Thursday, July 2, 2015

Fourth of July Weekend. "Alone" History Channel series. A heartening article sent by a friend.

Big thunderstorms last night.  Just a soaking rain all day, and now more rain.  But that's a good thing. The fourth of July is my biggest worry every year.  I can think of nothing that could blast me off the top of this mountain except fire. Over the fourth of July weekend, we usually have hundreds of tourists camping in the national forest. They light fires in prohibited areas. They walk away from campfires when the wind is blowing. They go for hikes on the trails and leave their camp fires blazing, no one there to watch it. They bring fireworks into the brittle dry forest and then are amazed when the bottle rockets, etc set fire to the underbrush and the pine needles.

 At least this year I won't have to have my scanners tuned to the county emergency management net, the Sheriff's Department, the Department of Natural Resources, the EMT, and the Fire Department.  But I probably will anyway.

I'd hate to miss all the activity.  Little groups of 20 or so motorcyclists, on "crotch rockets" will come up here, driving as fast as they can. They will go around a steep twist on a mountain road, and the first two or three won't be able to make the curve. They'll hit the guard rail, go over it, and go flying off into space, ending up 400 feet down the side of the mountain on the rocks. Then the next poor guy who comes innocently driving by with a winch on his truck or Jeep will get commandeered by the State Police to haul the corpses back up the mountain. There are literally forests of little white crosses on the road over the big mountain here, but those motorcyclists never seem to make the connection.

Out at the lake, tourists who have hauled their huge motorboats all the way from Macon and points south will speed full tilt across the only wide part of the lake, and they'll ram into other boats because they are too drunk to steer. Small sailboats are their favorite prey.  Then the divers have to come up from Atlanta and get the bodies off the bottom, unless the floaters get stuck in the weir at the dam. That's usually on the EMT freq and the Sheriff's Dept freq.  There will be fist fights at the campgrounds, more as the day rolls on and usually coming to a glorious crescendo just before the fireworks display. Put a lot of city dwellers full of pent up frustration and rage in  an environment where they think they can do anything they want, fuel it with boozing all day, put them in enforced proximity to other people like that on tiny camp sites, and the wives won't be able to keep a lid on it. The jail will be full by sunset on Friday is my bet.

Have you been watching "Alone" on History Channel?  I've been amazed by the lack of moral fiber in some of the contestants.  The policeman called for a pickup after his first night in the woods. The Floridian, whom I expected great things of, wet himself when he heard wolves at night and was gone the next morning. Clearly a poseur.  I was embarrassed for him.

Then the Canadian lost his fire bar (the little ferrous rod you hit with a knife blade to strike sparks) and decided he couldn't survive without it, so he called for rescue.  I mean, for God's sake.

Next a guy heard a bear outside his tent and had them come get him in the middle of the night. All these people make speeches as they are picked up about how it's not worth "risking their lives." Maybe they should have considered what they might run into before they wasted everyone's time.

The Georgian is still doing well. I am hoping he lasts out and gets the $500,000 prize.   A couple of strange things, though.  One contestant is shown chopping down trees with his ax (or at least, chopping at one), whining about how hard it is. Then we are shown a massive tree coming down, but it has clearly been cut with a chain saw, no ax mark on it.  What ho? Have the kindly woodland elves been helping out on the sly?

The guy who got bear scared and called for rescue in the middle of the night had an interesting anomaly. Both the contestant and the rescue crew were supplied with top of the line GPS gear, and the contestant had a GPS marker that made him easy to find. But much hot air was wasted on the difficulty of finding him, and dear me, can we reach him in time to save him from the dreadful bruin? Dramatic music throbs in the background as they discuss this peril.

Well, it's tv but really, if they are faking it they should at least try to do a good job of it.  You can tell the difference between the arm chair survivalists who have never been in the woods, and the real deal like the Georgian, who is comfortable there. That's not faked. The other thing I notice is that some people are taking it day by day, staying positive and they are doing well. Others spend all their time sharing their "emotions", boo hoo, I miss my family, etc, basically whining and they tend to be the guys who find some B.S. excuse for calling for pick up.

Attitude in adversity really does count.  Staying positive matters. Those aren't just cliches and if nothing else, this show has emphasized that, however unintentionally.

When my son was young (and I was young) we used to go off into the national forest to explore. Those were some of the best times I've had. We used a compass and a topo map, GPS wasn't around in the hand held versions they have today.  We would stay out three or four days. Sometimes we moved every day, and sometimes we would find a particularly good spot and just stay there. We went out into parts of the forest nobody had been in for a very long time, way off away from any roads or the Appalachian trail. When you are out in the woods where there's just you and nature, it's the most peaceful feeling you can have.  No bosses. No aggravating people to have to interact with. It's tranquil, particularly by the camp fire. Sounds like a canard but it's the truth.

I always had my dogs. I always had firearms. I knew the bears and all were out there, but I was careful and never had any problems with them.  Unlike the people in the show I carried my own food along. And, I could leave whenever I wanted and go home.  So I suppose I can't contrast my experiences with theirs, but I've still been embarrassed for some of them.  Crying on a video because you are "lonely" may seem ok in the bush, but when you get home and everyone you know has been watching that video, including your wife and kids. I shudder to think of it.

Anyone who knows me knows I am very careful to stay informed about events , especially now that my own homeland is under attack.  But I heard not one word of the events in this article, not on the news web pages and not on the MSN on tv or radio.  It took a friend forwarding this article to me from a British paper for me to learn of it.  That speaks volumes of just how firmly the news media is in the grip of the leftards in this country.

Link posted below:

What I wouldn't have known without a little help from a friend.  


  1. Hey Harry,


    I enjoyed your description of the 'Fourth of July' in your neck of the woods. It sounds like the beaches down here.

    We get riptides and that takes a few tourist out every year. Its tragic, but the Gulf of Mexico is not a giant swimming hole.

    I have not seen the 'Alone' show on History channel. They should drop some former Marines and maybe former Navy Seals out there. That would be interesting to watch.
    Hell' just for grins. Get a former Russian Spetsnaz out there in the wilderness.

    1. Well, CC, I am comfortable in the woods, but in spite of all my time on Navy ships, and I have a lot of it, I am afraid of the deep ocean. The only time I was unfortunate enough to experience being in it first hand, in blue water, was during survival training at Flight School. They dumped us off the back of an LCU into Pensacola Bay, and chugged merrily off, the sailors shouting advice about keeping your toes out of the water, and pointing to dolphins while they shouted Shark! Maybe that is the most frightened I have ever been, including Lebanon. But one doesn't show yellow in front of others, and I just floated there, waiting for the helicopter to come hoist me out. I remembered the scene from Jaws where the shark came up from underneath that woman so I took the sailors advice and floated on my back, with my toes sticking out. As I looked down the long line of floaters, I saw toes sticking up everywhere, so I wasn't the only one not having a good time. Later, flying out of NAS Whiting, I would go right down Pensacola Beach lining up for the traffic pattern. I could look down through the canopy and see swimmers out at the edge of the place where it suddenly got deep, and the water went from clear green to dark blue. Between the swimmers and the beach would be gargantuan sharks which you could clearly see cruising along. I'm not a beach person.

      I think the reason they don't take hardened types like the Seals and the Spetsnaz out there is that there would be no drama. Those guys would just hold in place, getting along comfortably, as long as they needed to. You have to have your share of wimps and blowhards to make the audience stay with the show I guess.

  2. I have to wonder about shows like "Survivor." They show scary snakes, monkeys, rats and so on and folks are all worried, while I'd be thinking "protein!" And no-one seems to know how to build a fish trap! Are they not ALLOWED to hunt and trap food? Rice gets old.

    1. Gorges, that's exactly why I don't watch any of the survival shows that I suspect (or in the case of "Bear", know) are faked. I trust the couple on "Man, Woman, Wild" and I trust Les Stroud. I think that's about it. I watched one episode of "Naked and Afraid" and I was so repulsed I never turned it on again. I'm not sure about this "Alone" show but there are signs, like the chain sawed tree, that there is quackery abroad there.

      Most reality shows are B.S. and people are eating heartily from the supplies when the cameras aren't rolling.

  3. Hey Harry,


    I made a major run to walmart yesterday so I would not have to go back and deal with stupid people and tourist for awhile.
    I went and checked out the ammo just to see what the they have and one thing that I noticed was there was no hole for the 55 Grain, .223 WInchester in the 100 round box. In fact, there was no .223 or 5.56.

    Okay' my guess is that its sold out, or (insert tin foil hat) That walmart ain't carrin' no more .223, 5.56??

    Im askin' if other walmart frequent flyers to keep an eye out for walmarts persnickety, sneakiness due to political correctness (hey that rymes) to see if they are cutting back ammo for our favorite rifle.

    Yeah' that had lots of .308, 30-06, hell they had 25 round boxes of military grade buckshot, 12 guage for $25.00.

    Yeah' I know walmarts the great satan but I have to use them.

    I was also (at another store) I was able to pick up the latest military grade water purification powder packets for two bug out bags and a water filter for a camel back water pouch (if you ain't got water. your dead)

    Oh' yeah Harry. What you wrote above the swimmer school thing was a good adventure.
    I guess I missed my calling as a fish or something. The furthest I have ever been out away from the beach in the water surfing was about (600 to 1000 yards) That's a long, long hard paddle. Try doing that with 8 to 10 foot swells when there is a hurricane further out in the gulf.
    The nearest surfer is about 100 yards away so if I got into trouble. Im on my own. That's self reliance.
    I really like being out there. The solitude is wonderful. No human noise, no interference. The beach could be packed with smelly, drunken tourists but I cant hear them, nor can I smell them. When I paddle for a wave and take off. There are no other surfers to worry about running into. Complete freedom. just pure, complete freedom (complete peace and quiet too)

    Harry, your a pilot. Imagine being in a really fast airplane with absolutely no air traffic for 50 miles in any direction. No ground control. No rules and your only limits are the fuel you have onboard. That's the kind of freedom I enjoy.
    I also get a real kick out of paddling for a wave, catching it and if I choose riding the wave hundreds of yards to the beach. I would like to ride a wave all the way from the outside (600 to 1000 yards from the beach) but the waves don't re-connect to the inside (300 to 150 yards from the beach depending on the surf)

    Whats really neat is surfing for several days straight and then laying in the bed at night and the bed wont stop moving. I got so used to the wave motion and bobbing up and down that it screws with my equilibrium. I get into the same rhythm as the ocean.

    Yeah' I know there are sharks out there, whatever. Im on a nine foot, six inch longboard with most of my body out of the water. I have never seen a shark fin (or schools of fish) out in the deep water. The sharks are all further in on the inside where the fish and bait fish are. Regardless its a risk, but I could get hit and killed by a drunk driver or I could fall off a ladder and break my neck. Life is Dangerous.

    The euphoria I feel out there in the deep water and big waves eclipses anything else in the world. I cant explain it. This is the main reason I never married. I did not want the distraction of having a wife and kids from deterring me from feeling what I feel out there.
    Back in the 90's, I had a girlfriends and some good women that I probably should have married, but the euphoria of surfing. Surfing out in deep water. That's even more euphoric. I cant explain it. I wanted it more than I wanted a wife and kids.

    1. Everybody has to find their own niche. Surfing sounds really good. It's just a quirk of mine that I don't like to be out in salt water. You have a good life down there, seems to me you enjoy every day and nobody can ask for more than that.

      You have to do what you have to do in order to get along. I am going to buy what ammo I need mail order from AIM, or Southern Ohio Guns, or J&G sales. I'll never set foot in a Walmart again but I don't think less of you for buying there. It is what it is.

    2. harry, went to my hometown about 8 yrs ago.
      said to my friend let's go to [blank] store.
      that's closed.
      well, lets go to [blank] store then.
      that's closed.
      where can we go to buy what we need.

      all the others had been run out of business by walmart.
      she said she wanted to know where the laws against monopolies had gone. i'd like to know that myself.
      you are often stuck because walmart may be the only game left in town.
      hate it, but there it is.

    3. I originally supported Walmart because every store in our town was owned by the same clutch of families,and they really gouged the working people. After Walmart came in, prices came down in town but so far no one has gone out of business. However, I'm done with Walmart now, for better or for worse. I won't put cash in the pocket of those who spit in my face.

  4. Positivity plays a huge role, you are so right! I don't think people realize how important it is - not just in survival situations but in a lot of things (like health problems and athletics and such). Hope your 4th is quiet without any drama.

    1. I try really hard to be upbeat and positive. I think because my actual nature is to be pessimistic, and if I don't try hard to resist it I can be pretty unpleasant.

      Also, I've always known I had to be upbeat and positive under duress for the sake of my wife and kids. Nobody needs a chicken little for a husband or father.

      I'm staying home so should not get into any trouble or issues with anybody. Hope you and the family have a good holiday.

  5. Here it's a crazy ATV weekend. Drunk crazed riders in the woods and on city and town roads. Sunny weekend, but we've had lots of rain leading up to it so we'll be fine as far as fire goes.

    However, I'm camping on the coast of Maine this weekend. Got a nice spot a narrow bay -good canoe and kayak country, but poor motorboat conditions. The whole fam damly is going to be there.

    Can't believe they are making a big deal about the whole survival in the woods things. To think I've done that for fun.

    1. I saw some show or other about New England, and they were filming at a place called a "pond." The pond was bigger than our whole lake here. It was huge.

      I hope a bunch of jerks don't come and set up next to you, and start playing loud crappy music and throwing beer cans around. I don't camp much anymore but when I did, I always just went way out in the woods, where I knew I wouldn't run into a bunch of idiots.

  6. Harry, I survived the left coast. Made it home before the motor home hoard hit the roads. You mentioned crazy bikers, well coming home we saw two camper trailers overturned. Smashed to bits. I guess some folks never learned to drive with those things in a crosswind. Like you, I'm thinking its best to stay home.

    As glad as I am to be home, I appreciate everything I learn from the experience. Too much to share here, suffice to say that the left coast is morally bankrupt and I will feel sorry for the children when SHTF. It's bad enough the feeling you get when you are surrounded by crazies and it isn't even rush hour.

    I know how you feel about your heritage Harry. And I support that flag. I had some Vietnamese lady try to lecture me about "white privilege" and it set me off. I let her have it, I asked her, where is my privilege? I have been blue collar all my life...with a disabled child...where is my privilege lady? I really get sick of that way of thinking. But I digress...Have a wonder Independence Day Harry and your readers also.--Troy

    1. Maybe you and I have reached the end of the rope as far as putting up with morons goes , at about the same time. I've tried really hard to be reasonable, but these individuals don't want to reason. They don't know how, they aren't capable of it. So I'm done with them. Ann Coulter said in that clip I posted that she's tired of immigrants, legal and otherwise, getting off the boat and immediately starting to tell us how America should run. Sounds like you should have said "Phong Dap" to her and walked off. They don't listen, they can't understand.

      I'm glad you got to go out there, but I know what you mean about getting away. When my mom lived out in California I used to be the dutiful son and go out to visit her ever so often, but I did not enjoy the experience.

      Hope you have a good fourth. I am already hearing gun fire out here and it's not even the fourth yet. Tomorrow night after dark it will sound like the Tet Offensive as the gunfire echoes through the mountains. The people out camping like to fire their guns off, most of them are from cities and never get a chance to just cut loose.

  7. Harry, I don't even have to watch TV. Your updates and commentary are a hoot! I'm glad you're getting some rain. Fireworks and dry conditions don't mix.

    1. Leigh, I am thinking I don't need to watch TV either. I know some people who don't even have it in their houses. But I can't help watching the news, and I like watching the weather channel.

      I'm very relieved about the rain. A dry forest and the fourth of July are a really dangerous mix. If this place burns, I have insurance but more than thirty years worth of equipment, food, weapons, ammunition and other necessities that are now either not replaceable or vastly more costly would go up at the same time. Not to mention the accumulated brick a brack of my life, things that only have value to me but are very valuable in that respect.

  8. Today my wife asked me "what it was like to not have any feelings"

    I responded with "I dunno."

    She has also in the past described my feelings as "hungry, horny and angry."

    Showed her that feelings meme and got a bit of a laugh.

    1. I can relate to "angry" in a big way. I've been angry for 32 years and sometimes I really have to struggle with it. Sometimes I get in situations where it's useful though, even if I get lectures from the Sheriff's Department as a result.

      Hungry and horny are more in a young mans realm. At 63 you're more concerned with being able to "have a pee" as our British cousins say.

      Nobody needs a sensitive husband who can "share his feelings" and emotions. They need husbands who will care for them, protect them and their children, and provide. I am extremely uncomfortable around some younger people these days because they seem to feel like being emotional and weepy is a good thing. It isn't for guys. Imagine a family crisis where the husband wrung his hands and cried and said he didn't know what to do. I know I'm preaching to the choir with you, but believe me there are a lot of young men out there who are lost. My daughter had a boyfriend until recently who was like that and honest to God, I had to restrain myself from killing him. Thank God she caught on at last.

  9. Harry,

    Hopefully, this 4th of July will be calm and have no emergencies or fires up on the mountain this year. The younger generations don't care to realize mother nature wasn't created to be destroyed by them. When we were younger we were raised to always leave mother nature cleaner than what it looked like when we arrived. Respect the park, mountain, countryside and residents. Don't ever start a fire unless it's okay to do so. Always make sure your fire is out and you've cleaned the area. We taught our children these rules when raising them. When we go camping, fishing, hiking, or do anything out in mother nature it amazes me to watch how people don't give a damn about anything but themselves. Those will be the people who won't know what to do when the SHTF.

    Enjoy your holiday weekend, and please be safe.

    1. Most of the tourists who go camping are Indians, Pakistanis, and people from Mexico and Central America. Outside of the camp grounds, anyway. If you stay in a campground you have to pay a minimal fee. If you just go out in the woods you don't have any amenities but you don't have to pay. I've watched some of these people and the things they do are amazing. They throw their garbage in the brush instead of carrying it out. They just "go to the bathroom" anywhere, no attempt at field sanitation. They play loud music on "boom boxes", build huge fires even if it's hot, and just generally show their "asses" in every way possible. The Pakistanis and Indians are the absolute worst, in this respect. I guess that's what they did in their own countries before they blessed us with their presence here.