbits from a rural backwater - simple folk - who did their duty when called upon by circumstances. Something to remember...

    -Grey Fox

    1. G.F. One of the things I hear very frequently, both on other people's blogs and in the emails I get, is the lament that people know things are going badly wrong, but don't know what they can do to arrest or reverse the course of events. I feel that way myself a lot of the time.

      It's very difficult to come to grips with disastrous social issues when your only recourse is writing futile letters to political flunkies who just throw them away.

      In the Lord of the Rings books, the good guys were able to save their world by dint of courage and dogged determination. But they had an obtainable goal and a practical solution. I often tell myself that just because I can't see a way out, doesn't mean that someone else won't find a way, or some Black Swan event open new paths. You have to have hope or sink into a morass of despair.