Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Kingdom. It's an old movie , but if you haven't seen it, you should. Chamberlain reincarnated. Ode to the HK G3.

Based on events surrounding the bombing of the Khobar Towers complex in Saudi Arabia, where Americans and their families lived. Most of the details in such matters as the pusillanimous  behavior of the State Department, the  Department of Justice and the U.S. Attorney General, the limitations placed on the investigation by Saudi Arabia  are accurately depicted.

If you are a fan of the Heckler und Koch G-3, there are some excellent scenes of the weapon being utilized in full auto mode.

Note: the clip below is one of the best scenes in the movie but there is one vulgarity .

Even if you don't watch the news , you should see Obama and Kerry make their speeches about the "agreement" with Iran.  They have given away the shop on this one, and if this treaty is ratified by congress it virtually guarantees that Iran will have a bomb , probably much sooner than we originally estimated. If they get it, they'll use it, probably through some proxy terrorist group.  I just don't have the energy to do a post on it today, the news was so depressing.

 G-3 mags, both steel and aluminum, are very cheap. I got 30 from Century International Arms some years back, still in the wrappers, for about $2.50 each.

7.62X51 is hard to come by these days unless you buy commercial or reload your own.  I bought a lot when Australian surplus came on the market, some in bandoleers and some in plastic blister packs. I mean A LOT.

I also have Venezuelan 7.62X 51, a good bit of German 7.62X51, and several cases of corrosive Chilean 7.62X51 that I don't shoot out of my semi-auto rifles but use happily in my bolt guns.  I bought several cases of Indian 7.62X51,  There was a great furor because some of the Indian ammo turned up with cracks in the neck after firing, but I never had any trouble with mine.

Australian. It's the good stuff!

Indian. I haven't blown my face off with it yet but there's always a first time.

CHILEAN 7.62 good for bolt guns

Venezuelan Cavim 7.62x51

German 7.62 x 51

DSA issued a warning against using this ammo in any semi-automatic rifles. So I shoot it in bolt action rifles only. I thought I had better emphasize the point.


  1. Hey Harry,


    I am one of those crazy people that thinks Iran was 'given' an Ok from Kerry and Obama to develop nukes by this deal (what actually goal of this is, I don't know. I can only guess)

    Sooner or later, Iran will have the bomb (now it appears to be sooner)

    I am not upset by this deal and it does not bother me in the least. I know that a conflict between Israel and Iran is nearing and sooner or later Iran will have to be dealt with.
    Iran openly threatens Israel everyday and when someone says they are going to kill you every day. Believe them!

    Its coming. I think Israel will of course prevail in the long run.

    The world is filled with nukes, largely in part thanks to the Rosenberg's back in the late 40's. Sooner or later a nuclear conflict will ensue, either limited or full blown nuclear exchange.
    My guess is that 'nuclear terrorism' will be the big thing in the 21st century.

    'Back the Iran thing. Iran will have to be dealt with in a very big spectacular way. That is the only option left. I think Israel has the capability of doing that when they are attacked with nukes themselves and Israel will have no other choice. Iran will no longer exists once the mushroom clouds dissipate.

    Iran should have been dealt with back in the early 80's. Our cowardly government failed with that after the attack in Lebanon on the Marines in '83.

    Instead of invading Iraq. A deal could have been struck with Saddam to help us out with invading Iran. Like I said. Someone keeps making threats to destroy you. Take them seriously and attack them first (No Half Measures)

    Back to the previous post's. I consider myself Christian, albeit I am not one of those chicken Christian's that believes in constant peace and appeasement of my enemies to gain peace at the expense of the future. I am not a Bible thumper either.
    I believe we (Human Race) has been given (or learned) free will. In free will there is 'Self Defense and Defense of Family and Offspring. This is a natural order of how we are set up as humans.
    In the Bible there are a great many references to war and times when early Christians had to fight to survive, hence the natural order I mentioned above.

    My personal belief is any Christian that 'beats his sword into a plowshare' and expects God to go to war for him is unrealistic. We were given free will and within that free will there is 'self defense and defense of family. Its hardwired in our genes.

    I think a great many Christian leaders over the last several hundred years have focused on peace through prayer aspect as to keep the Christian masses from rising up in Europe against whatever kingdom was exploiting them at that time. Most modern Christian leaders are more focused on income earning through donations and preach peace so if their flock figured out they are being 'fleeced for cash' they would rise up against the Con Artist preacher and possible cause bodily harm.

    Christians can be fighters and soon Iran will figure out the Jews can kick some ass as well.

    1. CC: I'd be worried about Iran. For one thing, this is going the same way as the Korean idiocy did, right down the line. First, we institute sanctions. Then the bad guys say they'll quit working on a bomb. So, we give them what they want. Unfreeze their accounts, drop the sanctions. Then they gorge on our money, oil, wheat and everything else they need. Then they say "screw you" and kick the inspectors out. After that, all the countries that had sanctions against the bad guys refuse to reinstitute the sanctions, saying the answer is further engagement. Then the bad guys set off a bomb. After that, they can tell the whole world to kiss their ass and there's not a thing anybody can do about it. Now North Korea has nuclear weapons that can reach the west coast.

      People say, oh, the Iranians will have a bomb but they can't reach the U.S. So stupid. Put the thing on a Panamanian flagged freighter and set it off in New York harbor. Put several of them in cargo containers and set them off simultaneously. Who needs ballistic missiles (which, as a matter of fact, the Iranians are working on furiously with the help of their closest ally, you guessed it, the Hermit Kingdom.

      Or, just supply them to ISIL, or Al Qaeda, or Hezbollah, and let them do the dirty work. Does anyone believe groups like that can't get a bomb or bombs into the U.S. across the Southern Border? Some of our most efficient military and security officials have said repeatedly that they think that's a "when, not if" scenario.

      Obama's not a Christian, he's a closet moslem. He plays the christian to get on with the NAACP.

      Israel can't take out the Iranian nuclear facilities without either using nuclear weapons, or our help. Using nucs would give the whole world an even better reason to pile on them. And they aren't going to get any help from us. Obama loves the Moslems but he has a lot less use for the Jews.

      I don't count on supernatural help in tight situations. Maybe it's there, and I just don't know it, but I don't rely on it.

    2. Hey Harry,


      I actually am worried Harry.

      (It takes a worried man to sing a worried song)

      Its just that there's not a damn thing I can do about except contact my congressman and respective senator and complain.

      Everyone has coping mechanisms they use to help preserve sanity. Mine is to block it out and not worry about something I have no control over.

      'Both you and I Harry know what will ensue in a Nuclear Battlefield.
      We have a pretty good idea of the economic, social, environmental political fallout (no pun intended) that will come with a limited nuclear exchange between Israel and Iran.

      Everyone may think it will be like the attack on 9/11.

      Yeah; Right.

      If everyone thinks their world changed in 9/11. What could happen next will have monumental impacts on every American.

      Until the balloon goes up, all I can do is go about my marry way and smile and be happy.

      again I am not in denial. If this was late at night on June 5th, 1944 and I was on a troop ship in the English Channel in the first wave of the invasion of France. I would be one of the guys either reading a good book or playing poker and losing all of my money.

      That's my coping mechanism. I know whats happening but there ain't a damn thing I can do about it.

  2. I actually suspect they already have at the very east a crude ( early style ) nuke and probably a more modern version. I suspect this whole "circus w/ clowns" show has been nothing but a ruse to buy time to finalize and miniaturize the design to mate it to a missile, which they also were in the final phases of perfecting during all this.

    Some time back, I remember seeing online, the before and after the satellite photos of a weapons site in Iran that had been leveled by a massive explosion and then in the next photo where it had been cleaned up ( hiding the evidence ). Being a weapons site, knowing what the goals are, it wasn't a great leap to figure out they were working on an implosion device (hydrogen - thermonuclear style), thus the need for the super explosives and had suffered an accident or perhaps some sabotage by Massad. They've since had several similar events with Massad always being implicated.

    Looking at it from this angle, it makes sense why Israel has been almost frantic and are wanting to launch thus prompting the Russians to ship in their highly advanced S300 & S400 anti-aircraft systems in.

    The Iranians are so very close to having the whole package ,if not already in possession.

    The new deal is nothing but a trick played on the rest of the world.

    Just my opinions.

    1. You may well be right. They have excellent relations with the North Koreans, and have bought a ton of North Korea weapons, including Silk Worm anti-shipping missiles the North Korean's copied from examples supplied by China. Both Pakistan and North Korea have acknowledged supplying Iran with nuclear materials, expertise, plans and everything else they could in that line. Pakistan does it for cash, and to help "fellow moslems." North Korea does it for cash, and in the hopes that Iran will cut the bomb loose on the West when they get it.

      I listened to BBC this morning. For whatever reason, the British really hate the Israelis, at least, the upper classes do. Maybe it goes back to the days of the Palestine Mandate, when Jewish terrorist groups like the Stern Gang and the Irgun murdered British soldiers (and Jews who got in their way, they were equal opportunity terrorists) Ben Gurion and the Haganah eventually dealt with them after the Altelena affair, but the bad taste lingers on in the aristocratic levels of English society. Anyway, the moronic woman announcer (whose name was Arabic, what does that say about Britain) was all over the Israeli, saying that this was a great deal for Israel and that the Iranians didn't mean Israel any harm. I wondered what planet she was from, and the Israeli must have too because after she kept cutting him off and shrieking at him, he gave up trying to reason with her.

  3. Harry,

    We tried to watch the movie the Kingdom but had to stop, brings back to many memories of friends we lost at Khobar Towers.

    I'm amazed at this agreement, we all know the Iranians are going to do whatever they want to do. They don't care about this agreement. What a joke!

    1. It can be difficult to watch things that bring back bad memories. I know that to be true. Sometimes, though, it sharpens the memory and strengthens the resolve for me.

      This is a chance for Kerry and Obama to parade around and look important. Five years down the line, when this whole thing blows up in our faces, somebody else is going to have to clean up the mess.

  4. I agree with the G3 comment, I had never considered one before The Kingdom, now I want 1.
    I also agree with your last sentence about not having the energy and depressing.
    I feel the same way about this Iran crap. Felt the same way back in '12 when I woke up to 4 more years in obama hell. Didn't listen to talk radio for about 6 months after that.

    1. Sometimes I need to think things over and this has so many negative ramifications for the U.S. and the West that it will take me awhile to really understand all the nuances. I keep thinking of Neville Chamberlain and his little peace of paper, and all the people standing around at the airport applauding him.

      I've got a G3 and a Cetme. Good rifles.

  5. I told my son that "I trust Iran as much as I trust the Russians and Putin."

    1. I feel comfortable that there is common ground with the Russians, because at heart we share the same values. What do we have in common with Iranians, or any other Moslems? Not much I can think of. The Russians operate on common sense, and Putin would have to be the second coming of Christ to put up with the nonsense he's had to take from our government in the last two years. I can't blame him for having had a belly full of Kerry and Obama, I know I sure have.

  6. And for more depressing news today...back in the good ol American South, the Atlanta president of the NAACP just said it's time to remove the confederate generals from Stone Mountain.

    Am I living in an Orwell nightmare or what?--Troy

    1. He's just looking for some "dig me" time with de brudda's. The "leadership" of the NAACP has two primary reasons for existing. One is to loot the NAACP treasury, which is why they have periodic "changes of leadership" when somebody gets too greedy. The other is to disparage everyone who isn't black, and feed the black need for other people who are to blame for all the black problems. We know it can't be anything for which black people themselves are responsible, so the NAACP ferrets out those insidious evil doers who have so devastated the "black community."
      Obama plays this game. He's busily pardoning crack cocaine dealers, 46 as of yesterday, because it wasn't their fault they were dealing crack, it was "society" which was to blame for making crack dealing illegal. How racist , to make a law that more blacks will break than anyone else.

  7. just ate dinner and then watched movie clips.
    tummy not so happy now.
    plus there are the tears.

    i am not much of a Christian, and as i grow older and less blinded i am glad that there is hell and that it is such a big place.
    moslems are the damnedest cowards that ever lived. to shanghai women and children!
    you'll never see them stand in front of the marines in a fair fight.

    but 'the wheat grows with the tares until the end' and only God can sort us out.

    fred at 'fred on everything' does not believe in God and his point is certainly taken.
    he is also a true Southerner.

    if i had not seen miracles with my own bare naked eyes i might be a skeptic but i know better through personal experience.

    thanks for your blog and as for the troll, 'do not suffer fools gladly'.

    1. We all have to do what we think is right, and we're all molded by our own life experiences. The big problem is getting along with each other, but maybe that's just how human beings are.

  8. I have not seen this one. I had a friend just recommend Live Free and Die so I am on the library waitlist for that one.

    1. The Kingdom is an excellent movie, but the subject matter is definitely adult. There's no sex in it, but there's a lot of violence. It could hardly be otherwise, given the subject matter.

      Live Free and Die doesn't ring a bell with me. I'll have to look it up, sounds interesting.

  9. One of my favorite movies, it reminds me to be vigilant and not trust very many people.

    1. That's a very good rule to live by.

      I got the dvd out and watched it again. Something about the Obama capitulation to Iran made me do it.

  10. I used to own an HK-91.
    I got rid of it.
    I'm pretty stupid sometimes.

    1. I think everyone who owns guns looks back with regret on some trade they made. I almost never trade or sell a gun. The exception used to be when I bid on lots, and I'd have to take some real low end pieces to get something I really wanted. I always traded the "junkers" down at the gun store, say five "raven" style saturday night specials for one good S&W.

  11. I like the German surplus, had no problems with it. It has no problem knocking down steel target holders at the range either, found that out with JUGM

    1. The German surplus is good stuff. Hard to find now, but I always keep my eyes open. Surplus ammo of all types has really dried up and gone up in price. Even 7.62X54R is getting hard to find.